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The Obama Morning News || June 5, 2014

Congress had rejected Taliban release . . . Washington Times
President Obama’s aides met with unanimous opposition from Congress when they first raised the possibility of releasing five Taliban guerrillas from Guantanamo Bay in 2011 and 2012, and administration officials publicly and repeatedly vowed to return to Capitol Hill before making any final moves.

Briefing fails to allay concerns . . . Fox News
Senators said Wednesday they still have a lot of questions after attending a classified White House briefing about the prisoner exchange with the Taliban to secure the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Graham warns of impeachment over Gitmo . . . The Hill
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) warned Wednesday that Republican lawmakers would call for Obama’s impeachment if he released more prisoners from Guantanamo Bay without congressional approval.

Rosen: Bergdahl maybe a collaborator . . . Free Beacon
Fox News reporter James Rosen said intel sources “in and out of government” and “in and out of military” are concerned Bergdahl may have been an enemy collaborator.

Experts: Released Taliban will strike again . . . Newsmax
he Taliban prisoners the Obama administration exchanged for Bergdahl will be heard from again, a U.S. intelligence official, the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and an al-Qaida expert all agree.

U.S. holding secret talks with Hamas . . . Buzzfeed
United States officials have been holding secret back-channel talks with Hamas over the last six months to discuss their role in the newly formed unity government.

Poll: 55 percent say Obama made U.S. weaker . . . Newsmax
Voters think America is weaker under President Barack Obama and are dubious about his leadership and management of foreign policy, the economy and health care

Putin: Hillary is a weak woman . . . AFP
Vladimir Putin waded into US politics Wednesday describing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as “weak” in some sarcastic comments about women.

Hillary still on blood thinners . . . MSNBC
“I did have a concussion and some effects in the aftermath of it, mostly dizziness, double vision . . . Those all dissipated. Blood thinners are my continuing treatment for the blood clot.”

Putin can pump more than Obama . . . Washington Post
Take a look a video showing the differences in their workouts.

21 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || June 5, 2014”

  1. Grahm warns of impeachment if anymore prisoners are released from Gitmo. Who is left the bad guy who was in charge of the yard work back home? It seems to me a little to late, after the Top five terrorist are let go.
    No ransom was given.
    No secret mission was launched to pop in and rescue him.
    No 30 day notice given to Congress.

    1. I’m not impressed with Graham’s comment. It’s like a mother telling a child “If you do that one more time . . .” Repeatedly.

  2. Graham Warns of Impeachment-

    Yea,Yea, Yea……….it won’t happen. I am so sick of this paper tiger threat. There should be repercussions for what has occurred with this current debacle. At a minimum, Susan Rice needs to go. The President may trust her but the American Public does not. I would imagine it was her job to notify Congress. She lied on Benghazi. The fact is she is still lying.

    Secretary Hagel and Chairman Dempsey should be gone as well. They both should have threaten to resign if Obama went through with this swap. Now, Hagel is playing stupid by claiming he did not know.

  3. My husband had a blood clot in his leg a few years ago, maybe that was different from Hillary’s treatment ? He was eventually weaned off the blood thinners.

    So if she’s saying she’s on continuing treatment, it’s still there? Speaking of a ticking time bomb. Or it’s to prevent clots?

    1. My husband has never had a blood clot, but he is on Warfarin (aka Coumadin) for the long term as his family history is chock full of people who have had–and died of–strokes along with other factors. Could this be Hillary Clinton’s situation?

      1. I think Hillary had a TIA (mini stroke) or even a full blown stroke. Bill leaked the information that she had been in rehab for 6 months. With either one she’d be on blood thinners for life.

        1. I don’t dispute that, but I’m saying that she is going to run for President, it is advisable to look into her whole health history including the family history bit.

          1. I have atrial fib and was on thinners for yrs–it’s rat poison, you know–warfarin. I had an intestinal bleed, then my right retina fell off from some awful bleeding so four surgeries later, that eye is blind. Thinners are no joke. Now I am just taking my chances with aspirin.

  4. There it is; the big “I” word that my Dem friends are using to raise campaign funds for supportive candidates. The Repubs smell blood in the water now and are starting to circle.
    The trap is set.

    IMO; this WhiteHouse can’t be so stupid, so clumsy to release five terrorist detainees for someone the military had already declared a deserter, then bring his sketchy parents to the Rose Garden to perform some offensive comedy to celebrate his release.
    This action was an “all in” bet, a “hail mary” timed to force the Repubs to act impulsively before all the cards are dealt.
    IMO anyway.

    1. Do you think there is a fact that we don’t know yet that would make it OK to release Five terrible terrorists?
      That the fact that they may have, would fall back and make everyone regret being mad about the FIVE terrorist being released?

    2. I think the Dems want to stir up impeachment talk because it helps them rally the faithful. I don’t necessarily believe they would go this far to stir things up; on the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did!

  5. As far as Putin’s comment on woman, He can go fly a kite!!!
    But maybe Weakness is the worst quality for a woman. (His quote)

    There are a lot of things I cannot do, that a man can do. That’s OK.
    However the last thing my FATHER suggested when I was a growing up, was weakness.
    Note his stupid comment on boundries as well.
    As I said Putin can go fly a kite!!!

    1. He’s dead wrong about Hillary Clinton. She is a viper. A few days ago she came out supporting Obama on the Swap. Who knows, maybe it was her own idea? But now she has Huma and Cheryl out there saying that she was skeptical of the whole thing.

  6. Hillary Still on Bloodthinners – MSNBC

    “I know I have a decision to make,” she said in an interview with People magazine. ”But part of what I’ve been thinking about, is everything I’m interested in and everything I enjoy doing – and with the extra added joy of ‘I’m about to become a grandmother,’ I want to live in the moment.”

    “At the same time I am concerned about what I see happening in the country and in the world,” she added.

    Second thoughts, Hillary? Are you just realizing that the jig is almost up? That you are about to enter the lion’s den where you will be eviscerated? Benghazi is just for openers.
    Stop the game-playing – it’s not very attractive. Especially for the fools who are paying $200K to listen to you.

  7. Remember when Obama had the marine hold the umbrella as he gave a speech in a light rain?

    So, Obama needs assistance with the everyday. And Bergdahl needs something to do. After he is rested up and “debriefed” perhaps it would be a good idea for Barack Obama to stand by his man and have another Bowe in the WH. Personal detail, of course. He would be at Obama’s side 24/7.

    1. Oh I forgot. That walking off thing that Bergdahl does when things don’t go his way. That of course, would have to stop. But given that there are “rumors” that he went in search of illegal substances then maybe personal detail to the choom gang leader would negate any need to wander.

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