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Obama: “No Apologies” for Bergdahl Swap

A defiant President Obama today said he is making no apologies for arranging the release of Sgt. Bowe Berdahl by freeing five bloodthirsty Taliban leaders who may soon be working on plans to attack American soldiers.

Speaking at a press conference in Brussels today with British Prime Minister David Cameron, Obama claimed he was right to act – and to act fast, without telling Congress.

We had a prisoner of war whose health had deteriorated and we were deeply concerned about and we saw that we had an opportunity and we seized it and I make no apologies for that . . . 

But because of the nature of the folks we were dealing with and the fragile nature of these negotiations, we felt it was important to go ahead and do what we did. And we’re now explaining to Congress the details of how to move forward.

Obama suggested that the matter had become personal to him, saying Bergdahl is “somebody’s child” and noting the letters he has to write to the parents of the fallen.

I make absolutely no apologies for making sure that we get back a young man to his parents and that the American people understand that this is somebody’s child. And that we don’t condition whether or not we make the effort to try to get them back . . .

You have a couple of parents whose kid volunteered to fight in a distant land who they hadn’t seen in five years and they didn’t know if they would ever see again . . .

I write too many letters to folks who unfortunately don’t see their children again after fighting a war.

He added that is was his job as commander in chief to “make sure that that child is being taken care of.”

I can understand his grief and concern for American soldiers. But mawkishness is not exactly a good basis for policy. And this exchange may well force him – or the next president – to write more such letters.

And as usual, Obama suggested that criticism directed his way for actions he has taken is political.

I’m never surprised by controversies that are whipped up in Washington. That’s par for the course . . . .

I think it was important for people to understand that this is not some abstraction, this is not a political football

We have a basic principle: we do not leave anybody wearing the American uniform behind.

150 thoughts on “Obama: “No Apologies” for Bergdahl Swap”

  1. He makes my head spin — so Berg is a child, not a soldier — shows BO’s values — bathos, mawkish, pajama boy images of the immediate — no concern about what might result from five murderers having been set loose in the world at large. He’s not worried about the “children” who might be murdered by these five.

    1. What he doesn’t say is that if a soldier is an orphan, then no one would write him letters, and he wouldn’t have to worry about replying to those letters!

      Liberals always think that people are children, and should be treated that way.
      A 25 year old child needs to be on their parents’ insurance.
      Of course, a 25 year old is also old enough to be a member of Congress.

      We are all someone’s child. Liberals just think we need to be coddled like we are 12 forever.

  2. FIVE TERRORIST WERE LET GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Other means/actions could have been taken within the last 5 years, to try to get him home.
    Those 5 evil men not only hate us, but millions of other people though out the world.
    We dropped in on Ben Ladin (by surprise), why wasn’t some secret military action like that taken some time in the last 5 years.
    Not to mention he made Congress look like the most un-important people in the world, by not giving them the 30 day notice.
    Didn’t even give them a call at the last min.

      1. I know, if Obama had more sons, they would look and act like those “old men” that he just let out of the Gitmo penthouse!

  3. Child, kid, folks, children. For Pete’s sake, our military is comprised of men and women. Yes they have parents but his use of these words is an attempt to gain sympathy for what he considers young children who have gone off to war. Our soldiers are far from toddlers leaving preschool to catch the bus to a theater of war.

    1. No, no pretty darn quick the United States military with be comprised of:

      Cis Female
      Cis Male
      Cis Man
      Cis Woman
      Cisgender Female
      Cisgender Male
      Cisgender Man
      Cisgender Woman
      Female to Male
      Gender Fluid
      Gender Nonconforming
      Gender Questioning
      Gender Variant
      Male to Female
      Trans Female
      Trans* Female
      Trans Male
      Trans* Male
      Trans Man
      Trans* Man
      Trans Person
      Trans* Person
      Trans Woman
      Trans* Woman
      Transgender Female
      Transgender Male
      Transgender Man
      Transgender Person
      Transgender Woman
      Transsexual Female
      Transsexual Male
      Transsexual Man
      Transsexual Person
      Transsexual Woman

      This is the list of gender choices from Facebook…

  4. Controversies “whipped up” in Washington?

    So, this is sort of just another phony scandal.

    The lengths that Obama will go to when he’s excusing his actions are beyond belief. Maybe he should take the cue that even the few Democrats that are proclaiming their support (Reid, Durbin) have issued pathetically weak defenses.

  5. “We have a basic principle: we do not leave anybody wearing the American uniform behind.” Ambassador Stevens was unavailable for comment.

    1. The nuanced speech of a de facto liar…. IN UNIFORM.. the Benghazi Four were in their street clothes therefore not subject to this policy.

      Reminds me of that one scene in stripes were John Candy dupes his buddies into making his bunk or losing big money in poker.

      Mr. Obama would be funny if not for the loss of life involved.

  6. Mawkish is right–perfect word. Yes, this hapless child.

    I have some weird questions–maybe you guys ran across this.
    They say B emailed his fellow soldiers after he left. Emailed–do they have smartphones with reception there? How? Knowing this guy might be off or misguided, why did they promote him while he was a captive? Could it be–and I have nothing on this–that he was told to join up with the Ts as part of the negotiation with the Taliban thing going on about then? Maybe he was a counterspy? Or some kind of operative? Was he some brainiac before he went in the army?

    This aw shucks, I am just a dad stuff does not fly, though. I agree.

    1. Denise, allow me to be more precise: Obama’s full of s*it.

      The soldiers who died looking for Bergdahl were somebody’s children.

      As with every scandal that oozes out of the White House, this one reeks to high heaven, and there’s always more to it than meets the eye. And the nose.

  7. that’s a crock!!! I’ve heard to many mothers say that they get a copy of a letter with the bit o’s “stamped” signature.

    this man cannot ever tell the truth!!!

  8. The concept of a prisoner swap with those fanatics was a bad idea under any circumstance. The fact that we traded 5 high ranking from their side for 1 lowly dissenter illustrates just how poor a negotiator Obummer is. This farce cannot end quickly enough for us.

    1. trea·son: noun \ˈtrē-zən\
      : the crime of trying to overthrow your country’s government or of helping your country’s enemies during war

      If releasing the Obama Taliban Five back into the theater of war while we are STILL fighting in that theater is not treason, what is?

  9. Somebody’s child! We are all somebody’s child.
    Could he be more insulting to our military than to describe them as children who need the protection of a socialist government? I think not.
    Someone needs to take the shovel away from him and his advisors.

    As someone who calls out for the care of the “child” he ignores the harm his immigration failures have meant for thousands of refugee children sent here by their greedy and negligent parents for us to care, feed, and house. What of them, MrO?

    1. What the heck is wrong with us? 26 year old “children” stay on parents’ policies, the “children” swarming the borders and now making up our very own 3rd world refugee camps, the deserter and sympathizer one of the “children”. The only child I can see is the spoiled ADD one in the WH who probably tears wings off flies as he rips the consitution into teeny tiny little pieces. And I supposed those murderous terrorists just unleashed — understandable. Some peoples’ children withheld from their home in a far away country. This is just so much crap.

      1. Yeah well I am all out of sympathy for other peoples’ children. They should stay in their own country and fight to make the changes there. Because it sure as heck looks like America is going to be just what they left. And then where will they go?

      2. Yeah well, not much use for the dying veterans at VA or the loyal military who do not desert their posts. Nope. Now we use military facilities to house migrant “children”.

        I long for the days of “clipping services” because apparently our elected representatives are unaware of what is going on. Because surely they would not stand for this. For this and all the other BS that is now clearly sanctioned and promoted by this Administration in the most lawless of ways.

      3. OMG! This is so outrageous! We can’t possibly take so many illegals who have no means of supporting themselves. I read that they’re going to start dumping illegals in San Diego now. They’re still dumping illegals at the bus station here in Phoenix. It’s really appalling that the Feds are making their problem a problem for everybody else. And these people go to the first of the line for health care while our Vets wait months for appointments or those in the hospital lay waiting in soiled sheets. Sorry, end of rant.

    2. Haven’t there been some highly questionable leaders in other country’s who referred to their populace as his “children”?

  10. We’ve seen this too many times to count. Obama breaks the law; he does something that is so breathtakingly anti-American or against American interests that you can’t even comprehend how such an imbecile became president. Then he apologizes to ‘the world’, but beats up on Republicans (implication that they hate him because he’s black, but he usually lets the other criminal, Eric Holder, run that goal.)

    There’s nothing NEW here. It’s all depressingly familiar. The one difference is that the terrorists he exchanged WILL be killing Americans at some point, and that blood WiLL be on Obama’s hands (and again, any complaints and charges will all be based on race.)

  11. I want to cry… we are losing our country and I am not sure what is next. I now believe he is a Muslim terrorist and I now understand he not only wants to destroy us but kill us. We are in uncharted waters and if he can do whatever he wants what the hell is next?!?!? Get ready people.

    1. I’m sure we’re stuck with him for two more years and there’s nothing we can do except wait it out and try to prevent as much of the damage as possible. That means you, Congress and military.

      1. There’s a chance that if the GOP takes the Senate, they may be able to force him to resign.

        Forget impeachment. Just keep swamping the man with Obamacare repeal bills until he says “Enough! I quit!”

        As a bonus, that would set up a nice 2016 primary fight between Plugs the Replacement, and Hillary the Hag.

    1. Julie. I am furious and just rapid fired off a few of my own. And then I came back to read the others. Mine don’t show. And not even moderation either. Maybe that is for the better in my case.

  12. The US country has conscripted its armed forces for only 35 of its 238 years. It has been an All-volunteer Force for the last 40 years. Each servicemember choices to serve.

  13. Until and unless…he is removed from office he will continue to rule like the dictator that he is…he is getting away with it, and it’s beyond my comprehension as to why. As far as the “child” he refers to, Berdahl is not a child…his military behavior is questionable…his beliefs are questionable…but again, Congress has zero power and Obama knows it. Two more years of this madness,and we are as a country lost in the eyes of the world. He is egotistical and dishonest to say the least. No letters or apologies would have to be written, and no irrational prisoner exchanges would have to be made IF Obama did not order unnecessary interventions requiring soldiers to fight wars based on nothing more than the whims of a power hungry, greedy individual.

  14. “We have a basic principle: we do not leave anybody wearing the American uniform behind,” says Obama.

    Note the word usage! The word “uniform” is very telling.

    Christopher Stevens

    Sean Smith

    Tyrone Woods

    Glen Doherty

    None were “wearing the American uniform” and were left behind to die!

      1. Just using his quote.

        Paid Mouth Prostitute Susan Rice said he “was captured on the battlefield”.

        The lies know no end!

  15. I want to see one letter this golf playing miscreant has written to a military parent, any parent, just one. And not talking about an auto-signed form letter.

    He has released the former leaders of the Taliban government who will now ensure many more die…and he still won’t write a letter to those parents because he stands on the side of our enemies.

  16. trea·son noun \ˈtrē-zən\
    : the crime of trying to overthrow your country’s government or of helping your country’s enemies during war

    If releasing the Obama Five Taliban back into the theater of war WE ARE STILL FIGHTING is not treason, nothing is.

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  18. trea·son: noun \ˈtrē-zən\
    : the crime of trying to overthrow your country’s government or of helping your country’s enemies during war

    If releasing the Obama Taliban Five back into the theater of war while we are STILL fighting in that theater is not treason, what is?

  19. Good for him. Then as I suggested at the Morning News.

    Let’s assign Bergdahl to the Obama’s personal detail. 24/7 and all the choom you can smoke. Let’s let him stand by Obama’s side throughout each and every last painful day of this national nightmare. And let old what’s his name presidential photographer splash their faces everywhere.

    If Obama wants to own Bergdahl. Then let him own him.

    What a pathetic POS he is.

  20. I don’t disagree with any of the comments here thus far, but we seem to be forgetting the most important fact here of why this was such a bad idea: we don’t negotiate with terrorist!!! Ever!!! Now these evil people know we will cave in and kidnapping will become more of a tool they use against American interests and people! With this “deal” we have just become weaker on our defenses against terrorism.

  21. He is as much a child as the children at the border. What is this obsession Obama has of making everyone a child.

    Perhaps because he has no understanding of what it is to be a mature adult male elected to be a responsible caretaker of the greatest country ever.

    Instead we get some metrosexual nannyman.

  22. He says Bergdahl’s health was deterioting.

    What about our marine in prison in Mexico?
    Dear Leader says he has a telephone.
    Step 1: pick up telephone.
    Step 2: call president of Mexico.
    Step 3: explain what will happen if our marine isn’t back home tonight.
    Step 4: hang up telephone.

    In the meantime, tourists… Cancel hotel reservations in Mexico.
    Do not patronize Mexican tourist locations.
    Spend your vacation money in the USA.

  23. So, Bergdahl the deserter is a “child”? If this presidency had been a sketch on SNL ten years ago, no one would have believed a president could be such a bumbler.

  24. Of course, terrorists like these are the reason we’re in this war, but I guess he doesn’t count that. I agree we should never leave any soldier behind, but a better president would have found a better solution. It’s not as if he didn’t have options.

  25. The smartest man is in the room is too stupid to figure out a way to humbly admit that he perpetrated a grave injustice upon the members of the Armed Forces, their families and the American people.

    Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18
    Barack Obama your day is coming.

  26. Dictators need make no apologies for their actions and are not bound by any laws so expect no apologies from Dictator Obama. This whole disgraceful prisoner swap debacle was done solely to get the propaganda media’s attention from away from the shocking VA Scandals which also resulted in the death of soldiers and veterans. It certainly worked it only Dictator Obama and his communist muslim sympathizers have dug themselves an even deeper hole and have enraged the military to unprecedented heights. The Obama toadies who are the Joint Chiefs of Staff seem to be taking it pretty well though. Dictator Obama loathes and detests the military and to hear him piously intone that he made this lunatic deal out of concern for a soldier is pure hogwash. Who needs enemies abroad when this country’s number one enemy resides in the White House.

  27. Obama didn’t lift a finger for our “children” in Benghazi, nor has he even commented on our Marine in Mexico. He has shown his disdain for the military over and over, just as he has for Americans in general. He’s just using this as an excuse to just set his buddies free. It’s completely irresponsible and downright dangerous. I wonder what he will say when they conduct another atrocity in, say, Germany? Who do you think they will blame (and rightly so)?

  28. Sure, MISTER President — he was somebody’s child. So were the Benghazi Four, and the untold numbers — forty-plus? — veterans who died in the VA’s version of your affordable care pipe dream. Got a pen, got a phone, got a country to destroy and only two more years to do it.

  29. Any military man woman family should be offended by President Obama’s position. And I hope they act on that when the polls are open and any Democrat is anywhere on any ballot in this country.

    We may be too impotent to bring justifiable impeachment charges against this man who unleashes America’s own enemies on her, but we still have the vote for what it is worth. And the House has the power of the purse.

    At this point, we have to use the power we have.

  30. “Whipped up in Washington”? I didn’t realize that all those soldiers who served with Bergdahl and are the ones who started calling BS on this whole shame all live in Washington.
    We can only hope that Obama’s latest arrogance aside, this is the one truth that will finally stick to him.


    *deep breath*

    Sorry, guys, but I am in an extremely foul mood today.

    Unapologetic high treason has a way of trying my patience.

  32. Now Harry Reid, who called Americans who supported a Nevada rancher “domestic terrorists” has gone Pelosi!

    “A big deal over nothing. Is it Friday or is it Saturday? What difference does it make? What difference does it make?”

    Reid also called the Obama Five Taliban “these men”!

    “These men” are men to him but Americans who support a rancher are “domestic terrorists”!


  33. I hope that Bergdahl has a trial and if indeed guilty of everything, is punished appropriately for desertion and possibly treason.
    Next time the military lands some of those Taliban leaders, a fast bullet might be more appropriate than confinement

  34. Obama is like any bully/coward. He says what he says because he knows he is protected. Just like Harry Reid says what he says because he is protected.

    If the defiant Obama met a defiant American in a ring — one on one — America would win.

    Reid unfortunately might be the better fighter in the ring. But at least it would be fair. But I am pretty sure that this guy could wup his skinny little butt.

  35. Did he write letters to the parents of the 6 American soldiers who were killed searching for him? You of those menographed ones that is sent?

  36. So the deserter is now a POW. From all reports, he went to seek them. And please someone come up the the amount of millions that we gave the terrorist’s besides the 5 “old men” Ya gotta know there is more to this story then just the exchange.

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