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Grimes’s Inauthentic Authenticity

As you may know, Democrat Allison Lundergan Grimes, 35, is challenging GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his seat. She’s trying, desperately, to run away from President Obama, particularly his anti-coal environmental agenda.

Of course, if Bluegrass voters are worried about their coal industry, they’d be badly mistaken switching a Republican seat for a Democratic one and possibly keeping the Senate in Democratic hands.

Grimes, who grew up in politics, not in a coal mine, got smoked out Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe for┬áthe insincerity of her messaging.

They have a lot of fun with it. It’s pretty amusing. Have a look.

19 thoughts on “Grimes’s Inauthentic Authenticity”

  1. The MSNBC crowd was very mean to this poor woman.
    Really, did they ever see a photo of a real American coal-miner? They have that look about the eyes of one who spends every day deep in the bowels of earth, their skin is not tanned or rosy, but darkened by coal dust, and they live knowing their lives are one loose rock away from being snuffed out.
    The present day coal miners are the descendants of the original American revolutionaries and carry a deep-seated fear and resentment of a centralized government.
    I know.

      1. My ex used to work with miners digging the NY water tunnels–they prob would not want to be in a brochure. I remember one father and two sons he talked about–Ace, Deuce and Trey. Not cover boys.

  2. Ugh, campaign season ! First time I’ve heard from Mark Warner in 6 years letting me know he cares about Virginia and me! Now send money!

    Meanwhile, how has Warner towing Obama’s party line going? Or any other Democrat? Looking at you too GOP. All of a sudden McCain and Graham are growing a pair? Nope, ain’t buying that either.

    1. As a non-affiliated voter, I lost interest in this race once McConnell won the primary. I don’t want to see him be Senate Majority Leader, and I hope the Republicans can make it up somewhere else, but I don’t care if Lundgren beats him. He has been very vocal about stamping out the Tea Party Conservatives and is now leading an establishment GOP drive to get that senile old fool, Thad Cochran, who has unbelievably voted with OBAMA on so many issues, re-elected in the run-off in MS on the 24th.

    2. Oh McCain – ugh. He only visits So Az at election time, spewing how great he is & telling us he IS going to built a border fence.
      Too late dude, they are pouring in by the bus load & plane load from TX these past two weeks.
      I can’t but surmise that Jan Brewer is being messed with by 0bama for that finger wave a few years ago…

  3. I do appreciate the point to hypocrisy and attempt at levity on your part Keith.

    But I am just too angry . What can be even remotely funny about bankrupting the coal industry and subjecting Americans to onerous burdens by the petty tyrants of the EPA. How stupid that we discourse on this level and not policy and what is actually happening.

    This past week surely has tried men’s souls — the horrible release of the terrorists Obama Five in exchange for a deserter who the ever failing upwards Susan Rice deemed honorable and having served with distinction; the hypocrisy of our gum chewing President at Normandy who gave a speech to veterans past and present who deserve so much better and had just accepted a resignation and declared the VA mistreatment and resulting deaths as one and done, and who has sanctioned the in contempt of Congress Eric Holder to encourage the unchecked swarming of illegals across our purposely unsecured and undefended borders and then transport throughout the country and now support them with a federal grant.

    An absolute lawless rogue administration deserving of sweeping impeachments.

    So, in the words of General Creighton Abrams, I say “They’ve got us surrounded again. Poor bastards”.

    For your amusement and some good bad ass fighting words see the link ‘ cause I got nuthin’ else except to remember the words of those who loved and fought for this country.

      1. Good question…but we need to keep up the interest at least until Nov. election. I would vote for almost anyone to get Harry Reid out as Majority leader. I cannot fathom how any thinking person can stand to listen to anything that comes out of his mouth!

    1. I read on Drudge this morning that Putin was going to check his borders.
      What does O do. Transport people who crossed our border and drop them off in a different state.
      This is not safe. It is not healthy for us.

  4. (Srdem65’s comment is spot on!)
    Tis the silly season. Funnily enough, the Grimes campaign caught the ‘Ukranian’ mistake on the template before it went to press and replaced it with a stock photo from an American photographer and an American model.

    As far as ‘inauthenticity’ goes…’s Joe Scarborough, not Ms Grimes. What a phony!

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