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The Obama Morning News || June 9, 2014

Bergdahl’s parents got insider access . . . Washington Times
The Obama administration gave the parents of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl extraordinary insider access to the military’s hunt for their son by having them take part in a series of secure video conferences with senior commanders as well as White House and State Department officials.

Rogers: We’re going to pay for this . . . ABC News
House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rogers said he is “absolutely convinced” that the five Taliban members transferred from Guantanamo will return to the battlefield against the United States.

McCain: Mullah Omar got his Cabinet back . . . Newsmax
“What we’re doing here is reconstitution of the Taliban government,” McCain said

Money for Bergdahl? . . . Free Beacon
A senior intelligence official with intimate knowledge of the years-long effort to locate and rescue Bergdahl speculated that a cash ransom was paid to the Haqqani Network to get the group to free the prisoner.

More Gitmo prisoners set to leave . . . Associated Press
Some of the men held here for more than a decade have been drafting plans for work and marriage on the outside or studying languages, preparing for a not-too-distant future

Feinstein questions Bergdahl health claims . . . Fox News
“I think his rapid recovery now may indicate he wasn’t close to death,” she said.

Feinstein: Obama should be “proud” . . . Examiner
The Senate Intelligence Committee‘s chairwoman defended the president’s decision to announce Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl‘s release in the Rose Garden.

Obama to take executive action on student debt . . . Bloomberg
Will direct the Department of Education to expand the number of people who can take advantage of a law capping payments on federal direct loans to no more than 10 percent of their monthly incomes.

Jindal backs away from Common Core . . . Washington Times
Looking to bolster his national image ahead of a likely 2016 presidential bid, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is hitching his wagon to the growing movement against the nationwide school standards

Obama, Clinton start wweet ’16 dance . . . The Hill
As Hillary edges toward a presidential run, she is putting some daylight between herself and the man she would succeed on issues ranging from the release of Bergdahl to the civil war in Syria.

Hillary: No decision before end of year . . . AFP
“I just want to kind of get through this year, travel around the country, sign books, help in the midterm elections in the fall, and then take a deep breath and kind of go through my pluses and minuses,” she said.

RNC on Hillary book: “Bad Choices” . . . The Hill
A briefing book the Republican National Committee released Monday provides GOP officials with talking points to strike back at Hillary Clinton’s new book.

Obama’s political footballs . . . Examiner
Eleven times the White House used the “political football” defense

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  1. I saw that Jindal was backing away from Common Core in the local paper. We have so… many things to be concerned with.
    However a couple of months back I pulled up Common Core and saw examples of how they would teach grade school math. It was worse than you would expect. When time allows, pull up some examples.

    1. I don’t know if it was common core related or just the socialist creep into the schools but I tweeted out a pic over the weekend of a U S history textbook open to the Bill of Rights page that printed the 2nd amendment as “the people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia”
      No wonder we have millions of minions running around blaming Bush and the Republicans for Obama’s failure.

      1. Wow. I have seen examples of Common Core revisionist history, but I didn’t realize it was extra-legally revising the Constitution.

  2. Why were the Bergdahls given access to anything concerning the military operation, at any time? Who are they?
    It’s just not clear or is a reason given of how it was advantageous to have this couple involved in militiary negotiations or planning.
    Who are they?
    This whole episode becomes more bizarre by the day.

    The ADX/Thomson Federal Prison in IL (where else) is being financed and manned to accept all of the remaining detainees at Gitmo. This prison, built by the state of IL, was mean to be a ‘super-max’ but was never used. Never opened, the prison is now being upgraded, and employees are being hired to run this long-planned means to empty Gitmo and assure MrO’s friends that he kept his promise.
    IMO, from the beginning, the plan to close Gitmo was a blatant, crony, union-friendly means for the Feds to buy this white-elephant of a prison from the near-bankrupt state.

    Were the Bergdahls being used as pawns in this double-edged attempt to close Gitmo and send the detainees to IL?

    1. I remember this idea for the Illinois prison for a while back. Big surprise.

      But what does that accomplish? Dangerous terrorists are now housed on the mainland, or in the heartland, of the United States which makes sense how? I am pretty sure there will be lots of horsetrading between terrorists and those guarding them once they are removed from military control. Yippee.

      Don’t know about the Bergdahl’s, but Obama does nothing on the up and up. Weasel is built into his DNA.

    2. I would like to know why as well. He does not listen to any of our generals, etc., but allows citizens to sit in on the MILITARY operation. Now if he let them sit in a different room watching, I could understand, otherwise as usual with this crew, Who Knows?

    3. I remember the outrage about warehousing terrorists in the proposed IL SuperMax and how it would end up being a breeding ground for future terrorists – American converts to radical Islam.
      In CA and elsewhere, the Mexican drug cartels are running their operations from their prison cells. It would be only natural for radical Islamists to run their operations from super-max in Chi Town.
      I suppose Sharia Law would also become part of the landscape – we know how Obama coddles his fuzzy muzzies.
      I think I’m going to become sick!

  3. Students have a responsibility to pay back student loans. The student loan rate should be lowered to 3.4% (obama let it automatically double to 6.8%). My husband and I have sacrificed, done without and at times utilized a home equity loan to pay for our daughters college education…I don’t expect the taxpayer or my neighbors to pay off our loan nor do I expect the bank to reduce the balance out of generosity.

    This is another Obama magic trick …Look here, while I quietly dump 250,000 illegal aliens in Texas and Arizona.

    1. He is attempting to appeal to the 22 year olds. 22 year olds outnumber all the other segments of the population. They don’t vote Republican.

    1. I’m sure that if Obama’s official photographer, Souza, took a picture of her, he capture her speaking out of both sides of her mouth at the same time. I made this comment because I noticed all the good football photo-ops he had with Obama. He’s all the LIFE photographers there ever were rolled into one.

      1. Obama’s entire 8 yrs should be encapsulated into a LIFE and LOOK magazine format and sold on magazine stands. Forget about a Library!!!

        1. His library should be on a roll of toilet paper.

          If they insist on building an actual library I think Fukushima would be the perfect spot since they’re both toxic. LOL

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