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Obama Heads to the Links

President Obama is playing golf today at Fort Belvoir with three of his usual crew, White House aides Marvin Nicholson and Joe Paulsen and Michelle Obama food guru Sam Kass.

It’s his 18th time playing this year and outing No. 175 of his presidency.

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    1. I wondered about that. Love the kids, but hate the reason they’re being used. Who’s listening the angst that’s AZ’s Jan Brewer? Or that “war hero” John McCain? Oh wait, nevermind.

      1. Take a close look Denise. I admire your empathy and good soul but I am not at all certain that these are all “kids”.

          1. I have no ill will towards McCain, but he’s really disappointed me over the years. Supported him/PALIN in 2008. But he let me down then too. He really needs to retire.

          2. OK–others on this list feel the same…Yet we are all about the vets. This man has dedicated his life to service. I respect him for it. Everyone has a diff opinion. We sure look to him to comment or take up a cause, don’t we–and if he doesn’t go our way, we have a fit. Let’s call it love hate–or I suppose for some, loathe-hate.

      2. I live in Tucson. Local news shows all ages emerging from those buses. Brewer supposedly sent 0 a letter, haven’t seen what she said though.

      3. Jan Brewer should put them all back on buses and have them driven to Washington, DC and dropped off in front of the WH. Does the federal government really have this much power? What happened to states rights?

        1. Nobody’s really covering this (coughMSMcough) from what I’ve heard these kids are war orphans from Central/South America and Mexico doesn”t want them.

          I just wonder why nobody knows who they are.

          1. And I wonder how they all thought to come here en masse — was there a big ole Uncle Barry Wants You recruitment ad running? And who is co ordinating their movements and determining where they go and why — and illegals and criminals are being released from jails as well.

            We are talking upwards of 60,000 people I heard. Their parents left them. Like my grandfather left my grandmother , my father and his sisters until he was established somewhat, their papers were in order and they could come .

        2. how ’bout delivering them to their own embassies and/or consulates? or better yet, Mexico’s. I cannot imagine they made a 1000-mile trek w/o Mexico’s help.

        3. I think, after the finger waving incident, 0 threatened or found some ‘dirt’ on Brewer & she was put in her place leaving her to put up & shut up.
          Butt I agree, bus them all to DC.

          1. Actually Sadie, I am sorry. I was on the fly and making a huge leap and a bad joke that could easily be misunderstood — with something you didn’t intend. So, apologies.

          2. Thanks Star and Sadie — It’s all just getting to be a bridge too far with Obama — the norms are askew. Must be that fundamental transformation thing — you know the one that made him king and us serfs.

    1. Thank you for a laugh, after reading that he is golfing, instead of being behind the desk getting caught up. He had time to sleep, relax on the plane.
      He thinks he is the only person who has a busy schedule. He does not understand that a lot of people go for days, and keep going if needed. Like a doctor.

    1. Am sure he slept like a baby on WH Air…

      Funny, I was just looking to see if he had returned this morning… golf is always near the top of his weekend agenda.

        1. He spends no time with the Mooch and the Moochettes. Gone all week and then out with the boys. What a hopeless, immature sap. He’ll take a nap when he gets off the links.

    1. ………..Denise, I’ll bet he had a real job, put time in and earned the right to play golf three times a week…..or maybe he is a golf pro? ;) or aspires to be one.

      1. My husband retired from the Marines after 30 years, so we certainly know about those military golf courses Obama keeps throwing the troops off of on the weekends. Those golf courses stay open only because of the graduated fees charged the troops/officers, or fundraising tournaments to KEEP them open.

        I really hate Obama plays on the military bases, they must be losing money shutting down for him and his pals.

  1. Isn’t it some kind of sacrilege that he did not go with Michelle to Maya Angelou’s service today? Guess he had to rest up for golf after his trying, tiresome, gum-chomping D-Day obligations….

    1. My cousin called me after watching the idjit during the ceremonies in Normandy. I thought she was going to have an aneurysm, she was that livid. She couldn’t fathom that the press was nonplussed by the putz. Her computer is down, so I read and translated a few bon mots from the French on twitter to assuage her soul a tad.

    2. Or Michelle didn’t got to Paris with him?

      Oprah, a true friend of Maya, was there too today. MO’s probably networking for her talk show deal in 2016. I doubt she was there for Maya.

  2. Dis to the Angelou family, but we will not hear a peep. Cred to Michelle for going, but could you picture the chat between the two of them last night? Honey i worked so hard this week, do I HAVE to go to the memorial? Imagine the outcry from the Black community if Bush sent Laura And he went to his Lily white golf club to catch some bro laxing?

    Jusy sayin….


    1. …and she said, okay, you don’t have to go, since I didn’t go to D-Day like the rest of the wives. But I’d better not hear you have been on the golf course.

      Later that day… O says, Michelle, honest, I didn’t know I was on the golf course until I saw it in the news later…..

      1. What she said at the service was worse. She said her mother never cares what she does. When her mother asked if she would go to the funeral she said she had to check her schedule. I am sorry — but I do not understand her need to show disrespect to her mother or Ms. Angelou.

    1. Or this: “MY government didn’t need approval from Congress” re prisoner swap.
      This is not YOUR govt little man. You need a history lesson.

    1. Those ought to be mass produced. I don’t care–let the Chinese make them in their gulags, I’d still buy them.

    1. Yikes! Did you hear that rant by one of the owners? He said that anyone who didn’t run his horse in all three races was a coward. Well, excuse me, but shouldn’t the owners make the best decision for their horse?

      1. Yikes… is right! His wife even tried to quiet him down but he wouldn’t stop. I was going to say he is a ‘horse’s arse’, but that would be insulting his gorgeous thoroughbred.

      2. In theory…but if the champion must finish first in all three races, while challengers can come and go (read that: rest up) as they please, we may never see another Triple Crown winner.


        It’s like finishing first in the swim and the bike ride at a triathlon, only to discover a long-distance runner at the start of the run who’d sat out the previous stages.

        I agree, in theory, that the Triple Crown should be the same field, throughout. Skip the Derby, you can’t run the Preakness; skip the Preakness, and you can’t run the Belmont.

        The last ten Belmont winners did not compete in the Preakness. Consider: the prize for this year’s Belmont winner was about $620,000. If you owned a horse, and you knew you could make an easy 620 grand by keeping your horse out of the first two races, and then waltzing into New York to play spoiler, wouldn’t you try it?

        1. Actually, no, I wouldn’t. I’m a horse lover. That’s what is so special about Triple Crown winners: they only appear once or twice in a lifetime. If I had a horse who I knew was better at the longer Belmont Stakes run, I would save him for that and not be greedy and wear him out before then. IMHO that man ran California Chrome to the ground just so that HE could be a winner and make oodles of money.

          1. At this point, there are nearly two decades’ worth of high school yearbooks that are dedicated to students who never saw a Triple Crown winner in their lifetimes, not even once.

            Just sayin’….

    1. The conservative blogs are covering it, and it has gone worldwide on Twitter and in the overseas press. I even saw a photo of him spitting it out in his hand.

        1. He should really watch that old movie The Man Who Would Be King — Sean Connery, Michael Cain. All about that god king thing.

    1. If memory serves President Bush stopped playing golf out of respect for the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  3. All the illegals have to do is get the kids across the border and it is our federal policy to unite them with their relatives already here in the U.S.
    So, one step and kiddie gets a tax-payer ride to a new home and a chance to become a Dreamie.

    I doubt that many are orphans — that’s likely the next boohoo card to be played by the amnesty crowd.

    1. Exactly, Anonna. It’s de facto family reunification. Once the kiddies are here, the freebies start rolling in – everything from soup to nuts.

    1. It’s not even 9 to 5 on week days. If you don’t see it on his ‘public’ Daily Schedule, it’s ‘personal time’ that he doesn’t have to account for. And most of his sparse public schedule is silly stuff – welcoming sports teams or ambassadorship ceremonies or science fairs. Anything that requires a photo op.

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  5. Fun Fact of the day: Michelle Obama’s food guru, Sam Kass, is known as Sam Kissass among the White House employees. Apparently his chef skills are far outweighed by his toadying skills. He is so shameless that I’ll bet he runs behind Dictator Obama’s golf cart carrying his Dear Leader’s golf bag just so he’ll be invited on these taxpayer funded golf outings.

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