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Obama Schedule || Monday, June 9, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:50 am || Meets with nurses to discuss immigration reform
1:45 pm || Delivers remarks and signs a Presidential Memorandum on reducing the burden of student loan debt; East Room
2:40 pm || Meets with governors of Western States via video teleconference; The Situation Room
4:15 pm || Welcomes the UConn men’s and women’s NCAA champion basketball teams; East Room

Live stream of briefing by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest at 12:30 pm

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        1. Not sure what it says about me, but WHD is one of the most fun things I do in the day!
          Thanks Keith for keeping us all informed and entertained. Thanks all of you guys for keeping it fun!

    1. This is where I get my political IV drip for the day.

      NOTE: Not to be confused with the political “drip” that lives in the WH.

  1. You might think he would be qualified to mete the UConn teams, after all, he is tall. OTOH, we did all witness him trying to shoot hoops. How’d that work out for him? He really is pretty useless. Anyone know a good community organizer?

    1. Possibly demeaning the western gov’s into liking his program of throwing all those illegal immigrants our way.
      “You will comply or suffer my wrath!”

  2. I’ve been checking around various news sites. So far, no mention of our Mufti in the WH calling Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi in Egypt to congratulate him.

  3. More of the same this week, with only one truly Presidential item on the agenda, Thursday’s meeting with Prime Minister Abbott of Australia. But, note how Abbot gets shoved out the door because BHO has yet another/ team to “honor”.

    And, hmm, looks like a four day weekend playing golf in Palm Springs (with Moochelle tagging along, and probably the kids too, which means that they’ll have all their usual buddies tagging along. The men play golf while the wives and kids do whatever they do. Same old, same old):

    Schedule for the Week of June 9, 2014

    On Monday, the President will host an event on education at the White House. Later in the afternoon, the President will welcome the NCAA Champion UConn Huskies Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams to honor the teams and their 2014 NCAA Championships.

    On Tuesday, the President will take to Tumblr in an event at the White House moderated by Tumblr Founder and CEO David Karp. The President will deliver remarks and answer questions from folks across the country on the importance of education, college affordability, and reducing student loan debt.

    On Wednesday, President Obama will travel to Worcester, Massachusetts to deliver the commencement address at the Worcester Technical High School graduation ceremony. The President will also attend a DSCC event in the Boston area. Following the event, the President will return to Washington, DC.

    On Thursday, the President will hold a bilateral meeting Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia at the White House; the Vice President will also attend. The two leaders will discuss a range of issues of mutual interest, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Australia’s leadership of the G-20 this year, the future of Afghanistan, and the growing bilateral defense relationship, including the rotation of U.S. Marines through Darwin. They will also address some of the most serious security issues that confront both Australia and the United States, including Syria, Russia’s actions in Ukraine, North Korea, and the security and stability of the Asia Pacific region. In the afternoon, the President will welcome the WNBA Champion Minnesota Lynx to the White House to honor the team and their victory in the WNBA Finals.

    On Friday, the President and the First Lady will travel to the Cannonball, North Dakota area to visit the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. Following their visit to Indian Country, the President and the First Lady will travel to Palm Springs, CA.

    On Saturday, the President will deliver the commencement address at University of California, Irvine on the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the UC Irvine campus by President Lyndon B. Johnson. UC Irvine does outstanding work at the undergraduate and graduate level in science and research, humanities, and professional studies, and the President looks forward to speaking with the graduates in June. Following these events, he will return to Palm Springs, CA. The President and the First Lady will return to Washington, D.C on Monday.

    1. Nice…set up a graduation address in Irvine so that we all could pay for his golf weekend in Palm Springs. And with Mooch and the kids, that probably means an extra 20 people will be tagging along and mooching off the American people,,,,again.

  4. Of course, nurses are in the forefront of immigration reform and should be great consultants on this horrendous issue. Why just yesterday, a flock of nursing trainees were seen helping the poor, misunderstood illegal aliens over the border fence in SE Arizona. As they flopped to the ground from the 15ft fence, the nurse trainees rushed to slap bandaids on their owies then gave each survivor a bottle of water and an Obamacare application (in Spanish, of course)..

    Before he talks with those pesky Repubs from the western states, MrO will change the financial rules governing college loans to such an extent that it will take a team of Philadelphia CPA’s to figure it out. Knowing that college students aren’t very bright and only hear certain words, it won’t matter than these changes won’t mean a hill of beans for their future, but will sound like he really really cares about them.

    Later, as the Preezy talks with the Governors of Texas and Arizona about the humanitarian crisis he alone created with his bone-headed immigrations policy, he’ll find a way to make it GWBush’s fault or the fault of all the ‘racist’ people in Arizona who have been known to lynch, beat, or just be mean to all the poor, misunderstood illegal aliens that are camping out in the SW states asking for their Obamaphones and some of MrO’s stash.

    Topping off a most vexing day of work in the WhiteHouse is a visit with some happy athletes who took time away from their agent’s meetings to visit the President because he looks just like them and pretends that he coulda been a contenda, too.
    IMO, of course..

    1. laughing.. you posted about Nurses just as I looked for the 3rd time to see if that is what was on the schedule.. and then made my post.

      Still making no sense at all.. Nurses? Maybe next, barbed wire makers.

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one wondering what nurses have to do with immigration reform. Perhaps he’ll be advising them to prepare for future epidemics, when the illegals infect the good citizens of the United States.

        1. Lots of nurses work with Medicaid health plans. When I worked at an AZ AHCCCS plan, nurses bribed pregnant ‘kids’ into seeing their ob gyn with a Walmart gift card for each dr appointment they went to. …went to in their free taxi ride because a bus ride is too much to expect them to put up with.
          Geese, I am still smoldering over the extreme care they get, as it is their entitlement!

    2. “Of course, nurses are in the forefront of immigration reform and should be great consultants on this horrendous issue.

      Just what I was thinking. That’s just an unbelievably DUMB item on his schedule. And, even worse, they are probably flying the nurses to DC (all expenses paid) for what will basically be a photo op.

  5. Ok,,,, can anyone explain – Meets with nurses to discuss immigration reform?

    Nurses??? Immigration?? Is that like asking medical Doctors to come and and discuss Global Warming?

    1. Apparently there is concern about diseases spreading. But pretty sure Asshat will make it all about caring for the children.

      Most likely these are hispanic nurses with Spanish language fluency.

        1. Tucson was struggling with getting suitable Somali nurse help, as we have a large section of town devoted to the Somali refugees.

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  7. Keith, Thanks for the open thread. Kind of you. Good stuff from everybody.

    A Presidential Memo — Obama rides alone again. Nurses — for the illegal immigration hell holes he created as a smoke screen and to twist the knife in Jan Brewers’ back. Probably telling the Western governors of some new federal land grab or restricted state access to something federal. And finally another sports recognition — crickets on the men who fought and died for Bergdahl — or their families. But Go UConn.

    And what no update on the welfare of the Obama Five.

  8. Nurses? It should be the little men in white jackets. Obama has finally flipped out…and dropped out. The Ship of State is on cruise control – iceberg ahead!

    Why the wealthy Republican stronghold of Orange County CA and the nearly zero population of Blacks? And he’s bringing MOOCH, of all things. MOOCH – she who snubbed the Chinese prez and his wife at the Annenberg estate last year – while Barry brought his choom gang to invade the playground where Kings and Queens and the creme de le creme of High Society once gathered.

    It’s going to be a long, hot summer! The Grifters are on the move!

    1. I am so ill reading that he will be in my old neighborhood. Well not exactly but Huntington Beach.. And Anaheim and Irvine I worked in both for many years. Mooch will be in Fascist Island no doubt.

    2. No joke. Palm Springs this week, another week and a half at the Vineyard later on…

      Frankly, I hope the Russians or Chicoms start stirring it up while King Barry is funning it up in the Vineyahhhhhd. They’ll be showing side-by-sides on the news of Putin in full uniform on one side, and on the other, King Barry on a girly bike, wearing mom jeans and a Spongebob helmet.

      That actually explains two things, come to think of it: why Barry had to come out in support of gay marriage, and why he has a dog. It’s becoming obvious that there are already two, erm, “cats” in the president’s bedroom.

  9. Cannon Ball is in the middle of the great North Dakota nowhere. Closest airport that can handle a jet is Bismarck, I think, and I’m not sure if it can handle Chair Farce One. Nearest Air Force base proper is Minot, I think.

    Minot would be interesting–they’ve made mistakes there involving nuclear weapons. Nothing fatal, of course–there’s just been a lot of incompetence over the years that luckily hasn’t gotten anyone killed just yet.

  10. He is meeting with nurses to discuss immigration??
    I tried serching for information on this issue.
    I pulled up Drudge: Headline at moment:
    1. America struggles with surge in child migration.
    2. Judge: “The government has simply chosen not to enforce border security laws”
    3. Feds drop planeloads of illegals in El Paso.
    4. Hundreds more shipped to Arizona.
    5. Memo: 230,000 children expected over two years.
    6, Growing concern over diseases.
    7. No end in sight for dropping policy.
    8. White House launches program to provide lawyers.
    9. Officers diverted from handling crimes.
    10.Cruz: Obama ‘lawlessness’ responisible for crises.
    11. Cantor: Time to stike deal.
    Instead of meeting with Western Governers by teleconference, he should be on that congerence with the mayor of the cities that these illegals are being dropped off. Better yet he can ride a donkey there to
    save money and meet with the mayors and the citizens as well.
    Better yet he can stand at the border and explain to all these people that you are not suppose to do this.

  11. “2:40 pm || Meets with governors of Western States via video teleconference; The Situation Room”

    I sure hope that Jan Brewer is invited and that she rips him a new a$$hole….and tapes it…then posts it for all to see.

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