As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Let Miss Louisiana Run U.S. Foreign Policy

From last night’s Miss USA pageant. Listen to the crowd reaction.

Well, okay, the pageant was held in Baton Rouge.

Alas, she didn’t win.

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10 Responses to Let Miss Louisiana Run U.S. Foreign Policy

  1. I missed the Miss USA last night for the Tonys. Good for her! Great example of informed voters. Another lovely lady suggested “kicking” a potential “rapist” in the balls, she was trending too on twitter last night, for all the wrong reasons, the “feminists” chose another answer, or something?

    • Thank you so much Keith. I saw that just a little while ago.
      So proud being from Louisiana.
      Jindal also in the news wanting to go against Common Core.
      By the way, The second time I watched it I couldn’t figure out if the man in the audience had a bad headache or was hiding his face.
      Hopefully she will be Queen in one of our Mardi Gras parades.
      Yes I know, off topic. Just so nice to hear the clapping as well.

      • I know you’re very interested in Common Core, and–sorry to say I can’t remember where I read it today–wanted to let you know that opposition to Common Core is uniting both the left and the right. Very bad choice for Jeb Bush to promote. And if Bill Gates really wanted to reduce the discrepancy between poor and rich students, his money would have been better spent setting up scholarships for poor but talented students instead of confusing them even more in mathematics and presenting false information on our history and Constitution.

    • Interesting. I went to Tech School in the USAF with a guy from Ashville. The correct North Carolinian pronounciation is Ash-vull, accent heavily on the “Ash”. Wonder how Mr. Corpse-Man will do on that one? “Course, he got Pak-ee-stahn right!!

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