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Koffler Appears on NewsmaxTV’s Ed Berliner Show

Well, Tuesday I appeared on NewsmaxTV discussing Bergdahl, Hillary, and Jay Carney. They wrote the appearance up as a story too.

Newsmax TV is currently seen fairly widely on the web, but it’s about to head into tens of millions of homes, having recently signed deals with DISH Network and DIRECTV.

In anticipation of the ascent to satellites, they’ve started a couple of new daily shows, The one I appear on is Midpoint with Ed Berliner, which airs from 12-3 pm ET. Ed seems like a good guy and a sharp interviewer, and he clearly has a terrific TV presence.

NewsmaxTV will soon have a studio in Washington, but for now it’s Skype, through which I hooked up to the show from my home in Northern Virginia.

In the video, I’m sitting in front of my computer in the area where I often work when I’m not at the White House or somewhere else around Washington.

Fascinating experience, I had never even used Skype before.

About a minute before airtime, after I’d finally figured out how to hook up with them, they said, Mr. Koffler, we can’t see you. No great loss, as you’ll see, since the video makes my face even fatter than it already is. But it’s TV, of course.

Mr. Koffler, there must be a button you can push to activate the video.

I’m sure there is, but I don’t see it.

Mr.Koffler, there must be a button.

I can’t – Oh, there it is, I think. Can you see me?

Yes. Thank God. Welcome to the 21st century, Mr. Koffler. Ed will be with you in 30 seconds.

You’ll notice the purple paper in the background on the wall, which I should have taken down for aesthetic reasons, but I couldn’t because my daughter put it up. It’s a daily menu she created to help me lose weight. You may be able to make out the last item, my reward at the end of the week for being good: ICE CREAM.

Anyway, here you go.

21 thoughts on “Koffler Appears on NewsmaxTV’s Ed Berliner Show”

    1. I had to mute the TV.
      Watched the show Newsmax. You looked great.
      You had great answers as well.
      We have been putting off getting Dish, but will speed up the process after seeing this show. Tks.

  1. Congratulations! You’ve kicked it up a notch by appearing on NewsMax as it is a moderate and new audience you’re speaking to. One of these days we’ll all be saying “We knew Keith Koffler when”. BTW, can you post a blow up of that purple paper someday? Curious about your diet.

  2. Thanks for the video; you look great. And healthy.
    The diet: as long as you’re not shopping at “Louie’s Big Guy’s Fashions For Less”, enjoy. Life’s short.

    We’ll be alert for the addition to Directv.

    1. The man cannot only write well, he speaks very well. Cute, too!
      Thanks for the link. I read Newsmax but have not seen it offered on television. I get Driect TV so maybe I can find it!!
      Keep on being you and making life better for the rest of us.

    2. You are everything Denise said, Keith…and then some! Don’t ever lose your boyish charm…
      Looking forward to more of you…and Newsmax!

  3. Well done Keith.
    An echo of the readers of your site.
    When I hear you speak, I know that this is the right place.
    Kudos to your daughter,…got to give her credit for looking out for you.

    Ice cream is great but my goto is a chocolate malt. Yum !

    1. Keith be sure to save that menu schedule your daughter made. Fold it up and stick with all your Birthday, and Fathers Day Cards. Your grandchildren will enjoy seeing that as well some day.

  4. Great Interview! If you become a terrorist you have to get a better terrorist flag over your shoulder! From what I can see, it looks like an incentive chart for good behavior and Ice Cream is the reward! Not sure if that is for you or the kids, LOL…….. At least it isn’t Soviet Propanda posters that are mounted in Jay Carney’s Kitchen.

    We got to work on a GI Joe Kung Fu Death Chop to hammer home your major points!

  5. Keith, notes for the next time:
    Here are the positives: You speak so well, you have nice good vocal tones, and vocal variety. There are no ums, ahs, or hesitations or repetitions. There is also passion in your voice which makes things more interesting.

    Here are things to improve: Invest in a decent microphone and sit further away from the computer if possible. 2 reasons for sitting further away…you’ll be the same size as the interviewer and you’ll look thinner or smaller. One of the reasons you looked bigger is that Ed’s head was much further away.

    Good luck on your new food schedule. Let us know if you vanquish the ice cream!

  6. You did great! The purple sign was “humanizing” to you,

    For that quality interview, you deserve some I C E C R E A M !

    1. When you care for a snack.
      Grab a plate and chop up any vegetables that you like.
      Pull out small amount of fat free dressing.
      You don’t get the typical sweet treat, but you have the treat of snacking. Before you know it, you are full and will be asleep before the urge for the sweets come back.

  7. Keith, I know why I love your website. It is because you are so NORMAL! Nothing pretentious about you, you don’t get caught up in all the nonsense.

    Plus you do a great job.

  8. Thanks for sharing this Keith. It was honest and informative and funny. Good news on your continued relationship with Newsmax and their growth. Looking forward to more.

    Ice cream — should be a daily thing. But I hope you get a yummy reward.

    As for Hillary and this book tour — if you weren’t burned out on her before you will be by the time this is done. Most people — better heard and not seen. Other not heard but seen. Hillary neither.

  9. Jeez, Keith, If I thought Interviews were going to be this substantive, I’d watch – haven’t watched any for years!
    Great questions, great answers.
    Please let us know when you’ve on again.

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