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Video || Michelle Tries to Get Barack Out of Bed

We all know President Obama has trouble crawling out of bed in the morning, like all people who lack discipline, wander around late into the night, and then can’t quite start the day. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t roll into the Oval until 9:30 am or so at the earliest.

Meanwhile, Bush, who was ridiculed by Democrats for knocking off work at 6 pm, actually started at the office some twelve hours earlier, at around 6:00 am

But we didn’t realize things were this bad. In this video obtained by White House Dossier, the first lady tries everything to get the president out of bed. But it’s futile.

13 thoughts on “Video || Michelle Tries to Get Barack Out of Bed”

      1. Indeed. And although there are some growls, they are play, and the pooch in general just seems to have a sunnier disposition than the mooch.

    1. Heck, if Mooch came after me I’d be cowering under the bed too. Yikes. And first thing in the morning — no wonder the man can barely get to the office before noon. Well, not really — that’s laziness.

  1. Not many people know this, but I speak Dog.
    Allow me to translate:
    Human; get off the bed
    Dog: bite me
    Human: it’s not your bed
    Dog; says who?
    Human; it’s time to go outside
    Dog: don’t let me stop you
    Dog: can’t I get any peace around here?

  2. Hey Keith,
    You work in the “WH press corps”. You MUST know the stories & rumors about Obama’s REAL ‘Daily Schedule’…
    -How Obama will never wake up before 8:00AM EST?
    -All those EMPTY hours in his ‘Daily Schedule’?
    -What Obama does most of the day if he is not reading a teleprompter?
    -Who Obama REALLY meets with every day (that Jarret)?

    So many questions that We lowly Citizens have about this ‘Obama White House’, that I know will never be answered…

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