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Video || The Bergdahl Handoff Analyzed

I thought you might find this analysis of the Bergdahl transfer interesting. Mission accomplished in under a minute.

In addition to the analysis you’ll hear on the video, I’ve heard others say that the white flag and open trunks of the Taliban vehicles were both signals to the Americans that they were in the right place and things were on track.


It’s hard for me not to be angry at Bergdahl and his parents when I witness how these special ops guys risked their lives to go get someone who had apparently deserted. This would have been an obvious moment to take out a lot of our best service members.

Sure, the mission was the right things to do. We shouldn’t leave people behind, though Five-Taliban price paid was too high. And I get that Bergdahl’s dad went a little native a desperate effort to get his son back, though it’s hard to excuse his reaction to the message his son sent just before he went AWOL, when he told Bowe, “Obey your conscience.”

Given the awful price we paid – five dangerous Taliban back on the loose – and the circumstance of Bergdahl’s capture, President Obama should not have celebrated his release with a Rose Garden event.

Unless he simply wanted to toast the special forces who probably knew Bergdahl’s history and went and got him anyway.

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  1. This is a rare instance where I disagree. Once he walked off base he abandoned America and his unit. He no more deserved to be brought back than German Americans who went back to fight for der fatherland during WWII.
    The ONLY one I feel for at this point is the mother. From what I can tell she truly is the only victim in this sordid affair. The Dad is complicit in the whole mess with his “follow your conscience” b.s. to his son, effectively encouraging him to desert.
    For the past 50 years we’ve been devolving as a society as right and wrong merged closer and closer into one giant pile of moral relativism based upon feelings.
    The soldiers who served with him say it and the reported DOD report says it: Bergdahl deserted. He got what he deserved and he certainly didn’t deserve “rescue”.

    1. No argument here.

      But now he most likely will re emerge as a State Department spokesperson in service of John Kerry.

    2. The father is very suspicious to me the beard learning Pashto so
      he could talk to his son? He’s been gone 5 years I doubt he’s forgotten English I wondered if the father wasn’t living his dream
      through his son very odd. And the minute he left of his own free will he was AWOL and then most likely a deserter and perhaps
      traitor. I doubt we will ever know the truth.

      1. ~~A US Solider, with some ‘back-ground issues’ (emails to folks, comments to fellow soliders) walks off Post in a WAR ZONE…

        -US Army Intelligence & the Criminal Investigation Division (re: Pentagon) MUST have a report on Berghdal that reports/covers/investigates everything that happened hours-days-weeks-etc. after Berghdal walked off/DESERTED his Post & Unit in a War Zone.

          1. -It already sounds like Sec. of Defense Hagel & the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Dempsey (US Army) is trying to cover up-dismiss anything about Berghdahl’s past actions/reports about his DESERTION.

    3. Men died trying to rescue him.
      They were ordered to do so and they lost their lives looking for a deserter.
      A deserter is the lowest of the low.

  2. Notice that the Taliban chose a valley with high ground all around?

    Also notice the men who met the deserter were in civilian clothes? CIA? Not regular military for sure! Had to be CIA. Was one the Station cheif Obama exposed last week?
    Did the Obama regime expose the Station Chief n purpose because he would not go along with this trade?

          1. I just meant that that is “the word on the street”. I doubt we will get proof but rather that it will be buried. And so may the CIA agent: he’d better watch his back.

    1. Thanks for bringing that CIA agent up. There has been so much to review in the last several days. Has anyone given the reason why he was let go?

      1. He wasn’t “let go” at all. He HAD to leave once he was outed!

        A CRIME if anyone else did it, ask Scooter Libby.

  3. One of the commentaries I heard on this clip was about the helicopter flying off in the distance, and the symbolism of that to the tall ee bawn. That soon would all Americans be leaving and that they would not even have to deal with the corrupt Karzi government. It was now between us and them and they had won.

    Obama might just as well bring everybody home. To leave a small force will be folly

    1. IMO,….if I were CIC, I would remove all of the troops ASAP.
      Get them all back home and let the barbarians do whatever they want to.
      If they threaten this Country, we give them 24 hours notice to cease and desist.
      Or, maybe we will just surprise them.

      1. To qoute Ripley from Aliens;

        “I say we take off and Nuke the entire site from Orbit. Its the only way to be sure.”

  4. Interesting pat on the shoulder at about 3 minutes into the video. I noticed it on earlier reports and it looks like the man is reassuring Bergdahl.

    1. I noticed that friendly little ‘pat’ too. Why do I get the feeling things were not all that bad for Bergdahl? “Don’t come back to Afghanistan” and trumped up videos – all propaganda tactics, IMO. Bergdahl was probably getting tired of eating goat meat…and the Taliban was probably getting tired of waiting for Obama to make up his mind as to ‘when’. Color me cynical.

  5. OT sort of. Apparently when asked about when he — and only he — was informed by the Obama Administration of the swap — Harry Reid said “what difference does it make”.

    If not so sad, it would be funny.

    This whole thing is dead and buried. It will be tamped down by the MSM in the coming days, Obama will return to US soil and life in Amerika will drone on until the next power grab/scandal/ cover up.

    1. Harry Reid also called them “those men” where he called the Bundy rancher supporters “domestic terrorists”.

      Whose side is Reid on?

      1. I don’t disagree. And right now we’re at one step forward, two steps back while the Marxist are on the supertrain and there are alot of passengers on that ride.

        Pretty much we are the disassembled Mensheviks and Obama is on the bolshevik bullet.

        And back in this country, I just am losing faith in the American people. Either they have their hand out and are comfy in the arms of big government, or they feel defeated, or they don’t care. And the power of the MSM and the left leaning social media influencers is huge. Factor in the lawlessness, and the corruption and lies and this is a slog.

        Too few people have had exposure to any meaningful life outside this country.

        1. I have never felt so bad about our country in my life.
          Not just the man on the Oval Office but those who I trusted to check a man like Obama. they have failed 100% to do their jobs.

          I may well just give up and join the dependent by retiring 4-6 years early and get all I can in my last years of life after all I put in. I never cared about what I contributed until now! i want it ALL back!

  6. Regarding the father, I saw him in a earlier interview (well before I heard all this other stuff about him, tweets, etc.) that he was trying to connect with what his son was going through… by keeping his watch on Afghan time, learning the language, growing the beard, etc. Maybe the father and son can go live there when all this blows over if they relate so much to the region and its people.

    1. A few days ago there was an article in USA written by a Pastor who said the elder Bergdahl quit his job as a UPS driver two years before his retirement so that he could devote his time to finding his son. The family traveled to DC often.

      According to the Pastor the Bergdahl’s were a Christian Conservative family. Bowe spent time in a Buddhist monastery in his late teens trying to decide if that was the path he wanted to travel.

      I can understand the father’s angst re his son…and his immersion in everything Islamic/Taliban – it was probably a coping mechanism. But the feeling I get now is that both father and son have crossed to the other side. If the kid doesn’t get life in the brig for desertion, it wouldn’t surprise me if they left the country in search of Shangri-La.

  7. I think we all know the truth and the truth is Obama is a Muslim terrorist. he not only allowed the strongest leaders of Taliban go and this solider is not a American loving soldier he is one of them back on our soil. you see… it was a story for him to tell the American people and free is brothers that he loves putting our real American hero’s at risk for their lives and some lives lost. Now it looks as if he is getting away with it. Obama goal is to destroy us and we are letting him do it with ease. This makes me feel like crying. I pray for our country. watch the video when the father prays in Muslim and watch the joy on Obama’s face. Between that and his actions nothing else needs to be said…

  8. I have not heard anyone bring it up yet, but I see some amazing parallels to the “Wag the Dog” film ( must see if you haven’t!) where the admin. ‘invents’ a war hero and creates an intricate media story of how they return him back from being stuck behind enemy lines. Not unlike Bergdahl, unfortunately the admin didn’t do their homework in checking the soldier’s (played by Woody Harrelson) background and it causes a few unforseen problems for them.

    Somehow I think even the motives with Bergdahl were very similar – to distract the public from current scandals by getting them all to rally behind the president’s great efforts to save a war hero. In the film of course it the “war” and “war hero” stunts all work like a charm and get the low-life prez re-elected, but not so sure it’s working out so well for B.O.!

    1. I’m still going with a staged State Dept propaganda film. I thought it was pretty slick and edited for a routine terrorist propaganda film. Beautiful photography of the arriving Black Hawk. The men stationed on the mountain sides well placed holding their modern rocket launchers. (Who’s supplying those?).

      Bergdahl feigning fear and aprehension of what’s going on. (Oscar worthy!). The kind pats on the shoulder by Bowe’s “captor” (the director giving him directions for the final scene – don’t forget to drop the bag, Americans will speculate what’s in it for months).

      Nah, just your usual cynic about anything that’s going on in this administration.

      Glad the kid is safe, may he get due process and the proper end to that. Or as my husband says, 100% disability for PTSD, and a SSgt’s paycheck and benefits for life. ;)

      1. It seemed well edited, certain number of “scenes”, “shot’s/takes”. Not the usual amateur look, pretty well polished I thought.

  9. Just heard of Fox that Bergdahl walked off twice. (already mentioned)
    He converted to islam.
    WH trying to surpress certain news like Associated Press.
    They just discussed what I mentioned on a different Thread that the WH may have wanted to get him back due to info he may have/had since being there.
    Other means should have been used to get him out.
    NOT LET 5 MAJOR TERRORIST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    O said yesterday, Yes they could arm us. Please excuse, I am so upset I cannot remember his exact quote.

    1. Shep Smith at 3pm EST on FNC has become abit of an ‘apologist’ for Berghdahl being a DESERTER and Shep is trying to excuse Obama.

  10. There’s just something that does not add up with all these stories about Bergdahl, his family, his captivity, his near death illness and so forth. I believe the troops that he was a deserter but I do not believe the Obama admin, not at all. It’s hard keeping up with all the new reports coming out as there’s something new nearly every hour.

    From Fox News:

    At one point — in late June 2010, after Bergdahl succeeded in one of his escape attempts — the Haqqani commanders constructed a special metal cage for him, and confined him to it. At other points, however, Bergdahl was reported to be happily playing soccer with the Haqqani fighters, taking part in AK-47 target practice and being permitted to carry a firearm of his own, laughing frequently and proclaiming “Salaam,” the Arabic word for “peace.”

    1. I think in the end the meme is going to be. He regrets wandering off, he tried to escape, he was severely punished and under extreme duress he faked it and did what he could to stay alive and hence it only looked like he befriended them. Blah Blah Blah.

      What’s important is the desertion, the men who died on patrol looking for him and the people who will die afterwards as a result of the trade of the Obama Five on his behalf.

  11. Meanwhile those Iran sanctions are hitting hard among the American religious and oddly the automobile industry. Sanctions, schmanctions.

    So I don’t think these Americans are going to be all bent out of shape that the Obama Five is out there enjoying life in Qatar. Heck even Charles Krauthammer thinks its ok also. Although there was no comment from Krauthammer about the Administration’s funding of Hamas. But then that was OT.

    So this and everything else , especially this sanctioned onslaught of immigrant and release of others, just tells me that this issue of Bergdahl and the Obama Five — heh. Over by the weekend. Feinstein will come around — the Dems will settle down —

    And who knows one of the Obama Five might come back here in an American car rather than an airplane. Perhaps disguised as a Christian cleric — although that might be a bridge too far.

    1. I still think he loves doing all these things on his own with no regard for our Military or the American citizen. He’s drunk with
      power and nobody stops him and we’ve got 2 years to go dangerous ones. Daily Mail called him the ‘marshmallow president’.

    1. Yes, it was. I read it a couple of days ago. Didn’t Peters compare Susan Rice to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

      1. I think so. Not sure if it was here or not. And he probably thought he was being kind. He couldn’t even address Hagel which is understandable. But I found the process useful.

        What a mess.

  12. I agree we have an obligation to get everyone home. Now he’s home and we need to lock him in a room with the Warriors he hung out to dry. F him!

  13. He was rubbing our noses in his treachery. He came in his pants when the other muslim said the bishmilla, or whatever. The defector should have been left there to rot. My B/P is sky high, I doubt if I live through the rest of the installation of the caliphate by the insane, commie, koranimal clump of smegma.

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