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It Wasn’t the First Time Bergdahl Went AWOL

CNN’s Barbara Staff reports that a 2010 fact-finding mission determined that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl left his unit “of his own free will” and that in fact he’d done it before.

“He did leave the base of his own free will . . . he walked out,” said Starr. “Troops that were interviewed for this fact finding investigation say that there were previous instances when Bergdahl left the base,” she continued. “He basically snuck outside the wire with no one noticing.”

10 thoughts on “It Wasn’t the First Time Bergdahl Went AWOL”

  1. CNN. hmm.
    Something turned at the CNN newsrooms, hmmm.
    Jake Tapper!
    It’s almost as if the new guy is walking around the newsroom throwing talking points issued from the WhiteHouse into the air while asking…What the heck are we doing here, backing up the Dem party or producing a credible news entity?
    I like it.
    The lastest attempt by the WhiteHouse minions to paint the former members of the military troop who served with the traitor as crazed psychos is really a desperate move and one sure to backfire on them.
    The facts are out there, the DOD has all the info on this deserter, and no nasty PR spin will change that.
    Our military, current or veteran, is already boiling at the VA’s lack of care, and now this attempt to smear those who actually did serve with honor could be a tipping point.
    The President claims he makes no “apologies” and that’s his right, but that right doesn’t make anything connected with this dangerous and insulting incident something that Americans will accept.
    He owes all of us apologies for much more than this pathetic attempt to empty Gitmo while using the cover of military honor.

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    1. Amen those guys are national treasures. Watch a vet who was
      Jewish and as all soldiers was given the option to change his religion on his dog tag he refused and then had a yellow Star of
      David Bronx NY painted on the back of his jacket and wore it on to
      the beach.

  3. Boy, is this a shocker or what? One thing barry has said in his defense
    is ‘we do this at the end of wars”… Did his muslim comrades in qatar or any other jihadist tell barry that they’re ending their thirst for American blood? this is maddness ! And just wait until this rockstar 5 get settled down to raising lots of $$$ and recruiting a vast army of killers to join them. Lindsey Grahm says obambo will be impeached “if he does this again”. I say why wait ? IMPEACH HIM NOW !

    1. Thank you for bringing that up! The war didn’t end.
      I now think the Daily Briefings he claims he reads at 2:00 a.m. are simply the cartoon section of the paper.

  4. What bothers me is the total going up on our military loses while either looking for this “child” or because so many were not filling in covering for other things going on.

    Is the fact that no-one has spoken about how many Military personnel were involved in CAPTURING Obama and Holder’s 5 buddy terrorists?

    And then there exists those that see nothing this Tyrant does as wrong.

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