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Hillary Calls Lincoln a “Senator from Illinois”

Now imagine how the Idiot Patrol would have reacted if Bush said that.

This is rapidly becoming the Book Tour from Hell. How hard exactly did she bump her head?

18 thoughts on “Hillary Calls Lincoln a “Senator from Illinois””

  1. Now, now. Some of us seniors have a hard time with facts or what happened yesterday. Sometimes it’s physical, sometimes it chemical, but it’s common enough.
    We try to overlook the gaffes or misinformation from our peers.

    And know this, she is one of our senior peer group, no matter how hard she or her handlers try to spin her age. She can botox, nip & tuck, or whatever, but she’s still an old lady.
    They can spin that blood clot issue, and the concussion too, but we know what that means for someone our age.

      1. Keith,
        You are being mean to your kids and their kids if you let her off easy. We have serious issues with debt, world leadership, govt over-reach, etc. and we have to make sure that the next president is up for the task. Making unforced errors is an indication of what we should expect…. and we all need to be building that awareness in the media and everywhere.

        Pointing out something like this is not mean.

  2. Understandable. At Chicago’s Northeastern University, a statue of Lincoln has a plaque at it’s base which describes him as a DEMOCRAT.

  3. …Lincoln was a “Congressman from Illinois”…
    Thank God I wasted my pathetic life being a History student/major.

  4. Keith I understand your point. She has made several improper comments just in the last several days.
    I can’t remember them right now, but at least I take notes.
    So before I spoke to anyone in public about this, I would at least have my notes.
    The most improper thing done was Benghazi!!!
    So… even if she keeps notes and stops putting her foot in her mouth, it would make no difference to me.

  5. Who is HRC’s ‘ghost writer’? She will, most likely, blame her book/speech writer at her next stop on the tour. My question: Did you read the final drafts before publishing? As SOS, when did you find time to write your memoires? As SOS, just WHAT did you do?

    On second thought, I value my life, so just forget those inquiries? jb

  6. Bill must be having a few cognitive problems himself. Why else would he put his aging wife out there and subject her to public ridicule? She lies, she has memory lapses, and she refuses to turn her Benghazi notes over to the Special Committee, stating that she might not even testify. It’s spousal abuse! /sarc off/

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