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Michelle for Senate? It Could Happen

Look out. First Lady Michelle Obama might just run for Senate from Illinois in 2016.

How do I know? She’s raised her profile a lot, she’ll have pressure from Democrats to get in and pick up a GOP seat, and her own strong commitment to left wing values will help impel her to make the race – to continue to “make a difference.”

That’s the theme of my latest piece for Reuters, “Is Michelle running for Senate?”┬áHope you have a chance to take a look.

29 thoughts on “Michelle for Senate? It Could Happen”

  1. I’m from Illinois, Keith. Thanks for ruining my day!

    But Obama said last week that she wasn’t running for anything. Can’t believe that he’d lie about that.

  2. This is totally plausible. With the rumors circling that the first couple may be headed for “splitsville” in 2017, she could be plotting her future.


    1. Her future has to include making millions, not thousands a Senate paycheck would bring her. Barack would never afford to keep her in the lifestyle her royalness enjoys.

  3. A “superb speaker”? LOL. She reads well, understands the written word, but as an off-teleprompter speaker she’s on a level with a high-school dropout.
    Who am I to say what the idiots in IL want in an elected official. They have elected one criminal, one self-centered ego-driven poor excuse for a public servant after another. They never learn from their mistakes, or else they are as stupid as a box of rocks.
    All MrsO needs is a slick campaign, a fancy high-end PR blitz and she’s in, like flint.
    As for the “care” she puts forth for her special causes, I call bunk. First, no one elected her to do anything, nor called upon her to use her position to do anything other than behave herself for the duration of her husband’s term. There might be a set of rooms called the Office of the First Lady, but that only describes the room, not the position.
    But, hey, again, who am I to deny the good people of IL herself in the Senate, doing whatever she wants.

    1. Agree, srdem. Keith, are you calling her a superb speaker? Then you conclude with a comment by her using one of her favorite words, “stuff”? People who don’t know would not be aware that sometimes, no most of the time, you write with tongue in cheek. All the “I means” and “You knows” and the speech impediment, e.g. all the “shtruggles”!

      1. BTW, I saw a brilliant photoshop on another site in the comments section: big poster of Susan Rice with the words AFURMATIV AKSHON WURKS. You could do the same for Moochelle.

    2. I will tell you srdem that I am from IL and I have NEVER voted for any of these people; IL is controlled by Chicago politics and we in So. IL. always say that our votes don’t count! For the most part the counties in So IL did NOT vote for O. We have been here for 70 plus years and it is hard to change; don’t like what is going on but somewhat hard to change things. Chicago politics is in charge in this state; sorry to say.

      1. i also feel that Mooshell is the poorest excuse for a first lady ever! Too bad the first black …first lady could not have been a quality person who we could have all admired and respected!

  4. I believe it. From what I gather about her past professional accomplishments, she barely needed to show up for her paycheck, and the Senate would be the perfect job for that !

    Hopefully Mike Ditka will run that year ? He’s already apologized for not having challenged (and would have WON, he’s a GOD in Illinois!) Baracky for that Senate seat, which would have ended his political career.

  5. When I read “Michelle for the Senate” my breakfast just backed up into my mouth a little bit. Dear God all merciful; please make the Obama’s go away…

  6. Perish the thought, Keith ! If you ask me, Mooch is done with her ‘sacrificin’. In fact, I believe she has nothing but contempt for Washington and pols. And besides, too many ‘white’ people in the Senate.
    She is going to take her ill-gotten loot and do what she likes best – travel. Only this time it will be on her private jet with all of her newly acquired BFF’s from the rapper world.
    She hates the WH and all it represents. She’ll follow in Oprah’s footsteps – a mansion hither and yon.
    No, this grifter is a pleasure-seeker Keith. She won the mega-million $$$ lottery.

  7. Keith, I said this years ago — five or so years ago. The instant that I saw how much she resented being officially second to her husband, I said to myself, “Senator MO plans are in the offing — a possibly President MO.”

    How else to continue the free travel and right to meet celebrities and pretend to be one herself?

    The only hitch is that she’s lazy and may enjoy going the Oprah route.

    I think the question is: DIVORCE BO or STAY MARRIED??? An Ex-Prez is a good hubby for the grasping and will give her that long-married AfAm cachet, but she’ll still always be second. Perhaps BO could have a dating reality series.

  8. You have to think though, Hillary did it.. so why not MOTUS. But would it will be from Chi Town? Hawaii maybe?? We should have a betting pool for this one. What state would MO call home.

    I can see the Senate now.. having to deal with her inflated ego. Is there a office big enough to house the Queen and her minions??

    However to all the above.. No, h*ll NO.

    1. Hmmm … which state? It would have to be one with a big city where she could meet people whom she would think are sophisticated and rich — or a small one that she could control with her vibrant personality (read, veiled threats of charges of racism). I think maybe Massachusetts.


    THE “US CONGRESS” (House & Senate) IS NOTHING BUT A CESSPOOL FOR IDIOTS, LIARS & CRIMINALS who can not get a job in the ‘real world’.

  10. this is part of the long term Obama socialist agenda and plan….let’s not kid ourselves. Obama is dumping illegal aliens in this country so as to ensure votes years from now with the ultimate goal of eliminating a democratic form of government.

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