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Quote of the Day || June 10, 2014

“And then we hit bottom. Bill was forced to make the morning mimosas with sparkling wine instead of champagne.”

– Hillary Clinton

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

22 thoughts on “Quote of the Day || June 10, 2014”

    1. Ha!! I almost choked on my leftover pasta and day old garlic bread.
      They both need to travel, enjoy life and leave us with memories.

  1. Well, at least it’s not as tough as the burritos and eggs that the poor saved migrant children have to eat and complain about.

    Tony Banegas, consul of Honduras to Arizona, tells KPHO-TV that the children have been complaining about the food they have been getting at the shelter.

    Mr. Tony Baneas and all the other officials from the countries from which these “children” have “migrated” are also critical.

    I would like to suggest to the consul that he take his little citizens and arrange safe and well fed passage pack to the lovely country of Honduras and come up with a plan B.

    And to the DHS and- the criminal Holder — forget securing the border. Just close it. HA — as if.

    1. Just wait til they go to American schools and get a load of Michelle’s lunches.. lol…. they’ll be begging for those old burritos and eggs.

  2. “we struggled with our mortgages” Oh boo hoo you had to do speeches for millions to support you multiple mortgages.

  3. What difference has Hillary made? No real contributions to the betterment of this country can be attributed to her while she served as Secretary of State, U.S Senator or First Lady.

    Crying poor is a stretch and quite frankly, it is offensive as most americans are struggling to make ends meet.

  4. Great Mika rant on MoJoe this a.m. Joe and a couple of others are defending HRC’s ‘dead broke’ comments while Mika is seething.

    “Stop giving her free passes just so you can get an interview’.

    ‘When you were watching them leave the WH, it was reported during the Inauguration how much they would be making on speeches. For her to do a book and have a section on this, saying ‘we were dead broke’ and it was hard…Let me just tell you – that shows just how contrived the book is. It does!
    She goes on to say “Why am I the only one here to tell the truth?”

    You go, Mika!

  5. On MoJoe, Mika was hysterically frowny over this tone deafness of saying you were dead broke bec you have to finance your next mansion compound instead of paying cash. But she is only saying this bec she is for that fake Indian woman what’s her name.

  6. These Clintons, why don’t they retire and fade into the sunset like normal people do? They just can’t get enough, greedy screwballs. Hillary Clinton, she’s a mean lady who refused A,mbassador Stevens pleas for protection and help, and then he was murdered, and she’s okay with that? Stevens begged over and over for help and she can say what she wants, she rejected his pleas for help and then he was killed. She should be in jail not running for President.

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