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Obama, Putin Seek Counseling from Dr. Phil

It was clear from the G-7 Summit in Europe last week that President Obama and Russian President Putin have “issues.”

Like two little girls with a crush on the same teacher, they weren’t even talking, at least not in public.

And who better to work out these issues than Dr. Phil?

18 thoughts on “Obama, Putin Seek Counseling from Dr. Phil”

  1. LOL. Thanks Keith.
    By the way, I could not make out the Game?
    Putin character said Wrap up in game of _____.
    Did anyone here catch the name he stated?

  2. Putin and Obama two peas in a pod.

    Putin pushes to see how far he can go. If unchecked , he proceeds to carry out his plan.

    Obama pushes to see how far he can go. If unchecked, he proceeds to carry out his plan.

    If they weren’t such narcissists they could become best friends. They have a lot in common. Except Putin has more discipline and he is looking to make his country stronger, rightly or wrongly. Obama on the other hand, is a lazy SOB content to turn this country into a third world welfare state. Epaulettes and sunglasses will complete the look.

    1. Nice catch, CK. The covert CIA Libya to Turkey to Syria weapons-running operation no one will talk about. That, and why Amb. Stevens had breakfast at the Benghazi annex with a Turkish official the morning of 9/11.

  3. Very funny – thanks Keith. Fallon does a great Putin but the Obama impersonator is way too ‘manly’. He needs the ‘prissy preezy’ pose’ – legs crossed in girly fashion, hands clasped, nose in air. Otherwise it was great !

  4. I love it how Jimmy always seems to portray Putin as the “smart one” !

    Speaking of, there’s a lot of buzz about the Miss USA contestants being asked harder foreign policy questions than the MSM asks Obama ! Good, that should wake up the WHPC !

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