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Hillary: “It Doesn’t Matter” if Bergdahl Deserted


Former Secretary of State and future presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suggested in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer that whether Bergdahl was a deserter – or even a traitor – should not affect the price we pay for his release.

A snippet of the interview was broadcast this morning, with the rest to follow on ABC this evening.

SAWYER: Did (Obama) make a deal with the Devil on releasing those five Talibans?

CLINTON: I think this was a very hard choice which is why I think my book is so aptly named.

Ahh, yes, so apt indeed. I’m left rapt by her apt. I’d like to be able to download her apt app.

Her book is called “Hard Choices,” in case you were wondering.

Let’s continue.

CLINTON: If you look at what the factors were going into the decision, of course there are competing interests and values. I mean, one of our values is, we bring everybody home off the battlefield the best we can. It doesn’t matter how they ended up in a prisoner of war situation

SAWYER: It doesn’t matter?

CLINTON: it does not matter – we bring our people home!

I beg to disagree. If someone is a known deserter, we should still try very hard to get them back. The principle that we get our guys and gals back is indeed a crucial one, both morally and for the morale of the troops.

But the price that we pay and our willingness to risk lives for their return – whether on the battlefield or through the release of known mass murderers and terrorism abettors like the Taliban we sprung from Gitmo – should be affected by notions such as whether a service member was a deserter or a traitor.

Bergdahl was clearly the former. It’s yet to be determined whether he was the latter.

He was responsible for his circumstance, and he put many lives in danger – and probably caused some deaths – because of it. That has to be a factor.

33 thoughts on “Hillary: “It Doesn’t Matter” if Bergdahl Deserted”

  1. “CLINTON: it does not matter – we bring our people home!”

    They sound like such die-hard patriots — when it serves their interest.

    Prez BO is exactly the same.

    The hubby of “all this for a damned flag” and boss of “what difference does it makes” is no patriot and neither is this awful woman and her “hard choices.”

  2. Where to begin. I they deserted maybe they don’t want to come back, maybe they defected–but they HAVE to bec they committed a crime. Oh, never mind–she will never get it.

  3. ” it does not matter – we bring our people home! We don’t care as much for those NOT in uniform, those we bring home in body bags.”

    Hillary Clinton.

  4. Diane Sawyer brings new meaning to the word grotesque in regards to being a so-called “reporter”. What a worthless propaganda hack.

    Try all you want Hillary but you will never, ever escape your well deserved moniker of “The Butcher of Benghazi”. Not only were you the primary cause of the lack of security but you were also a willing and eager participment in the cover up of your and Dictator Obama’s crimes in this murder of four Americans. You lied to the parents of these Americans over their dead bodies. It doesn’t get anymore low that that. Go away you old dingbat.

  5. I agree w/her regarding the fact that we do bring everyone home. That’s our credo, no one gets left behind. You may not like him, he may be a moron but he’s our moron. However, we don’t get people killed rescuing some d-bag that intentionally walked off his post and sought out the enemy. Additionally, we need to weigh the cost of getting an individual like Bergdahl home. Was some slackjaw PFC who deserted worth “exchanging” for the Talibans version of the military’s Joint Staff? I don’t think so. We should have offered them an equivalently low ranking “cook, baker, candlestick maker” held at Gitmo. Take it or leave it.

  6. She reflects the mind-set of all progressive liberals who distrust and hate our military.
    A very dangerous woman, and one who gathers the same kind of protection from the MSM.
    She feels insulated by all the layers of underlings who kept her afloat, but she’s just as responsible for the massacre in Benghazi as Walmart is for their truck driver who rammed the back of a limo that resulted in one death and many injuries.

  7. “Hard Choices” totaled a negotiated $86,000.

    Hillary to movers: “We’ll take the chairs, the coffee table, a couple of sofas and oh yes, a few odds and ends.”

    Snip from the article:
    The disclosure, reported in today’s Washington Post, came three days after the Clintons said they would pay $86,000 to cover the value of gifts they received last year in an effort to avoid the appearance of impropriety. The couple had originally sought to leave with $190,000 in gifts.
    More nauseating details at the link:

    1. She has a virtual cemetery full of skeletons in her closet.
      How does she square the gobsmacking $200K per speech when she hasn’t even declared her candidacy? She waddles out on the stage with her smug, Cheshire-cat grin and talks utter gibberish for 45 minutes while Chelsea and Bill are back stage counting the ‘take’.
      It’s all about the ‘family business’ – the Bill, Hill, and Chelsea foundation, aka Crooks and Liars, Inc.

  8. “It does not matter, we bring our people home!”

    (“Unless bringing them home could have a negative impact on my presidential run”).

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  10. Gee, Hillary, sounds like you and Bergdahl have a lot in common. You both put many lives in danger and YOU definitely cause 4 deaths. HMMMMMMM. Don’t sound to much like Presidential material.

  11. Sawyer supposedly asked Clinton whether she would appear before Trey Gowdy’s committee, and she said that it depends: if the purpose of the committee is to prevent further Benghazis from happening, she would go, but if was also to assign blame, she hints that she would not.

    We have discussed this at our house and would like Gowdy and committee to appear to not especially want to call her and not subpoena but to work around her through other witnesses and then when they’ve got the goods, to pull the string of the net. Don’t let her use the committee as a forum for her political martyr shtick but if they get the goods, she will be begging to appear before them.

  12. I want her to have a show questioning and the parents of the people killed in Benghazi. We watched this unfolding. No one doing anything at all to TRY and help.

  13. I say Bring Berghdal back.

    Give Berghdal a UCMJ Trial at Ft. Leavenworth…

    Then put Berghdal in front of a US Military firing squad for being a DESERTER

    1. -I know that this is fantasy, having this deserter Berghdal tried under an UNBIASED “US Army-UCMJ court/trial”.

      As long as Obama is in office NO ONE in the Dept. of Defense (Chuck Hagel) or the sycophant, political cowards on the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Gen. Martin Dempsey) or even the US Army will dare to bring UCMJ charges of DESERTION against this punk Berghdal…

      1. The file on him will be sealed untill 2017 or 2019.
        Only O or Hagel, or a General can unseal it.
        Let me know if I am leaving anyone out.
        As long as it is sealed we will never know.
        I do not know if the people who will be in the committe will be allowed to see if or not. If they are not allowed to see the sealed file, we are going no where with this.
        Does anyone know if he is allowed to read, or see current news?

  14. Bergdahl is lucky that Gen Patton isn’t around anymore. He would have taught that young man a think or two about what happens to deserters. There’s no question, according to the UCMJ that Bergdahl is a deserter. If you leave your post, run away, go into hiding, whatever you want to call it, for over 30 days, you are legally classified as a deserter. The how and why of the desertion is sorted out at the court martial.

  15. I’m struck by use of the word “choices.” clearly not decisions, because decisions are thought out. a choice is like picking which candy bar to pick up at the checkout stand.

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