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Hillary Clinton Tries to Reel in Poor-Little-Rich-Girl Comment

Hillary Clinton sought to do damage control this morning on her earlier complaint, made to ABC”s Diane Sawyer, that she and Bill Clinton were “dead broke” when they left the White House, even as she still seemed to justify it.

Clinton today told ABC’s Robin Roberts that she understood the reaction to someone of such fabulous wealth grumbling about her finances and expressed sympathy for others struggling with money.

But she also put a number on her grievance – claiming she and Bill were $12 million in debt – and lamented that they knew they would have to work hard after they left the White House

And she brought up student loans she and Bill presumably paid off years ago:

Let me just clarify that I fully appreciate how hard life is for so many Americans today.

Everything has to be put into context, and as I recall, we were something like $12 million in debt . . .

We have a life experience that is clearly different in verry dramatic ways from many Americans, but we also have gone through some of the same challenges as many people have.

So we understand what that struggle is because we had student loans, both of us, that we had to pay off. We’ve had to work hard . . .

We worked hard for everything we got in our lives and we continue to work hard, and we’ve been blessed in the last 14 years. So for me it’s just a reality what we faced when he got out of the White House, it meant that we just had to keep working really hard.

I’d like to know what the $12 million figure connotes. Does it include the mortgage on the $6 million house she bought? Who forced her to purchase a lavish estate?

Hillary’s problem is that she is effectively campaigning without a staff. She’s being very cute and coy, pretending to be on a book tour and trying to shove herself in the public eye. It allows her to talk about herself, her biography and family in a natural way without having to engage other candidates or run a campaign organization.

But unfortunately for her, everyone knows she’s campaigning and they’re treating her that way. Except she lacks an organization to make sure she doesn’t screw up.

And so she’s screwing up.

The Sawyer interview was a disaster.

She . . .

  • Claimed she had money trouble.
  • Was still unable to name a signature achievement under her watch.
  • At least partially blamed Ambassador Chris Stevens for his own death in Benghazi, noting emphatically that he was there “of his own choosing,” while sounding like she was also passing the buck elsewhere: “That’s why we hire people who have that expertise,” she said.
  • Said it “doesn’t matter” if Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl deserted.

Hillary has Ted Kennedy Disease. That is, lots of people love her, until she runs for president.

Right now, she’s kind of winging it. And for someone who becomes unappealing when she’s too much in the public eye, that’s a strategy that will lead to self-destruction.

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    1. I read somewhere…..all of it was owed to several firms. That’s not our fault, it’s Little Willy’s. So she expects us to feel badly for her husband messin’ up ?

  1. FYI: No one house cost $6m. The house in Chappaqua was $1.7+ and in DC $2.+.

    No mention of WHY their debt was so huge, like um, er, my husband was a scumbag letch and we had hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to fend off the evil right wing conspiracy impeachment trial.

    1. I think the Zillow links posted downstairs pointed to the current value of those homes well in excess of the 6m. I think the original homes were bought with their book advances of several million.

      Still, not dead broke :)

  2. Did she ever pay off her $12M campaign debt? For a while, she wanted Obama to pay if off for her. She did rent out her donor list to him for $68k…lol. Obama is the biggest tightwad on the planet, so I doubt he paid off her debt.

    Hillary is doing such a great job of committing political suicide, I think we should just grab a bag of Orville Wright’s buttered popcorn, sit back, and enjoy. There won’t be any ‘hard choices’ when 2016 rolls around, if she is still standing. This is better than Desperate Housewives…..

      1. Nice ‘going-away’ gift! Just a few months before Benghazi happened, too. Silence is golden or, in this case….’green’?

  3. “And for someone who becomes unappealing when she’s too much in the public eye, that’s a strategy that will lead to self-destruction.”
    From your lips to God’s ear.
    Hag Hillary is grotesque and totally out of touch with humanity. And, the more she tries explaining herself the worse it will get for her.
    “When you’re explaining, you’re losing.”

  4. Untill we are given a confirmation slip of who we voted for. It will not matter if a cartoon figure was running for the office.
    People will vote more than once, dead people will vote, and votes will be ignored.
    Before we were dealt all of these scandels that are not being investigated or solved, We should have made it mandatory that everyone gets a confirmation slip.

    If 20 people at a burger joint were told no you didn’t buy a hamburger. Everyone would be holding up their piece of paper saying give me my burger.

  5. Could it have been:
    The question of gathering millions was meant to get MrsC to admit or announce that she needed this money to finance a run for the WhiteHouse.
    MrsC, not expecting such a pointed query, chose to diffuse the grab for money as simply a means to get out of post-presidency debt.

    Either way, the result was devastating, dishonest, and made the Clintons sound financially irresponsible, and greedy.
    Not a good way to start a campaign, for sure. A good way to end it, though.

  6. We can be sure that if Mzzzz Clinton decides to run (insert chortle here), the campaign will be all about her. Her life. Her dreams. Her story. There will be very little “I plan to do 1….2…3…. for the country to bring back prosperity, jobs, security, the American dream,” etc. There will be fantastical sweeps of feel good, imaginary, ghostly promises, but no details of precisely what steps she will take to accomplish (insert second chortle here) anything. In other words, it will look like her actual accomplishments as SOS.

  7. Verrrry interesting point, Keith. I hope your diagnosis is correct. Is Benghazi destined to be Hillary’s Chappaquiddick?

  8. Hillary, please. has you at $21.5 million. So, what, you can only afford the medium-size private jet?

    I have less than $200 in my bank account right now, my rent is going to be late at midnight tonight, and God only knows when my ISP is going to cut my Internet service for being so far behind on my payments.

    THAT is money trouble.

    For you to say you’re broke when you’ve got a net worth in eight figures doesn’t even pass the laughing-hysterically test.

  9. Maybe all that working has made her tired. Or “no ways tired” depending on where she is. Remember this:

    I agree with Girly… time to get the popcorn, sit back and watch the show!

    Maybe their debt came from legal fees Paul Jones, legal fees Whitewater, legal fees Impeachment trial, hush money to all the mistresses, payoff to Susan McDougal for sitting in jail on their behalf….

  10. Twenty days before leaving the White House, Hillary became a Senator Clinton from NY. Because of Newt Gingrich’s large advance a few years earlier Senators and Congressman were no longer allowed to receive such large advances. The main reason is such publishers were part of conglomerates and it could seen as a bribe if legislation was pending. Simon Schuster is owned by CBS. Take a look at the amount of companies owned by CBS/Viacom in 2000. Hillary made a total of $10 million from that book alone.

    She stated that they were $12 million in debt. Her one book wiped out 80% of that debt. Bill Clinton received an advance of $15 Million in 2001. So, within 14 months of the November 2000 election Bill and Hillary were paid in advance $27 million by two separate publishers. Using Hillary’s $12 million debt number these two deals put them in the black $15 million.

    A few other things to note……..The Secret Service pays rent at Chapaqua that happens to equal their mortgage.

    Does anyone remember “House Warming Gifts” for Bill and Hillary? They never owned a home in Arkansas and they were buying one in NY and one in Georgetown. Beth Dozoretz a DNC fundraiser passed around of a list of furnishings the Clinton’s needed. Hillary received $50,000 in China alone.
    A strange but True Note: Mr and Mrs Walter Kaye of New York gave President Clinton a $9,683 Cigar Travel Humidor. Who were the Kaye’s??? They were the people who arranged the internship for Monica Lewinsky. Where is Ripley’s Believe It or Not TV Show when you need it!!

    These lists were well documented in Barbara Olson’s last book about the Clinton’s. It is called The Final Days: The Last,Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House. All these comments made me revisit the book to find out the truth, not Hillary’s Version. Barbara Olson, who was married to Solicitor General Teddy Olson, was a passenger on Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon.

    1. That’s a cut and paste for the future.

      One quibble. I did a little sleuthing and the Clintons did own a one-bedroom, 1800 sq. ft. in Fayetteville they bought for $35,000 in 1974. Nevertheless, in the course of almost 40 years, they’ve “managed” to amass a fortune by hook and by lots of “crook”.

      1. Sadie,

        My mistake!….Thanks for the correct information. I looked at the house on the web. It is now a Clinton Museum in case anyone wants to make a ” Bilgrimage”. Just saying Bilgrimage aloud made me start dry heaving.

        Barbara Olson’s book did a great job documenting the last months of the White House. It describes what a snake Eric Holder was then. He was knee deep in the Mark Rich pardon. Hillary’s brothers were getting $400 k per pardon fee for consulting. Roger Clinton collected money and never got pardons for people.

        These are the things that the country has to be reminded about. I remember the marines in dress blues at the WH who were handed trays of food to wait on the guests. Kind of like the marine holding the umbrella over Obama during a speech in the rain.

  11. (Via Drudge) SLASHED

    Toby Harnden
    40% discount on @HillaryClinton book at @booksamillion. Manager: “very unusual” >20% for new book, “really threw me”
    from McLean, VA

    Also read a few days ago that ticket prices were slashed 66% for one of her speeches. The chickens are coming home to roost.

  12. The “greatest accomplishment” question has been asked for several months, and she still is unable to answer it….maybe because there is no answer.

    “I traveled all over the world” doesn’t come close. and it appears that “I restored respect for the U.S.” is falling pretty flat too.

    This might be an early flame-out (we can only hope).

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  14. Did anyone else notice that her pant suit was on fire when she made these ridiculous statements? It is still amazing how all of her Pet Rock supporters will believe whatever she spouts. Maybe some of the water to put out the fire on on her pant suit will spray on the Pet Rocks to keep them from cracking. @dylanwest1

  15. Miss Piggy sound like she is off her game, bats in her belfrey. They only had about 8 or 10 million bucks when they left the White House. She makes me sick. Every time she speaks now, her true self comes out, greedy, cold, blaming the victims for Benghazi??? What a nerve. She is not normal. President? please God, save us from another stupid ass.

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