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Iraq Falls Apart

It is truly hard to fathom the profound nature of the catastrophe that is the Obama presidency. On every front, domestic and foreign, our nation is taking an axe to the gut. Recovery from all this will be a Herculean feat. The disaster we face as a result of this man’s unfitness for the job – and mistaken policies – can hardly be overstated.

Iraq is now in a state of civil war. Insurgents have just seized control of Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul. Not just any insurgents. Al Qaeda-backed extremists. Between Syria, Iraq, Libya, other portions of Africa, and soon, once again, Afghanistan, Al Qaeda and other islamist extremists will have a mind-numbing panoply of locales available in which to train and launch attacks against the United States.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The capture of Mosul by rebels linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, is the latest evidence of the weakness and disorganization that have beset Iraq’s security forces since the U.S. forces withdrew from the country in December 2011.

It also underlines the group’s determination to establish an Islamic emirate encompassing the Iraqi-Syrian frontier, weaken the already fragile Iraqi state and expand the theater of the three-year-old civil war in neighboring Syria.

Residents of Mosul said they were shocked at the ease of the rebel takeover of government buildings, television stations and military installations where U.S.-supplied fighter airplanes, helicopters and other heavy weaponry are based.

“The whole of Mosul collapsed today. We’ve fled our homes and neighborhoods, and we’re looking for God’s mercy,” said Mahmoud Al Taie, a dentist. “We are waiting to die.”

Obama was handed a victory in Iraq by George W. Bush. All he had to do was maintain it. Instead, because of his incompetence, unseriousness, and the political necessity of declaring he had “ended” the Iraq War, he pulled all our troops out and left the United States with no influence over events.

God help us as Iraq descends into chaos. And God soothe the souls of all the American servicemen and women who died for a cause that is being squandered, and comfort their families who miss them.

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    1. Thanks for that, Sadie. So hard to believe that Paul Harvey had so much insight back in 1965 when that time seemed so innocent.

  1. …”Iraq is now in a state of civil war”…
    Thankfully NO ONE in the ‘Main-Stream Media’ (even FNC) will ever say with ‘Pres.’ (“defeat & reatreat from Iraq and Afghanistan”) Obama in the White House.

    1. What a surprise !!!
      They have been in a civil war for hundreds of years.
      Get the troops out of Afghanistan.
      They are primitive, tribal, and hate America.
      The loss of anymore of our troops is unnecessary.

      1. 1. Let Iran have Iraq; they could finish that sh#tty war they fought back in the 1980s.

        2. Just NUKE Afghanistan. Then no other nation (Alexander The Great, Persians, Hindus, British, Soviets, USA) would ever have to waste blood & treasure in that historic sh#t-hole.

        1. I totally agree.
          Pull all of the troops out, bomb the bases that they were stationed in (and the airfields).
          Now, you want to live like a primitive society go for it.
          Here’s your sign.

  2. In 2003, one of our neighbors lost their son to an IUD in Iraq. His parents were devastated and never seemed to recover from it. God bless all of those families that lost someone in what now appears to be a totally lost cause. The trade Obama made last week, putting extremist generals back on the battle field, confounds the imagination. Why don’t the conservatives insist upon impeachment? You cannot impeach incompetence, but treason is an impeachable offense.

    1. No one in this Obama regime (Obama, Biden, Holder, Kerry, Rice, Hagel, etc.) knows what the definition of “treason” is, even if you showed them a dictionary.

      If We could only impeach on “arrogance”… Then ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ should be serving a life sentence at a US Federal Super-Max prison.

        1. We are in an election year. Probably the best we can do, which would not be peanuts, is to win back the Senate and hopefully, with a majority in both houses, we can castrate Barry and make him miserable for the remainder of his term. Of course, he could then step up his beloved Executive Actions.

        2. …..the problem would be impeacment of two what? African Americans, blacks, not sure what is PC on that one anymore.
          There would be rioting in the streets from Chicago to all of Florida and Los Angeles. We are held hostage, only instead of 5 years like the Taliban sympathizer it will be eight years of hell.

  3. The Manchurian Candidate that this Country elected twice is in full bloom.
    Sit back and watch what you have unleashed on this Country.
    The arrogance, the disdain for the military, the passe attitude toward foreign relations.
    Intimidation of any enemies whether perceived or actual.
    He has the upper hand, and he has the power to make you suffer, whether you are a small business company, a large business company, or a private citizen.

    The only ones that can take him down is the congress and the supreme court.
    He isn’t afraid of either of them.

    So why not stick your nose up in the air and act like a dictator.

    1. -Id like to stick something up the ### of the Congress and Supreme Court for allowing ‘Dear Leader’ Obama to get away with the uppity, ignorant arrogance of his regime.

  4. You ain’t seen nothing yet . Wait till the mullahs get their nukes : Say bye-bye to Israel and hello to an EMP in NY harbor . It ain’t sci-fi ; it may not look exactly like that, but in order of magnitude , that’s what the O admin is leaving us .

    1. -Israel will turn Tehran into a radioactive parking lot (*cough*Israeli tactical-strategic nukes*cough) with out Obama’s permission if Israel was ever under threat.

      1. But that’s only as long as Bibi is there.
        The Iranians, the Hamas, the terrorists…they will wait for the next person.
        And they will not care if they are destroyed too.
        They will send wave after wave of weapons, planes, people until they get their mission completed.

  5. It is as if the Devil himself has taken up residence in the White House and in the hearts and minds of the democrat communists in Congress who appear to be hell bent on destroying the greatest nation under God ever to have existed on this earth. We must take back our beloved country from these evil doers.

  6. What really upsets me as well. When I am out in public I do not notice anyone ready a paper. While doing so talking to the stranger next to them about This Mess.
    In other words in the past, at different times you will see a picture, pictures of people discussing terrible things that happened at that time.

  7. Great piece, but I wish people would drop the incompetence narrative. Obama is a communist, an Islamist-sympathizer, a malignant figure with a synthetic past, born and bred by radicals and strategically placed in the office of President of the United States by America’s enemies to utterly destroy this nation while posing as a garden-variety liberal Democrat. NOBODY is that inept or unlucky to have everything they’ve done have a deleterious effect on America.

  8. No American serving our country in uniform has ever died in vain or without honor or recognition of their valor.
    They did what they were required to do in Iraq, and did it well.
    The fall of Iraq, or any other Islamic nation, should be placed directly on the heads of the people who live there and call it their home.
    Short of making these Islamic nations a colony or possession of the US, they will always revert back to self-destruction and chaos.

    MrObama’s direct actions in the MiddleEast might be responsible for removing a police action there, but unless we were prepared to rule or govern the Iraqis until forever, the Iraqis will do what they have done to each other for centuries..
    Let them kill, maim, bomb, shoot, behead, and stone each other until they no longer resemble civilized rational humanity. It’s not our responsility to corral the butchers, the serial killers, and oppresive tyrants to save a people who won’t save themselves.

    We have our own problems here, and it’s best that we tend to them sooner than later.

    1. As long as this Administration continues to do things like fund Hamas and talk with Iran in the hopes that they will somehow become responsible world leaders or release deadly terrorists whose one goal is to kill the infidel srdem65 it is impossible to withdraw. And further, we are on the wrong side — we are on the side of Hamas, Iran and the terrorists.

  9. And we know that there are Muslim Brotherhood operatives right there in Obama’s White House. They work there. They get paid by the US Taxpayer. We also know their publicly stated goal is world wide Sharia Law. We know the MB is the mothership of the jihadist movement So when Obama makes a decision to release the top Taliban criminals in Gitmo so they can go back to the battlefield (and that’s why he did it, have no doubt about that), do we doubt these MB operatives in the White House are influencing Obama’s decisions? Why else would he have them there? The story is toward the bottom of the link.

  10. Does any of this concern Obama…even a tad? Guess not. He ‘snuck’ out of the WH again today for a burger and his daily ‘fix’ of hero worship.
    I’m very serious when I say there should be an emergency intervention by team of shrinks. Obama is mentally unstable (to say the least) and borderline psychopathic (to say the most). Megalomania and malignant narcissism are very serious illnesses. He is too ill to finish his term. (My opinion, for what it’s worth).

  11. Men and women died. And Barack Obama is now dancing on their graves — no status of forces agreement.

    He always talks about ending wars. He doesn’t end wars. He quits and moves on. With no regard for the country or the men and women who sacrificed to keep us safe.

    1. Listening to make point that nothing was classified in the meeting. Two Generals Dunfard & Austin in charge in Afghanistan were not told of the detainees.

    2. Obama not only is dancing on their graves he continues to dig new ones by having Dirty Harry Reid delay the VA reform bill vote in favor of his disastrous student loan bill to stick struggling taxpayers with more debt and higher taxes.

  12. What do you mean, Keith? Didn’t Madame Secretary just tell us in the Diane Sawyer interview that she traveled the whole world setting all of GWB’s mess in order?

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  14. Thanks to Dear Leader, the al-Qaeda goal of the reconstitution of the Caliphate is proceeding very nicely, thank you very much.

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