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Sunday Open Thread – June 8, 2014

It’s Sunday, and once again, the place is yours. Have fun.

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  1. I know it’s a stupid question but does anyone think there’s any chance that the media will cover the invasion of central American illegals and the dumping them around the country by our own federal government as the truth that Obama created the mess and is willfully ignoring his Constitutional duty or will it be:
    Heartless, cruel, evil Tea Partiers are threatening legislation to force the administration to seal the border and split up thousands of families in the process.
    Meanwhile, Eric Holder has announced that he will be diverting several hundred more Department of Justice lawyers to Arizona and Texas to ensure that these illegals receive all rights afforded to them under the law. What’s that, they’re illegal? Don’t have citizenship? Not covered under the Constitution?
    You racists need to get over yourselves and realize the as of January 20, 2009 the Constitution was no longer a document relevant to anything other than what Obama wanted.
    Rant over, you may proceed about your daily activities. :)

    1. I’m concerned about those kids too. And our AZ residents here. Maybe they have more information from their local sources. I’ve seen Jan Brewer being really concerned about communicable diseases being brought across the borders.

      Oh yeah, and what can the GOP do about it? Nothing. How would it look …. they don’t care about the children? Not in an election year. Worthless, everyone of them!

      1. Thank you for bringing the issue of diseases being brought across the borders.
        Does anyone know the old school, Rule of Thumb of what is the process? In other words If you catch anyone illegal what is the official time period, schedule of getting them back over the border?
        If you catch 50 at one time and their is no room in the jail, use a gym. Than log their names. (I can do that in a couple of mins.). Than load the bus and drive them back.

      2. Per Arizona Repubic this morning:
        @750 illegal alien children were being housed in Nogales AZ and they’re expecting another @300 to arrive today.
        They’re sleeping in “plastic containers”, haven’t bathed in weeks, and are being fed whatever the authorities can find for them. Medical personnel is being assembled because of the physical condition of some of the childre…some are pregnant, suffer intestinal ailments, and none seem to have been vaccinated for anything.
        Local charity groups such as churches, the Elks/Moose type organizations, Scouts are trying to find clothing, shoes and other supplies for these childen.
        The authorities expect thousands more children over the next months. THOUSANDS OF ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN!

        Dumping them, and that’s the word…dumping…, in Arizona is cruel and outrageous.
        Where’s our “mom-in-chief” Michelle? Where’s all the progressive liberals who want to change things “for the chidlren”. What happend to “save our girls”….does it only matter if they’re Africans?
        I’m so angry, so outraged, so
        Who are these parents who send minors to a foreign land with nothing more than the clothes on their back to be cared for in any manner by strangers? Who is running the ICS, our border safety that these childen are shipped around with less care than they would give to animals?

        Why Arizona, why us? We’re not set up to handle this kind of invasion, there’s no federal assistance coming our way to aid these children.
        For the Love of God, these are innocent children used as pawns in a shameful, political game. Children who can’t speak a word of English, can’t read or write, are
        There will be a special place in Hell for those who caused this outrage.

        1. There are many questions about the law in your comment and the ones above. I also have a question about the federal government being able to do this to the states. Aren’t there any issues of states rights involved here? And it seems to me that the most liberties taken by the federal government occur out here in the western states, AZ, NV and so on.

          The last two people I tutored for the US citizenship process were from Central America, and I have to say that the poverty there–except for Costa Rica–is horrific. The two came from families of 9 and 13 children respectively, and the one from Nicaragua said that people only eat one meal a day there, rice or beans, not both. But the solution seems to me is that you give aid to them in their own countries and not dump the children here in expectation of bringing their parents–or people who pose as their parents–here.

          1. Julie, I am a little confused — they were here legally to work in sweatshops? Did they have some kind of documentation? Were they somehow assisted in recruitment and transit? Can they be tracked back by specific sweatshops?

          2. Well, they had residency permits when I taught them. You had to have them when you started on your citizenship application. Then at least, but I don’t know about now. I don’t know how they got to LA. They were both married women whose husbands came first.

          3. Julie, I did not read carefully enough. You were talking about the people you worked with and perhaps others like them, not the “children”. Apologies.

            Apparently they had some kind of documentation to come and then went on to pursue their citizenship. I have no problem with that and hope that they can re establish and thrive as citizens.

            In theory I agree that aid to the offending countries would be preferable. Unfortunately that rarely works as planned. Still a better solution.

        2. Thanks srdem. So far it only seems to be news in AZ, I’m not feeling the outrage from the media or Team Obama (admin,media and supporters).

          I notice the churches and other humanitarian orgs are stepping up. They probably won’t get diddly squat from Obama, he’ll just send a wad’o’cash to the “community organizers” and his union pals…..which may or may not reach the children.

          1. It does not cost 1.6 Billion dollars to rent buses, gas to drive them back over the border. He wants to spend 1.6 Billion dollars, hire more Border Patrol Agents, Build a fence, spend the money to keep large and small companies from hiring illegals and YES there are people who would pick fruit if they were out of work that were born here.

          2. People in the San Joaquin valley will not pick fruit. They’d rather collect welfare checks and food stamps. A couple of years ago, there was a great demand for them and the farmers couldn’t get folks to fill the positions. It is essentally done by Mexican labor.

        3. The authorities expect thousands more children over the next months. THOUSANDS OF ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN!

          Again, me stupid.Somehow the “authorities” are informed. And we sit and wait, open the borders, and they are now ours?

          1. The local Tucson ABC & CBS news shows many adults exiting the busses also. I’m guessing ‘they’ want everyone to believe it’s only kids to tug your heart strings.
            And yes! Brewer is being punished by 0 for that finger wagging photo.
            So they are from Central America, how did they even get through Mexico’s militarized southern border? Mexico let them through but refuse to let them return the way they came.

          2. Could it be an attempt to force the Republicans to take action, aka, sign on to some kind of legislation the Democrats have cooked up, or could it be cover for those establishment Republicans who want to sign on of their own inclination?

          3. Are the local news stations allowing response by the citizens of Tucson regarding people being dropped off like some type of store delivery.
            I think the front of the WH or one of his golfing spots should be used. sarc, they should be brought back safely to their home Country.

          4. Well, considering the Tucson City clowncil annually spends $25,000 on water stations in our southern deserts for border crossers drinking needs, They have deigned Tucson a sanctuary town. Apparently local …um, border-crosser-help groups are gathering clothes, diapers & meds to pass out to these people.
            Some are let go to contact families & are given a court date to appear for further processing. Whether they show up or not doesn’t seem to be an issue.

          5. Thanks.
            I just watched a rerun of a detective show.
            On of the witnesses was an illegal party.
            The point was made no taxes being paid for years.
            That is a point that does not get discussed enough. We pay taxes out the gazoo.
            Anybody have an estimated figure of how many illegals are here? Multipy the unpaid taxes, medical care, food stamps, welfare, schooling, the list goes on and on.
            Putin is spitting on us this week by his comment of how he is going to upgrade his border protection.

    2. Drudge had an article 6-7, Putin orders tigtening of borders to prevent illegal crossing. It is no longer on the front page.
      You can scroll down the page. Hit recent Drudge headlines, type in Putin where it has Drudge Archives. The article will be there.
      Of course I mention this after reading Geoff Caldwell’s good points. To add what is the current status of the Border Patrol at this time? Have they layed off many of them? Have they ordered them to hold back on their patrols?

    3. I was trying to give this admin the benefit of the doubt, but it is almost glaringly obvious now that he likes to punish states with republican governors, i.e., AZ, Texas…. this pattern has been on the periphery of my radar over the years. Like when there was flooding in the Ky/Indiana area/border a few years back, and Ky (Dem gov) got emergency funds while Indiana (Rep gov) was denied. Same storm, same consequences, same damage, yet I guess that rain on the Indiana side of the Ohio River was somehow different… makes me go hmmmm.

      1. You are most probably correct. Spite and vindictiveness seem almost personal with Obama, and he and Brewer have crossed swords in the past. In the long term the Democrats also are looking to swell their numbers and destroy the Republican Party.

    4. Shades of the Mariel Boatlift of Cuban Refugee’s in 1980. A huge mistake made by Carter in allowing them into our country. 125K of refugee’s mixed with known criminals and mental health patients released by Castro. Was a huge embarrassment to the Charter administration housing the refugee’s, and a riot in a facility in Arkansas helped as a major defeat issue in the re-election of Gov Bill Clinton. It’s like watching this incident and Haitian Migration in the 90’s happening all over again, except now it’s on land and could be prevented / handled better.

      I worked both these operations on the waters off Florida and the Straights, and still remember vividly the condition of boat people we brought ashore, and those who never lived to make it to what they were told.. freedom!

      We interned those refugee’s in military facilities all over the US for processing and eventual release, along with working with Cuba to close the port of Mariel, ending the influx.

      To me it’s history repeating itself. But who looks back at mistakes made? I know it’s parents & their children escaping harsh conditions in their native countries, but why us?? (knows the answer.. sadly)

      1. Thanks for this Otis. I was questioning along these lines and you did it so well.

        My question still remains. We know the coordination behind the Mariella boatlift. And to a certain degree the Haitian as well. But where and when did this current wave of people come? Was it by invitation?

        1. the countries where these illegals have come from have been told by their media to come to the US, our borders are wide open and they will be taken care of.

          And we did nothing to stop it. However if I were a betting man, BO & Company would throw a million $$ or so at the country to stop it. Then others will follow suit. Just like dealing with terrorists.

    5. I am confused about this. When did they come? How did they come? Did somehow all these “children” come individually organize as a group? I really am confused. Were they all housed — scattered throughout — and somehow now got reassembled as “groups” and then dumped. Did they empty orphanages? Who are they? Is this the Cuban prison release redux — not Cuba not prisoners –upon American shores in some other time and space?

      And forgive me for not feeling all Christian and charitable for these children whose parents left them, came here illegally, and now somehow expect them to be admitted and welcomed illegally. Find the families, reconnect, and then escort them back to international organizations that deal with this kind of “humanitarian crisis”.

      The people I sympathize with are the Americans in the states, especially Arizona, who are now charged with their well being. And all Americans whose tax dollars are now being used to support them.

      Not working for me.

          1. When I get out I am looking forward to being able to vote in the United States for the first time. It will be so nice to be in the land of the free and the home of the brave where I can exercise all these wonderful rights and be supported as well. I have also been told that there is no need for me to learn English — I was so worried about that.

          2. I came to AZ almost 20 yrs to help take care of my mother (dementia). After 18 years, she passed on and now I am such a mess and own a house and can’t leave. But over time, I have come to appreciate the ornery nature of the cowboy culture–we fight back against Washington. We pass my horses every day in the car–people wear cowboy hats. For the most part, Mexicans of any legality status live and let live. That’s my take on it, anyhow. My sister’s household help is not legal. Her former household helper was sent back, hubs had an illegal SS number–but writes and calls. Some learn English–some depend on the kids to translate. They work hard, solicit work, but also try to bargain craftily–it keeps me on my toes. We just live.

          3. I meant to say “pass BY horses”–not MY horses. But I remember when I first knew I had to move here–I went on the internet to look at houses–and they had a checkbox–HORSES. I remember thinking, this will not be like DC. Also they have housing developments with small plane runways in them–airport housing, sort of.

          4. That’s pretty much my take on AZ, too. As for the Hispanics, there didn’t seem to be much talk, one way or another, until the flood of illegals started and caused so many problems here.
            We were cast as “racists” who practiced some western form of Jim Crow here, when in reality, the majority of legal Hispanics do very well here, both politically and financially.
            re: the horse property…what a hoot…buy a house, for you and the horses.
            re: the airplane housing developments…who would guess you can house your private plane in your “backyard”.
            Only in AZ I guess.

          5. Star and srdem65 — VDH Victor Davis Hanson has written some excellent pieces about what has happened where he is in California. He is in the Valley — I think San Joaquin and he talks about how it was and how it is now — with the history of the Mexicans that came and were established and a critical part of the community and now.

          6. Gotcha. I have no idea how many Mexicans I meet actually are angling to vote Dem illegally. I would never ask–it doesn’t come up. Those Raza people get some people riled from time to time. They carry Mexican flags in the US–the horror. Can illegals get a driver’s license without papers–I forget–it was an issue. Still, everyone seems to have a truck or beater and drive around. Everything seems pretty casual. Maybe I am naive, but I can’t be hating on Mexicans without papers all the time when we have bigger fish to fry. Yes, they should regularize immigration somehow–but I am at a loss to say how.

          7. Illinois issues drivers licenses to illegals.
            Chicago is one of the sanctuary cities in the US.
            Here illegally, no problem. Access to free or greatly reduced cost health care. Subsidized housing, eligibility to all food programs, public school education for their children and tuition for adults.
            Of course all on the taxpayers dime.

          8. So, is that an invite? :) :) :) Dump them on Chicago? Can’t see that happening — sanctuary city or no. This Obama Humanitarian thing only goes so far — and apparently as so many have said, Republican governors are a factor in determining relocation.

          9. Do you live in Chicago? I would not want to wish bad on you if you do, but I wouldn’t mind if they did move them there. However, Chicago is so thoroughly in the Democrats’ pocket that I think Obama or the Democrats would want to spread their refugees around to the states they want to take from the Republicans so I doubt they will be going to Chicago.

          10. Apologies to everyone in getting back so late.
            I’ll try to address questions asked.
            In the interest of keeping some kinda/sorta regional anonymity I’ve tried to keep my home base vague, I don’t want to be blamed for the scourge of Obama. But yes, Chicago is ” my kind of town”, or it was. Illinois, Cook County and Chicago have been named as some of the most corrupt and fiscally worse in the nation. Move or dump illegals into Chicago, no need, they are welcomed with open arms, benefits, and taught to vote Democrat.

          11. Chicago, Cook County, fondly referred to as Crook County by locals, is most definitely a Democrat strong hold. How so.?
            Well considering RT, as in Russian Television reported today that Assad of Syria has won reelection with 88.7% of votes cast. Right up there with Putin,Obama and Kim of NorKor.
            Anyway, a joke (?) that makes the rounds during election times is the story that a suburb near Chicago didn’t have enough machines for people to cast votes. They borrowed some from Chicago and the most votes cast were for Richard M. Daley, former and deceased Mayor of Chicago.

    6. I read in a Spanish newspaper from Miami the abuse these children were receiving here. This was the front news! It incensed me their use of this word, when it actuality it’s the parents who have abused these kids by abandoning them, fend for themselves .

  2. And on another note…..what the heck happened to

    # Save Our Girls. ?

    Boko Haram reportedly killed another 200+ civilians in the last week, and nothing from the media, from the WH, Mrs Obama, the Hollywood elite?

    I guess the look at me, I care too, has simply worn off, while innocents die daily.


    1. The Obama’s and the Left squeezed all the mileage out of #SaveOurGirls that they could. On to the next cause of the day. Namely, the illegal “children” invading the USA.
      Several years back, when I worked as a Job Developer for the Summer Youth Employment Program, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, “youth” were defined as being between the ages of 16-24. I was always under the impression when you hit age 18 you were officially an adult. My bad.
      What are the ages of these “children” being funneled into the USA and dumped in AZ?
      Is this payback to Jan Brewer for having the temerity to get into Barry’s face?

      1. There’s an AZ news video I just posted nested under srdem’s report. Very interesting the media’s not allowed to “see” them but the feds are reporting between the ages of 1-17.

        Why can’t I be happy for these “rescued” children ? I just don’t trust Obama !

        1. Who has cared for the youngest children that are unaccompanied as they journeyed from Central American and through Mexico? I do not see how young children could make this trip on their own. Someone obviously had to care for the babies they say are unaccompanied. One news report this morning said 236 of the kids held in Nogales are from Honduras. Why can’t DHS use their planes to fly these kids back?

          1. Crisis upon crisis until America is desensitized to them and just says “whatever”?
            Gee I hope we don’t ever get so blase.

          2. Everyone will be saying, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” and then going off to vote for Hillary.

          3. I don’t think it will work Star.
            What they are doing is fanning the flames of outrage.
            At some point someone is going to take an axe to the fire hose.

      1. About the girls. I “heard” — literally passing through on my way to do something — that they had been located by the government but there was some reason why we couldn’t be involved with helping them or something.

        So it is now in the dustbin of hashtags, money spent, and men sent.

    1. Thanks for the article. I understand a lot of people may just be turning a blind eye, thinking things will just work out for the best.
      However if my best friend was offering to give me a trillion dollars worth of gold, but at the same time was taking away a lot of what I and my family and fellow citizens hold dear in life, I would have to pass on the gold.

      1. I used to feel that way Star. Now I am on the fence.

        There are historical trends. And it seems to be accepted that we can’t become that. I am not so sure that that is true.

        We seem to be able to deal with everything from a safe distance and somehow that softens the reality.

        For example, we talk about how bad the terrorists are and yet somehow it is unacceptable to post pictures and other data that affirm the atrocities. The other day I posted a picture of one of the released terrorists with 5 human heads in front of him. He is one of the people free to repeat. But we don’t deal on that level.

        And,on a much smaller level but I believe, everything that happens on a small level can happen on a larger scale. We all know people who have said I will never be like …. my abuser, my alcoholic parent, my whatever, and yet some do. To say that we cannot become the most horrific of all countries is not helpful. We need to be on the alert, and out in the open.

        Of course, our level of discourse about it sucks. (I just threw that in — gratis :)

        1. My grandfather fought in WWII. He had no wish what so ever in wanting us to go into a bad direction as a Country.
          Quite the opposite that is why he became a teacher in his mid forties. Told us to pay attention in history class, and to
          read always.

  3. It’s not easy to single out Obama’s MOST impeachable offense -.there are so many. But I always come back to his flagrant violation of our immigration laws to get himself re-elected:
    1.) The 2012 two year de facto amnesty for millions of Dreamers which, incidentally, was just renewed a few days ago.
    2.) “Credible Fear” to obtain refugee/asylum status for Mexico.

    Refugees are treated like royalty:
    Benefits include food stamps, housing vouchers, English language training, job training, transportation passes, Medicaid, supplemental security income assistance, SSI, as well as other public and private benefits.

    These kids are ‘somebody’s children’ ! Their illegal alien parent(s) and/or other relatives/friends are probably already here waiting for the ‘lottery’ children to arrive. Either that, or they will be arriving soon – seeking refugee status, along with ‘family reunification’.

    To srdem’s query ‘Why Arizona”? Yesterday someone on WHD commented that it was to get back at Gov Brewer. Makes perfect sense to me! Obama’s vindictiveness is legendary.

    Obama and Holder should be indicted and charged with treason! We are in a total state of lawlessness while the USA is rapidly becoming third world.

    All h*ll is breaking out everywhere! A scandal a day! Congress is comatose!

    1. Your comment about Congress right on que! They are suppose to be representing all of us. I do not know why most are turning a blind eye. Re election, devotion, money.

          1. …. how much time they spend on the balcony.

            Perhaps she can be serenaded.

            And then there is always the “Evita” thingy. That would be culturally appropriate.

      1. If there is justice, there will be a path for Brewer to be able to stop this. I give her a lot of credit. Whatever happened to states rights?

  4. I see that the New York Times is turning Bergdahl into a special snowflake …. poor thing has a gum infection and some skin problems but otherwise in great condition. I’ll spare ya’ll the link.

    I’m old enough to have remembered the return of the Vietnam POWs, grab a hanky……

    So forgive me if I don’t give a “meh” for Obama’s “white son”. Though I’m glad he’s safe, let’s get that due process started !

    1. The meme is it’s questionable whether snowflake was a deserter. Also somehow it’s problematic until we talk to him. Because, of course, he is going to say yes I was a deserter just like my platoon mates said. I walked away. Not likely.

      It is being manipulated so that those in the military who were there and are now speaking out are somehow questionable. The media is not standing behind these brave men who went out and searched for him and were left exposed by him.

      So now, in America the word of our military in theater is being challenged by the media, the pundits, the politicos etc. I am waiting for Hegel to come out with a full throated support of Bergdahl’s actions and a condemnation of the men speaking out.

      1. He was never deemed a POW officially by the Dept of Defense, so he was either AWOL or a deserter. Of course SecDef can always blame Posteda or the guy before him for not doing his job (just like his boss does).

        1. I appreciate that film of the POW’s coming home.
          This has nothing to do with the issue of 5 MAJOR TERRORIST BEING RELEASED! If ABC wanted to show respect for the fine POW’s of the Vietnam War they should have had a documentary made at an earlier date.

      2. To Grace and Denise both: they’re starting to put out a story that Bergdahl was tortured and kept in a cage. The Taliban said that they treated him well. Wasn’t he supposed to have taught them how to improve IEDs? Didn’t he convert to Islam? I’m afraid there will be another great cover-up, and I fervently wish that the NYT would go bankrupt!

        1. We all know where this will end up. He will be raised up. And the soldiers who fought and searched for him and defended our country with honor and distinction will be trashed.

          I, for one, will stand by them.

          The military/political brass has done our country a great disservice while working with this President. It became obvious with Benghazi and it continues through this. Chuck Hagel should resign.

          Pretty much I am with Ralph Peters on this. The other day he said this WH was “wicked and craven”. And I would add the media propaganda machine to this.

          1. One of Obama’s human drones has already put out there that the platoon was made up of psychopaths. And that’s the game: you put a lie out there and then you apologize when no one is listening after having heard the lie.

        2. yup.. the spin has begun.. He doesn’t want to talk to his parents.. has mental issues (well, duh), but surprisingly is in good health.

      3. It would have been nice had they sorted that all out before Obama spiked the football in the Rose Garden. It really didn’t need to be made public at all, especially that we seemed to trade 5 hand grenades for a squirt gun (h/t Greg Gutfeld).

        Obama was desperate for some good publicity after the VA scandal broke, and it backfired.

  5. While we are focusing on the release of the most hard-core Taliban enemy combatants from GITMO and the deluge of thousands of Central American kids into AZ and elsewhere, don’t forget that our megalomaniac dictator is also releasing hard-core illegal alien criminals and deportation detainees from US prisons and jails.
    Not even a BOLA (be on the lookout alert) from our fearless leader.

    It’s impossible to keep up with this madman!

    1. Good reminder about the criminals being dumped onto the American population. Obama has a Triple Crown, Girly: dumping illegal criminals, dumping the illegal children on the states, and dumping the terrorists so they can come back to attack us.

      BTW, I saw that John Kerry swears that that won’t happen. Well, he would have to, wouldn’t he? He was part of the Cabinet who all went along with Obama on the swap.

      1. This is Obama we are talking about. Bigger than the Triple Crown.

        He also is dumping the law, dumping the Constitution, and so much more. There is no trophy shiny enough, no medal blingy enough, no words extravagant enough for him.

  6. Off topic:
    I should probably write to the FOX News complaint dept., but why is it every time I turn on the TV, Arthelle Neville is in the FOX anchor chair? Is it just bad timing on my part, or is she now a permanent fixture at FOX?
    I mean…really! Neville (of Geraldo fame) is left of left! And so rude to conservatives. Even hyped Hillary on FOX until she got hate mail.
    Neville and Eric Shawn – what a disaster!

  7. Taking bets on how many similar discussions about what is happening to our country is taking place among our able Republican elected representatives. Because surely this is on their minds.

  8. Every time we’ve traveled outside the US, upon our return we’ve had to go through long lines at airports and cruise ports to re-enter. Our passports are scrutinized and we’re asked questions about what we purchased abroad. It’s a major hassle for us US CITIZENS, but these illegals seem to suddenly just appear inside our border by the thousands. It’s bizarre and we really resent it that our government does nothing to stop it.

    The National Guard should be mobilized along the border to stop them from crossing in the first place. We’re being invaded and this is a war being waged against our country.

    1. Normally I would agree. But this smells of a manufactured controlled purposeful crisis and the last thing I would want to see right now is this President calling out the national guard

  9. Here is something that Obammy would really know about besides golf. He released the top “Taliban Fund Raisers”, now they can really get some cash. Will they show up in Hollywood, Columbia U, Chicago?

  10. This is OT. It might interest some of you. Islam/Christianity … and all that is operating in the world today. And some of you may know that the Pope has decided a day of Islamic Prayer would be good. It comes from a book blog that I read.
    Books of Note

    CBD brings to my attention G K Chesterton’s novel The Flying Inn. Published in 1914, it is set in a future Islamicized England, where the British Army had been decisively beaten by the Turks. The result of this inglorious defeat is that shari’a law is now being imposed on the entire country. There’s an extensive write-up about it on Daniel Pipes’ blog. Free versions are available, too.


    Here is a link to the free book The Flying Inn. Click and turn pages. Easy peasy

    And here is the link to the Pipes commentary. Some interesting stuff on Chrislam also.

    hat tip AOS Sunday Morning Book thread

  11. Sundays are reading days for me. And there is certainly a lot to read about current events.

    That said, what we have is chaos. Some of us know chaos. After the initial frenzy it is always best for me to sit back and assess and focus. Because even in chaos there is a way out. But if you continue to struggle without purpose in a panic — say for instance if you are drowning and someone attempts to rescue you and you continue to flail — you both could drown.

    Now we are in opposition. And we are flailing. And the sad fact is our rescuer, the Republican Party is also flailing. They are either Vichy or fighting internally like Mensheviks — fractured. And then there some like the Jeff Sessions, the Mike Lees, the Scott Walkers who are capable and can see a path.

    But our system to correction is slow and cumbersome. The ship is large to turn around. And the foe is swift, free of the norms or conventional rules of war. It is kind of like Vietnam or fighting terrorists. Good and decent people (and some cowards, greedy people and the lazy) are reluctant to engage this way. Understandable.

    Perhaps faith and persistence. But faith without action — futile. History is replete with David and Goliath.

    This is a rant. But I will give a shout out to Star — she who often says and I am paraphrasing — yeah, but we are preaching to the choir what are we going to do.

    1. I turned on the TV started to watch a documentary about the prohibition era. Many of the politians were at the speakeasies.
      I mentioned before I don’t know what is wrong with a lot of the politians today. Is it devotion to deals made, money, position?
      Everyone, everyone has family, friends, etc that need to grow up in the mess being made. They will all ask why didn’t anyone put a stop to the chaos? Ten, twenty, thirty years or more, many people would have been at protest. Look what happened to the Tea Party. Respectful citizens attacked.

    1. From the same article:

      Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House domestic policy council, said that some of the influx may have been caused by a false rumour in some countries that children would be allowed to stay in the US.

      About this “false rumour” — I’ve got money on where it started and why.

  12. Here is link to Petition to Help AZ though i doubt that admin. will honor its own threshold for honoring petition request!!! it is at We the and it is for AZ and helping to stop the tide of illegals here. We are drowning financially from the burden of the illegals here. We need help! The sickness of the incomming, and drain on our economy and resources is unimaginable. Obama hates AZ becuase Gov. Jan Brewer stood up to him and he has never forgotten. We feel as if in Obamas eyes we are the dirt under his feet. Here is link: please pass it along!!!!!

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