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Video || Obama Works Out in Poland

Whoops. Someone got a little footage of President Obama doing his workout in Warsaw. According to the Daily Mail, he was at the gym in the five-star Marriott. Must have been Tuesday.

Pretty hilarious. Then again, most of us look hilarious working out. And we look even more hilarious if we don’t work out.

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    1. Now, let’s be fair, (yeah, yeah, I know, WHY?), those appear to be at LEAST 8s, and maybe even 10s. Now we know where those “chiseled pecs” come from!!

      1. Can you imagine Bammie and Putin in A wrestling match?????

        Putin could pick him up, put him on his shoulders and do leg squats while singing five Elvis songs and then throw him 10 aisles deep into the seats.

      2. It took him so long to pick the dumbbells because they were in kilograms and he couldn’t do the conversion to pounds in his noggin.

  1. He sure high tailed out of the country after his treasonous crimes and gloating. Limp wristed homosexual commie rat bastard. I wish the pilot of AF 1 would take one for the country.

  2. Leaked on purpose ? I can’t imagine the SS letting a tabloid reporter anywhere near ….. that building !

    Greta also voiced her concern about the security breach if this were a true paparazzi scoop. We would have had him with a cig or a mysterious blonde by now :D

    1. How sad if it was leaked on purpose — that would mean Obama actually thinks this is a workout and that he looks good.

  3. Notice all the yawning he does. Now a recent article I read about his “interview” with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan makes sense. He actually said he gets up at 7 am every day to work out:

    As required on daytime television chatfests, the president also revealed some personal details: He generally goes to bed at 2 a.m., after reading through his briefing papers, and gets up at 7 a.m. for a daily workout.

    I laughed my arse off at that one because we know he doesn’t usually start “work” until at least 10 or 11 am. I wondered why it took him three to four hours to work out, get ready for work, and have breakfast. Now, I know. Sleepyhead takes his sweet time yawning his way through his workouts. Unlike the rest of America who actually need to be in the office before 9 am, or in some cases 8 am or earlier.

    And yeah, right, he reads his briefing papers until 2 am every night. How about this novel concept – go to bed at a normal hour and have your butt in the office by 8 am to read the briefs during normal business hours, rather than waltzing in at 10 or 11 am?

    I’ve never seen someone lifting weights (as small as they were) with a long sleeve jacket on, and zipped all the way up to the neck, no less. Weird.

    1. I thought of the same thing when I saw him yawning.
      Although he could be Jet Lagged.
      I’m wondering what he’s listening too.

      I wish he’d just stay in the gym forever, because any actual work he does (or doesn’t do) makes this country worse off.

    2. Also a lot of people read before bed for the read, as well as to relax and fall right to sleep. I bet he falls a asleep one page into the briefing papers. Another note: If you hit the boring part of the read, you may turn on the TV and fall asleep to a nice program.

    3. I don’t known who the bigger bs’er is, Carney or Barry.
      That whopper is right up there with “no one’s angrier than me”.

    4. I call foul on staying up til 2:00 a.m. – reading briefs.

      Last week one of the POLITICO guys was on Morning Joe talking about how ‘serene’ Obama has become during his second term. He is spending much more time at private dinners/parties with CELEBRITIES at the WH; going out more on date nites and; and his attention has turned to his legacy, Foundation and other post-prez activities. Also said he wants to move to NYC.

      Also read some time ago that he is a nightowl and never went to bed before 2:00 in the old days. In fact, one of his guests at Michelle’s B-Day party said Obama tried to persuade him to stay later when he started to leave at 1:00 a.m.

      Such is the life of a community organizer. All of the long time gaps in his daily schedule mean he is upstairs – napping. IMO.
      His day doesn’t begin until sundown.

      1. Totally agree with all of it, Girly1. I always notice how he has long gaps in his daily schedule on days when he has an evening fundraiser, or even an official event in DC. I always figure he takes a nap so he can make it through the evening. In addition, he usually comes in even later than usual the following day

        BHO and Mooch only care about their future where they’ll be living in the lap of luxury, hanging with celebs, and raking in millions per year for life. Too bad he won’t just leave now and do us all a favor.

      2. And another thing (while I’m at it)… even if he does get up at 7 am, I think that’s absurd to even admit. That’s a pretty late time to get up on a weekday. He doesn’t even get up at 7 to get ready for work and start by 8 am (no commute). He claims to get up at 7 am to work out, yet he still doesn’t begin his days until 10 or11 am!

        While he gets up to work out at 7 am, most people I know leave the house around that time or earlier. Where did we get to the point that the presidency is easier and far less hours than the average office cubicle job?!

        1. George Bush was at his desk every day at 7:00 a.m. and asleep at 10:00 p.m. We never had to worry about his work ethics, regardless of his politics. He was not interested in the Hollywood crowd or the night life. The WH was sedate and dignified.
          The Obamas are trashy wannabe celebrities.

  4. OT Hagel just said he does not know of soldiers dying in search of Bergdahl.

    Way to rally the troops, honor the dead, respect the families. Hagel is Jay Carney.

      1. He knows guys. He is just CYA for Obama. And as SecDef he is disrespecting those who fought and died in search for Bergdahl. He does not have the right to claim ignorance. If he is that ignorant he should resign. Something he should do anyway

    1. I saw that as well. Just like everyone else in this disgusting administration, Hagel is either an incompetent moron or an unconscionable liar.

    1. Off topic. It sure would have been nice to get an update on the Va issue. A list of what is being done to fix that situation.
      There should be someone that has their full attention on it, even though this horrible issue of 5 terrorists were released.

      1. I think some noise has to be made. Calls should be made to WDC and a few cages rattled or it will disappear into the black hole of Obama’s protective MSM.

      1. They are suppose to have seperate dinners for each of them.
        I apologize, I can’t remember where those dinners were/are scheduled to be held.

      2. My first thought on seeing the article; he wants Putin to see he is a tuff guy too. It was staged & quite funny, I’m a grandma & I work out ‘harder’.

  5. One might consider that that pathetic rail of a “man” wears a body suit to look more muscular under his suits…he looks like a starved Biarritz or an aids victim…And those beach shots in Hawaii were fake…he has the skinny tender arms of a woman

  6. I didn’t think it was possible to dislike him any more than I already do.
    How embarrassing for US, this badass Return terrorist to Sender prez.

  7. Let us not forget that Obama gets lots of exercise on the golf course.

    As someone who is known to drag full grown elk out of thewoodsby himself, I think that I can credibly say that this is hilarious.

    Unfortunately; it is also scary. There is no way that someone took this video covertly. This was an intentional leak that Obama was expecting would impress and intimidate Putin. Putin is ROFLHAO,

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