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Video || Obama and his Stable of Straw Men

David Rutz at the Washington Free Beacon has compiled another Obama video montage, this one surveying the Obama’s extensive inventory of straw men.

Our president, as you probably know, bravely goes to battle on a regular basis against enemies who . . . don’t exist.

Have a look.

22 thoughts on “Video || Obama and his Stable of Straw Men”

  1. I did my punish work for the day. I listened to him. sarc
    Today he is running his mouth. He should be behind his desk.
    I just heard Tikrit was taken over by Al Qaeda.

      1. The Iraqi government has asked for US support against AQ. That’s a tough call and it’s a tough call because asshat Obama refused to negotiate a status of forces agreement.

        Contrary to AQ being on the run, it seems that caliphate is coming along nicely — Syria, Iraq. Thank you Barack Obama.

        And thanks for the Obama Five — free to kill again.

        1. There are several extreme issues happening at one time and he is not doing anything! I am afraid that will cause him to take action that no one will like.

          1. Those are only the events and catastrophes we currently are aware of. Can you imagine the destructive stuff we haven’t yet learned about?

          2. I just heard on Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Fox that the miltary asked mulitple times for military strikes on the enemy in Iraq, and the WH turned them down.
            Last night I read that many soldiers in Iraq were tearing off their uniforms and putting on regular cloths.

  2. What I’m hearing from this is he has goofy ideas that no one agrees with
    You’d think after all this time it might occur to him that others might be right and he should listen to them more carefully. Oh well.

    I recall a speech about immigration wherein he claimed that we in the southwest want to build a moat at the southern border and load it with alligators. How he ever got that thought is a mystery, but I liked the idea then, and like it even more today. .

    1. O’Reilly had a report on how those kids are put in little craft and floated across and then go LOOK for the border patrol so they can turn themselves in… Of course, someone cares for them–Americans are not monsters. But this has to stop–and we can’t send them back to Mexico bec most are not Mexicans. Work on that problem, you smug little creepsters at 1600.

  3. Off Topic – to Keith Koffler Have you ever written a column encouraging your commentators to write their local newspapers, too? It’s one way to give more knowledge to others about whatever may be offending them that day.

    A short letter will run sooner than a long one – due to spacing. An editor in that department confirmed this.
    Think local; talk global.

  4. It’s even more hilarious when he sometimes gives these straw men speeches from the East Room where there is no audience – only the cleaning crew.

  5. Off topic, A Border Patrol Agent is on O’Reilly. He said illegals use to run away from them. Now they are looking for the Border Patrol Agents. Everyone knows, that anyone under 18 gets the Enter Free Card. Just today in Mcallen, Tx. 74 people crossed today and turned themself in. Washington has just started responding to their request for help in this matter. (Just 2 weeks ago) Border Patrol Agent told O’Reilly they responded a little to late.
    Fellow American citizens live down there. Everyone in America has to understand that is unfair to them.
    If O and all of his followers think this Welcome Mat is such a fine idea, they need to try it themself. Load up all together and go walk over some other Country’s border. Tell them they want a welcome mat also. They want to be taken care of by that Country.
    This is unfair to the children who have been sent here on their own.
    Another Bad issue. To add to The List.
    By the way I have been calling the scandels, etc.: THE LIST for quite some time. I am not a writer, so if anyone can think of a better title, I would appreciate it.

    1. I wish dear leader would take AF1 and his 50 car motorcade to the border and see for himself what is happening. I would not even mind it at taxpayers expense, and throw in a round of golf just to get him there. Documentary maker Dennis Michael Lynch (“They Come to America”) has shown footage to congresspeople in the border states, and even they had never seen what is actually happening, had never been to the border themselves.

      This is a tragedy. It is right up there with Fast & Furious – orchestrated and a huge backfire.

  6. The tragedy on our Southern border with the children should do Obama in….this is too horrific to contemplate. However does the man look in the mirror to shave? Maybe the girlie man does not need to shave.
    I am too incensed to think straight tonight…all this on top of the Bergdahl debacle are just too much.
    America, Wake Up Now!!!!!

    1. This is an orchestrated invasion and a manipulation of illegal children. And we can thank Obama and Eric Holder for that. And they will not do anything about it.

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