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Don’t Make the Wrong Hard Choice!

During an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, broadcast Monday night, Hillary Clinton complimented herself on her choice of titles for new book about her tenure as Secretary of State, saying it was just so darn “apt” of her.

Apt, but not original. The Clintons. both of them, are smart but not, for people of their intelligence, particularly original or clever.

Apparently, ANOTHER SECRETARY OF STATE also found the title apt for a book describing his time in the post.


It’s as if I wrote a book and decided to call it “All the President’s Men.”

So if you go looking online for Hillary’s book, be careful about which “Hard Choices” you are ordering. Because you might also bump into this.


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  1. ROTFLMAO, I’m laughing at the line about All the President’s Men by Keith Koffler. I needed something like that to counteract the morning headlines. Clinton is not a laughing matter. See also Benghazi is the reason we should vote for her.

  2. Thanks Keith LOL.

    She needs to write another book titled:
    I ran away from one job, but I won’t as Pres.

    Any other suggestions for a good titled book by her?

  3. If my memory serves me correctly, Nina Hartley played Hillary in a lesbian porn movie.

    Yup, she did.

    Nina Hartley Biography – Starpulse
    Adopting the stage name “Nina Hartley,” she became one of the industry’s most … and she played a crucial role in changing mainstream attitudes towards the adult film industry as well as to … (1997) and the role of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Sarah Palin-themed adult parody …

  4. Aw, give her a break. The poor dear, bless her heart, is still recovering from massive, heartbreaking poverty, serious bonks on the head, all the while coping with a neer-do-well husband.
    Goodness knows she must have suffered PTSD from the events in Benghazi that caused her to say, well let’s be honest here, crazy stuff that most Americans didn’t believe then, or even now.

    I say we give her a shot at the Oval Office because, after all, it’s her turn and we do like to be fair in these things.

  5. Hillar(y)ious! Critics are calling her book a snoozer. Seems to me, that so-darn-apt and unoriginal title is a whiner. (no, not winner) Contrast it with Bush’s bio “Decision Points”.

  6. OT, but maybe not so much. The Daily Mail says that the administration, aka Obama, has told Congress that Chuck Hagel made the final decision on swapping Bergdahl for the five terrorists at Gitmo. Not completely OT, I think because if push comes to shove on Benghazi, Obama will say that Hillary Clinton made that final call on September 11, 2013.

  7. When I named my blog, I did online searches for various titles I played with. It’s how I came up with Stealth Magnolia, which I would have happily sold to Hillary :D

    Wouldn’t you think her editor/publisher would have attempted some sort of search to make sure the title didn’t bring up porn, a book on making end of life decisions or other politically related bunk ?

    BTW, I think Obama made all her choices for her, to make him look good you know. No doubt in my mind if the OBL capture failed, she would have been blamed.

  8. Since she didn’t make any hard choices (and as you say, the name was used, though you can’t copyright titles)–I think the enigmatic single word, HARD, would have been more interesting.

  9. Not to be mean (or too mean) did anyone else think H’s eyes rolled around like a horse in the chute at the rodeo while Diane’s were so clotted with makeup she looked like a drowsy racoon?

    • Lol! Another fine example of words drawing a picture. It seemed like MrsC was taken aback by the questions she wasn’t prepared to answer. The eye-rolling was panic, IMO.

      For some reason, those women of a certain age think more eye-gunk is attractive or something. Every time I watch CandyCrowley I want to scream…cut that hair, get it styled or something, you look hideous chubby witch…you’re not a 30something anymore!

    • Just read Huma is with HRC at the NY book signing. Is she still married to the Oscar Meyer weiner?
      If Hill is elected, would Huma become First Lady?

  10. That’s funny right there.

    What might not be so funny is that the book was never intended to be good or bad. Just a method to launder or fund the Hillary 2016 campaign. What did she get for this literary work? Upwards of $8M and an unknown number of speaking engagements to talk about…her BooK! She now has the means to kick start her run.

  11. HARD CHOICES was the thought going through Billy’s mind when he dropped his pants and looked those women in the eye that he molested.

  12. She says blaming the video for the Benghazi attack was just “common sense”…even though there was no intelligence supporting that assumption.

  13. About hard choices. I just called my Rep. and have a call into my Senator — the one and only Rubio — regarding the crisis at the border.

    My Rep. who is a good one by and large — ” the Congressman is for immigration reform and against amnesty”. To which I respond that is all well and good but we have a crisis now and what is he and the House going to do to act on this. Crickets. Lots of sorry you feel that way M’am.

    After telling her in the nicest of ways that they are failing — they are failing this country — it occurred to me that no one is willing to make the hard choices. No one will act. Nothing will change.

    God knows, I am no optimist, but this conversation made it crystal clear to me that my Congressman who is a nice guy and who is a good advocate for the military and the vets is not going to do one thing to address a current crisis.

    Obama thrives on crisis — he destroys this country through crisis — and we have no crisis response team.

    And it’s probably a good thing that they are housing these people on military bases because we aren’t going to have a military or a country worth a damn by the time Obama and his sniggly little bunch of progressives are done with us.

    And every single elected official who says to a constituent I am sorry you feel this way M’am instead of here is what I am working on or call so and so they are leading this effort deserves and gets my scorn.

    F’em. They will not save this Republic.

    • Let me be clear. This is not about immigration. It is about sovereignty and national security. And we talk immigration.

      Not about Bergdahl. Not about Hagel. It’s about a President releasing our enemies to live another day and attack us. It is about national security.

      Clinton, Warren — no matter. The damage is done.

      • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Very good point. Bergdahl is for another day.
        The main issue is they left 5 MAJOR TERRORIST GO.
        We have military now, and in the past that are/were in danger.
        Than a phone call cannot be made for the welfare of the fine soilder sitting in a Mexican Jail. He had time to play golf this week, and take a walk around the street to get a cup of coffee.

  14. Hey Keith, see if u can get a complimentary copy & please report to us (since NONE of us will be giving the b!tch ONE RED CENT!)…I would Love to know if she plagarized more than just the title!..?