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Reagan? Who’s That Dude?

Yes, let’s throw some more money at education. It’s really working out great.

And let’s make sure everyone goes to college, even these kids, who should instead be moving immediately into the cashier profession. Instead, Obama wants to make sure they’re in debt for advanced schooling, and that taxpayers are covering a bunch of their college costs too.

I’m sure these sweet young things are well versed in the various groups, countries, animals, and ecosystems that have been oppressed by the United States. Please, someone give them a couple of serious history and civics lessons before the country goes slurping and swirling down the drain!

I’m willing to be that the young men who landed on Normandy 70 years ago today knew in which decade Woodrow Wilson was president. Imagine, even before we had a Department of Education.

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  1. Think about this. Obama is praising the WWII vets in Normandy today. Holding them up high as the heroes they are.

    Just 8 months ago he erected Barrycaids around their open air WWII War Memorial in Washington DC. Some traveled for days to get there as it may have been their last chance to do so. and Obama prevented them for that desire for petty juvenile political purposes to “make it hurt”.

    1. Thank you for that reminder. The list of attrocities has become so long, unless reminded, it is easy to overlook some of them.

  2. When I was growing up I was blessed with having my 4 grandparents and older aunts and uncles. As all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles talk I would sit around them inbetween running around with the kids. I learned a great deal.
    My older son was blessed by being able to do the same thing with all of the same people.
    My younger son does not have his great grandparents anymore, and we don’t live near the family anymore.
    So I have a busy time telling him all the true stories by myself.
    One thing that doesn’t help the young, is the fact that the old movies we had to watch are no longer on TV. So if you got bored in a semester at school, you at least could see an old movie and contect to what that teacher was saying in class.
    By the way I went shopping this morning, and looked for at least one Vet from WWII that I could salute to. No luck
    So I will again here at WHD: Salute the Vets. God Bless!

    Need I say more…!!!
    -If YOU (…Im looking at YOU todays College kids…) are TOO STUPID/CLUESS/IGNORANT to pass a Basic ‘US History/Politics/Civics’ Test… YOU SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO “vote” IN A “US Election”.

    1. LSpook; Back in the day when dinosaurs roamed the earth, Illinois required students to pass a Constitution Test in order to graduate from 8th grade into H.S.
      As best I can recall, one had to know the 3 branches of Gov’t and their responsibilities. Where and how a bill was introduced and the steps it took before becoming law. The Bill of Rights, and a few historical dates and locations. All this was learned in 6th, 7th and 8th grade CIVICS classes. Now it’s important stuff like gender studies and global warming.

      1. I know of teacher who was teaching the wrong facts about WWII. How HItler came into power.
        She said he rolled in with his tanks….
        When a couple of students raised there hands when called on.
        They tried to explain the steps of how he came into power.
        The teacher called the principle. They were sent to the coach.
        The coach was told to give the students laps as punishment.

          1. I was a history major also and a few years back I took a stab at teaching world history in a good community college near me. I am not surprised.

            Actually I am encouraged. No one asked Reagan who?

          2. Hats off to you and Langley Spook. I loved history class. I only wish the math teachers back then could have made math as interesting. Yes I understand the old school of learning math simply hard work, but teachers could have said something in a lively way every once in a while. :)

          3. Honestly, I am not sure my kid, now 32, would know these things and I don’t want to know. She went to school–but is she educated? I don’t really think so. For one thing, she does not read for pleasure–something I consider almost the Holy Grail, even tho I must listen to my books these days.

  4. If they heard Reagan’s name in school, it was probably hissed through clenched teeth, so cut the little snowflakes some slack! They probably didn’t recognize the name when it is pronounced in a normal, respectful tone of voice.

  5. Obama To D-Day Vets At Normandy: “I Want Each Of You To Know That Your Legacy Is In Good Hands” With Me… (H/T WZ)

    What a comforting thought !! Always about HIM ! Has there ever been a more anti-military POTUS? Ever? Such hubris !

    1. Always about him and with that freaking nose up in the air like he smells something that he doesn’t like–Americans?

    2. That was a ugly comment by him.
      He also said he wanted to pass the torch.
      All Vets are respected.
      However there has been several wars since than. No one told them they were going to pass the torch for another group of soiders of another war.
      Those man today are in the late 80’s and early 90’s.
      They did not make there to hear him tell them that!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I understand that President Obama’s only job experience working in the private sector of the economy is working as a cashier at Baskin and Robbins. Perhaps the best thing that President Obama could do to stimulate the. National economy istosmall return to the private sector doing the only job that he is really qualified for, scooping and serving ice cream.

    1. He quit his job at BR b/c scooping was hurting his arm. BUT, he managed to scoop lots of free ice cream cones for his friends (choomers?) during his short employment stint.

      1. My son scooped ice cream for a summer. It is hard work and it was hurting his wrist. So he learned to scoop as a leftie and a rightie to spread the work, and we bought him a wrist support. He didn’t quit because it was hard.

  7. Both political parties depend on, rely on, these kinds of voters. All they need to capture their vote is a snazzy slogan, a pointed program that appeals to their age or status, and voila! A sure vote.

    I’m pretty savvy, political-wise, but don’t ask me who’s running Maricopa county, or the name of the country treasurer. I don’t know. I don’t know the name of my state legislator or state senator.
    I’d have to look up their names if I had a complaint or comment. I don’t even know the name of my city Mayor, or who’s on city council.
    Why? they’re not in the news, or doing anything outrageous or special that would make them memorable.
    I assume they’re doing their jobs in a careful, honest, and productive manner.
    So, I can’t say too much about those who don’t know who PresReagan was or what he did or didn’t do.

  8. I seriously fear for our future. This video, though made with a hint of comedy, almost made me cry. He is interviewing the SMART ones of our youth. Those who will most likely go on to become our political and business leaders of tomorrow. If he were to interview those from the (Growing) poverty class of our society, he would find they barely know who is the current president. Our republic has fallen. God help us…

  9. When I see Obama salute and anywhere close to a military uniform I want to vomit.If Obama was 18 and the USA was drafting for a war,his brown azz would be in Canada in a nano second.Obama is a freakin phony.God Bless America and we will survive Obama and his clan of czars and Muslims.

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