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Israeli Opposition Leader: Bibi “Loathes” Barack

Israeli Labor Party Chairman Isaac Herzog let the cat fully out of the bag Friday night, charging that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “loathes” President Obama, according to the Times of Israel.

It’s been pretty clear that the two are not best of pals. But the suggestion by a fellow Israeli leader that the enmity goes very deep adds credibility to suspicions that the relationship is worse than the White House portrays.

According to the Israeli newspaper:

Formally Israeli and American leaders have generally insisted that the two work together professionally. Obama took pains to speak of “my friend Bibi,” using the prime minister’s nickname, when he visited Israel last year, and Netanyahu reciprocated by calling him “my friend Barack.”

For a figure as prominent as Herzog to use Israel’s most-watched news program to declare that the prime minister loathes the US president was unprecedented.

Netanyahu is said to be outraged by the recent U.S. announcement that it would maintain relations with the interim Palestinian unity government – and keep providing it funds – even though it includes Hamas, recognized the United States as a terrorist organization.

According to The Guardian:

Netanyahu, had asked Washington not to rush into recognizing the technocratic government, which is backed by two key Palestinian factions, Fatah and the Islamist group Hamas. He said on Tuesday he was “deeply troubled” by the decision.

Other ministers allied with Netanyahu described the announcement by US state department spokeswoman Jen Psaki that the US “will work with this government” in far harsher terms.

“Unfortunately, American naivety has broken all records. Any collaboration with Hamas – which kills women and children – is unacceptable,” said the communications minister, Gilad Erdan, who is considered close to Netanyahu.

Of course, the Israelis are most concerned that Obama is on his way to laying the groundwork for an Iranian nuclear weapon. I think that’s what Erdan is talking about when he describes American “naivety.”

Would Obama ever go to war alongside Netanyahu is it came to that? I can’t imagine it. And probably neither can the Iranians.

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  1. “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”
    – B. Hussein Obama

    The quote explains most to all of his decisions.

    1. That definitively explains the release of the Obama 5, allowing the development of Iran’s nuclear bomb, the bleeding of our military and the destruction of America via “fundamental change”.
      Any doubt that Obama is a Muslim has been removed from my mind. Call me crazy.
      Sadie nails it today in Obama’s own words.

      1. This issue of 5 TERRORIST being released has not been discussed as much (aready) on the news.
        This is a major mistake.
        Imagine: Hilter being caught and jailed. Than Hitler being released. Why? Any reason, pick one. I can’t think of any reason what so ever for releasing him, as well as the 5 TERRORIST!
        I do apologize for stating the following again:
        They could have at least tried to find his location with all the spys & secret service. If they did know the location they could have at least tried to get him home.
        All those years that the military fought, died and were injured, and now find out: We are going to trade them.
        Not to mention they promised they would be good. They promised to stay put. They promised not to discuss any horrific things, or plans, etc. Well that is just dandy.
        Now all types of people could be in danger because of the
        5 major Terrorist being released.
        Can you imagine the pathetic laughing they were doing when they were having dinner that evening?

          1. And yet, curiously, it has not.

            The meme is that the Obama Five have promised to be good little boys and stay put and the rest of their crowd is making similar mewing noises as well.

            Because you do know that there is a negotiating process toward a peace that is going on here. Big important government to terrorist stuff. All hush hush and such.

          2. Then we need to retweet it/email it/post it to our reps. I posted it to a FB page, I hope the libs on it puke their guts out.

          3. Good on you. Perhaps it will get more coverage.

            We have to stop putting our heads in the sand about who these people are and what they are capable of. The idea of a President releasing these men while we still have men fighting against them is just outrageous. A small force with a big old Kidnap Me sign on their backs.

            When I saw that picture I thought immediately of Daniel Pearl. Unlikely 1 in 20 people in the US remember him.

            And Obama/Holder foot dragging on that Marine in Mexico while our borders are open to everything and every one who can crawl across it — unconscionable.

            Oh what the hell. I could write and wail until the goats come home and not much is going to happen unless the powers that be in the system take action. And all indications are, they will not.

          4. I thought of Daniel Pearl as well. The difference between us and them is that we “pay attention” and they “pay no mind” to anything at all.

            The important thing is not to stop ranting and to constantly remind the “mindless” as if they had a learning disability, which for all intensive purposes, they do.

            Silence and complacency is not an option.

    1. “only” 65% of Jewish voters went for Obama the second time around. you have to remember, most American Jews are liberals, with Jewishness coming in a distant second. also it would be very hard for Jews who are (rightly) proud of our part in the civil rights movement of the 1960s to vote against a black president.

      1. I should add that it wasn’t hard for ME not to vote for Obama, especially the second time. it was pretty clear that his second-term plans were not going to be good for Israel OR America.

        1. It is so sad that the color of his skin plays such an important role in how people voted. But we all know that to be true!

    2. Are you placing your question for Israelis to answer? Many U.S. Jews are Democrats, habit voters for the Democrat Party. Israelis could never be that stupid. Many American Jews don’t mind being taken for granted by the Democrats, they keep coming back for more abuse though they aren’t really ignorant people.
      They are the Democrat Party’s “useful idiots” until they prove otherwise. That’s sad commentary for a Jewish people that has fought for freedom throughout its difficult history.

  2. Anyone that believes that our cultural values are set by age six, as I do, knows that Barrack Obama is a Muslim. You do not go to school in Indonesia, carrying the Koran under your arm and wearing a state provided uniform, as Obama did, NOT be a Muslim.

  3. And Herzog loathes Bibi for not joining the international community – thereby isolating Israel. Stay strong, Bibi. Most of the international community would like to wipe Israel off the map, too. It’s not just Hamas.
    It won’t be long before the U.S. rids itself of the commies that have infiltrated – Obama, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, et al.
    Stay strong until we have a new leader who WILL watch your back!

  4. Remember those records we have not seen yet.
    I would love to see someone’s history class records.
    He must have been on the beach during each class.

  5. As far as Bibi is concerned, Obama couldn’t care less. He’s having too much fun with his post-presidency agenda.

    Bring me a bunch of ‘interesting Italians’ said the prez to the Italian Ambassador as he was luxuriating at the 14th C. ambassadorial
    villa in March.

    The country be damned! Obama is going to spend the next 2.5 years
    Dialing it In ! He’s had enough but he won’t pick up his toys and leave. You are only President once – and he’s going to savor the next 2.5 years – on our dime!

      1. Barry not only doesn’t care about the United States or its citizens, he is actively working to undermine everything good and noble for which the USA stands.

  6. this person, obama, is a devout muslim with a marxist mentality he
    and his wife have absolute disdain for what America represents and
    his ultimate plan is to break this country, first financially and than
    morally. his intent is evil and unless the republicans grow a spine and
    call him out verbally and challenge his imperialistic ideas, there will
    be no free America. he is a habitual liar in all aspects following the
    lead of his mentors. at this point I would hope that a 6th of May is being considered with a military coup.

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  9. Obama loathed Netanyahu long before the headline became “Netanyahu loathes Obama.” Obviously, Netanyahu sees the same characteristics that Putin also sees. Both Netanyahu and Putin love their country’s and their people. What they do is for their people. They must have taken an oath which to them, was far more than window dressing, something to be gotten over with. which I believe was Obama’s reaction to any possible seriousness of swearing to prtect and uphold

  10. Netanyahu was despised long before anyone got the idea that Netanyahu loathes Obama. Politics is a bitter business, I think Herzog goes too far to discredit Netanyahu, no one should be fomenting discord in such a small nation in its very surrounded position.
    Along the lines of “loathing,” Netanyahu must see the same characteristics in Obama that Putin loathes. Both Netanyahu and Putin love their countries, Obama not. Both men want to protect their nations, this goes farther than a political election and Herzog, as able as he could possibly be, is dividing Israelis for the sake of political power. What about Israel? Is it just a piece of unthreatened land with nothing to concern its people, but to elect politicians?
    I hope its people see the vicious politics for what they are. They’re detrimental to national unity.

  11. The way our president treats his alleys and his enemies, I can surely understand why Prime Minister BB doesn’t like President Obama.

  12. Dear Knesset member Herzog,

    “In a bitter verbal assault on the prime minister, you Isaac Herzog slammed the prime Minister for failing to listen to the international community, failing to present peace proposals of his own for an accord with the Palestinians, and failing to work properly with Obama.”
    Sir, John Kerry is a fool, even more than Hillary Clinton and that is hard to do, and far as Barry Sotero, aka Barak Hussein Obama, including several other aliases is an Islamic sympathizer and a JEW HATER, especially the Jews that occupy Israel. America has NEVER had a president like this and you want the Prime Minister to make peace “at any cost” with a group of barbarians that only want to slaughter Jews and use Taqiyya against anyone they proclaim an infidel. With all due respect Mr. Herzog, why don’t you resign and move to Ramallah to be with your brothers and suffer a tithe and Dhimmitude!
    I’ll have to admit that no one does more to undermine Israel than some of its own people on the Left. They make the betrayal of Julius Caesar seem like an everyday event. Can you name another nation on the planet whose ministers and elected officials consider placating the dark whims of Barack Hussein Obama “smart politics” and an essential facet of a winning foreign policy? You can’t because there is none. Astounding stupidity, treachery, and dementia rolled into one. No wonder so many Israelis et al. support Netanyahu simply because all the alternatives like you are far worse in comparison.

    And on another issue related to the new Hamas/PLO “unity government,” here’s a suggestion: If Bibi and his gang are really serious about making the Fakestinians pay for their unholy alliance, they’d destroy a PA facility in Judea and Samaria every time a rocket from Gaza is fired at Israel. You can only make peace from a position of strength not weakness. There are only two parties in a conflict, the victor and the vanquished! What do you want to be Mr. Herzog? Japan and Germany are peaceful now after the Allies vanquished them. Do you really want to be another fool like Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin? All of this mess wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the moronic Oslo Accords, forced by another idiot President Jimmy “the peanut” Carter. Those two were quislings and I assume you want to follow them to perdition. The left, which you are part of suffers from major mental disorders. Leftist UnJews all have a lemming gene, so try to overcome you DNA genetic errors for the greater good of Israel and the Jewish people.


  13. HEY, join the crowd Mr. Netanyahu the American people with a modicum of intelligence already despise our fearless LOSER of a PRESIDENT!!!

    He is the biggest damned liar since I don’t know when, he and his MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD pals are doing a fine job of screwing up the world!!!!


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