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Obama to Hit the Beach After White House

“Right after the next president’s inaugurated, I’ll be on a beach somewhere, drinking out of a coconut,” Obama said during a question and answer session on Tumblr.

Obama is thought to be sick of his job, and I think offering “get me to the beach” as his first response seriously suggests weariness. And Obama, who doesn’t seem to start the day until mid-morning and who relocates to the golf course for five hours every Saturday, already appears to by laying the groundwork for some serious R&R.

He also in his response adds some mumbo jumbo about helping kids after his presidency and Michelle will too and they’ve discussed this and blah blah blah. I’m sure he will, but what he’s really really going to be focused on is making REAMS OF MONEY.

Stacks of it. Money money money.

The man devoted to separating money from politics will use his political success to earn a million bucks a speech – or some such number – and no doubt tens of millions for his memoirs. And his memoirs, unlike the rest of them, will be a fantastic read and will sell big time, both because he’s a decent writer and because he is full of bile and has lots of scores he thinks he needs to settle.

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  1. Keith, Such ‘restraint’ on your part is admirable! Plus, aren’t we all growing more weary with the ‘BO & MO’ Show?? ‘Weary’ is not nearly descriptive enough! jb

  2. On a remote beach somewhere – sipping pina coladas from a coconut shell. Shades of Hannibal Lechter.

    I bet if we offered him $20M today, he would be on the next plane to paradise. He never wanted the job, did a head fake after he got the job, and spent the entire time feasting at the taxpayer trough while simultaneously destroying our Republic. Quite a hat trick

    Reams of money? You betcha, Keith. He is already setting up Foundations and that OFA slush fund will come in handy for Michelle’s shopping sprees.

    The title of his autobiography ought to read: Barack Hussein Obama – Con Artist Extraordinaire.

      1. I hear they’re looking for a new emperor for Ascension Island. There’s a remodeled tin shack for the new emperor, and lots of rocks that need breaking. They even have running water now. The beach is a little rough, but other than that, it sounds ideal for “The One”.

  3. By the time BO gets through with this economy there won’t be many people who can come up with a million dollars for one of his readings.
    This is the part about him that mystifies me–does he not realize that if he destroys the economic engine that generates the money there won’t be any money for him either?

    1. There are plenty of people in Washington and plenty of crony business partners that are ensuring that their little pile of money only grows bigger no matter what the economy does.

      1. Check-out his mentor, George Soros, who made sure that billions of $’s were spent ‘suppressing voter turnout in ’12! j

  4. I have no issue with him being weary, or exhausted or fatigued. I have no issue with him going to play golf.

    The problem is that the rest of the time we wastes his energies involved in unimportant things that we can just hand off to Biden.
    Celebrity festivals, Trophy Presentations, Money Collections, Sports Analysis, Concerts, talking to Weather Reporters, going on Tumblr, Dancing on Countertops, etc.


  5. Hagel before Congress now. Will he take the fall for Bergdahl ? He did have a meeting with Obama yesterday…..

    Just said Obama made the FINAL Decision !!!!!!!! Now he’s tap dancing with blah, blah, blah……………

    1. Tks. for the update. On the road and can’t watch live.
      So Obama made the “Final” decision.
      Tell us something we don’t know Hagel.

    2. Were given no info where hand off would occur.
      Did not know location till 1 hour before.
      The O’s decison was a tough call.
      I stand by it.
      I take that responsiblity damn seriously.
      They were members of the Taliban.
      Will be doing so at their own peril if they do wrong.
      Risk they pose were mitigated.
      The secretary of state, atty gen secretary of homeland security will all behind.
      Seems everyone behind this except CONGRESS NOT BEING TOLD 30 days before.

    3. Hagel has a chance to do ONE honorable thing in his life. Call a press conference and publicly resign saying he cannot support a President who will not support him.
      Hagel showed himself to be a political hack by taking the job in the first place, but he could do the country a huge favor by publicly leaving this administration. His credibility’s shot so he might as well.

      1. I have been waiting for that one person to be a hero, or turn into a hero, by coming out with the truth. Looks like it won’t be Hagel.

  6. I don’t care where he goes or what happens to him. I will just be grateful that he no longer has free and unfettered access to the nation’s air ways.

  7. He has the press to cover for his every action, good or bad – that’s the problem.
    Why is he so weary of the job? He gets kudos for every stupid, blundering thing that he does…..he’s got it made.

  8. Lehua

    Is the answer to the problem! It is a small uninhabited island in the Hawaii Islands. The Corp of Engineers could build a nice house, 9 hole golf course and beach very easily. Secret Service could airdrop groceries daily. Mooch could hunt down wild boar daily with her massive arms. They could even build a room for Valjar so he could here how great he is every day. Maybe Reggie can stay as well.

    They can change the name to New Elba or. New Saint Helena……….

  9. Decent writer? And people would pay a million bucks to hear more of this ummm ummmm stuff? Maybe his celeb friends will sort of sneak off–maybe that would happen. Nah–I am sure someone will finance the rest of his life. Well, good on him.

  10. Speaking of books–Bill O’Reilly noted that Hillary did not actually write hers–“not that there is anything wrong with that,” he added.

    What’s up with this Cantor deal? I remember someone on this list in his district say she did not like him–this was a year ago. Well, I guess this person had a pt.

  11. Monty Python – I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts OR How Little Barry Plans to Spend His Retirment Years

    Down at an English fair, one evening I was there
    When I heard a showman shouting underneath the flare

    Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts
    There they are, all standing in a row
    Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head
    Give them a twist a flick of the wrist
    Thats what the showman said

    Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts
    Every ball you throw will make me rich
    There stands my wife, the idol of me life
    Singing roll a bowl a ball a penny a pitch

    Roll a bowl, a ball, a penny, a pitch
    Roll a bowl, a ball, a penny, a pitch
    Roll a bowl, a ball, roll a bowl, a ball
    Singing roll a bowl a ball a penny a pitch


    1. Riker’s or Elba are a better fit.
      He can cast off with:
      The “new” improved Thurstons, the Clintons, Nancy, Harry, DWS, Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder.

      We need more than a boat – we need a fleet of ships. LOL

      1. The Ship of Fools is an apt name for whatever floating vessel we can find for them.
        It will be like The Flying Dutchman, doomed to forever sail the seas, never making port.

        1. I am a US Navy Vet.

          G#D Help Us..
          some racist/idiot/sycophant/dope Democrat in the so-called ‘US Congress’ will want to try to name a US Warship after “Barack Hussein Obama” after 2017…

          1. Dad and younger brother both Navy vet’s.
            The mere thought of American warship bearing the name BHO, disgusts me.
            Now if they named a garbage scow after Obama, that wouldn’t bother me so much.

  12. The AROGANCE of this ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ makes me SICK.

    Will NO ONE?
    re: “WH press corps”, those sycophants you seem to work with Mr. Koffler (I know Keith you have to CYA if you still want a job in the “WH press corps”)
    the “MSM” (Im looking at you ‘Fox News’) have the GUTS-BALLS-NERVE to ever question ‘Pres.’ Barack Hussein Obama…???

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