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Video || Obama Marks D-Day on Omaha Beach

Here is a portion of Obama’s remarks earlier this morning.

17 thoughts on “Video || Obama Marks D-Day on Omaha Beach”

  1. I wonder how many WWII veterans survived survived such amazing battles only to be defeated by a fake list by indifferent leaders.

      1. After watching President Reagan’s speech. For respect of the Veterens today I turned on O’s speech, (MUTE) only to see the Veterans.

  2. Compare O’s speech to Reagan’s….O needs a teleprompter and the Presidential Dias and Reagen went with note cards and a simple podium…who do you think was more confident in his leadership ability???

  3. I’ve seen more than a few tweets this morning that if Obama really cared about the WWII vets, he wouldn’t have fake-sequester closed the WWII memorial last year. He showed his TRUE colors then and today’s speech was nothing more than others have said, an empty suit, shouting, as if talking louder makes the words more important.

  4. I watched about 5 seconds. D-Day is his Olympic teleprompter Decathlon event – he must be exhausted. When are the Gold Medal presentations?

  5. The Daily Mail has stunning and moving coverage of the D-Day anniversary. England’s representatives Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip
    Prince Charles and Camilla and William and Kate also PM Cameron and
    his wife. Where was the First Lady? If those brave men who are in their
    90’s can make so should she shameful and embarrassing.

  6. This will warm your heart.

    Bernard’s Great Escape: D-Day veteran, 89, who was reported missing by care home staff is found in Normandy – after escaping to join his former comrades

    1. That was such a great story! I assume the nursing home refused to let him go due to health reasons. Kudos to his buddies or whoever helped him on the trip.

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