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Video || Koffler Quizzes Carney on Bergdahl-for-Taliban Deal

I thought you might want to see this video of me tangling with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Monday.

Jay had been repeating his prepared talking points that the threat to national security of having five nasty Taliban leaders out of Guantanamo Bay had been sufficiently “mitigated.” I thought this was strikingly casual and provided precious little information about such a serious issue, so I tried to pin him down a bit.

There were reports that whatever arrangement we had made with the Qataris would last no more than a year. So I tried to get to the bottom line and see if Jay could assure Americans that these bad guys won’t go back to trying to kill us in two or three years.

Note, I asked specifically about two or three years, not “sometime after one year.” That would have given Jay a chance to say, “We haven’t said anything about a year” and try to move on.

Also, being specific about a result – “two or thee years” – is an important journalistic tactic for asking questions, which of course few journalists use. It’s also one you can apply in your own lives.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked some stray senator, “When will you announce your new bill?” and they respond, “I’m not going to discuss timing.” And then I ask “Will it be next week?” And they say, “No, probably not for about three weeks.”

Somehow, when you offer a specific possibility, it compels people to give you a specific answer. Next time your spouse says they’ll be home late, ask, “Like at 8 pm?”

Anyway, didn’t work this time. Jay stuck to his talking points, of course.

The second question I asked was in response to what struck me as an absurd contention that the exchange of five murderous Taliban leaders for a single low-ranking U.S. soldier was perfectly within the tradition of prisoner exchanges. I wanted to know when the last time such gruesome  and dangerous characters had been set loose for someone of Bergdahl’s stature.

Several people noted to me that during the questioning Jay got a little pissy and even seemed to insult my website. It wasn’t my intention to make him testy, but if he loses his cool, all the better, maybe he’ll make a mistake and say something newsworthy. And as for the website, I only regret he didn’t mention the name!

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  1. …an American held prisoner for Five years, “it’s the right thing to do.”*
    *translation: there was a VA scandal that even the Lamestream media couldn’t squelch so NOW was the correct time to trade out 5 high ranking enemy leaders for a deserter that we’ve let stay there since becoming president!

    • Nice aside, Carney! His slam attempt proves he reads it, and that Keith, indeed, predicts the future. What’s with this Administration and trying to get in “digs” all the time?

  2. Ha ha..he did make a little dig there. Jay if your reading this you are awful arrogant for someone who tells lies to his fellow citizens for a living. Would love to run into you in public sometime.

  3. Good show Keith. The front row will be yours! Good questions and one thing that they are hanging onto and that I am wondering about is that he was “held captive” — I’ve seen — very sketchy things — reports that he moved about with relative freedom. The WH defense is pretty weak on the danger and terror the Obama Five could potentially unleash on this country. Despite your best efforts to address it.

    Caught the snipe at the website.

    If he does start referring to it as White House Dossier we should be thinking about presentation. You, of course, Chief Dude. We? Perhaps DossiDudes and DossiDudettes.

    Off to primp. Thanks again. Good to see you in action. Thanks for all you do.

  4. you did a good job of pressing him – I assumed that this is what journalists do but there seems to be few who actually do it or do it well. I don’t think he liked your question much but doesn’t seem to realize or care that everyday citizens actually want those questions asked and answered. I know that’s off-putting to the ruling class but too bad – they’re supposed to be accountable to, not annoyed by, the citizenry.

  5. You ran him right outta there! LOL – I understand why he would finally quit- lying for Obama would be mentally taxing.

  6. Way OT but interesting. Here is a piece in BackChannel actually discussing former US Envoy to Syria Ford’s opposition to the Administration’s policy as the reason for his leaving.

    I check BC from time to time and I rarely see anything but yea State and yea Obama.

  7. Mr. Koffler,

    Could you ever imagine You and We Readers, Followers, etc. of “WhiteHouseDossier” ever getting a chance to ask REAL QUESTIONS to this Jay Carney about the ‘Obama regieme’ (2008-????)

  8. Nice job with the not-so-artful dodger, Keith. He wasn’t about to give an inch. Talking points only. Your question about releasing such dangerous, high level killers elicited a ho-hum “we have always had prisoner swaps’ type of response. Very frustrating.
    The WHD is obviously a thorn in the side of this administration, lol. Kudos!!!

      • AFVet I mentioned on a thread that I would think they would do some type of secret mission to get Bergdahl back, before releasing the evil terrorist.
        In other words they swooped in and got Ben Laden.
        I believe serviceman could think of missions that could have been done instead.

        • If, indeed that is what happened: it seems as there are ?s about whether anyone “swooped in” and also, whether anyone “got” osama. Some pretty reasonable sites claim he’s been dead for years…
          and the explanations for why no one could produce a corpse: perfect obama White House.

      • I saw a comment elsewhere that said the Release of the Gitmo Obama Five was a mission accomplished statement from Obama.

  9. You have done something to get under his skin, with his little comment. Or maybe he is just one of those who does not consider web journalists to be Real journalists?

    Will be interesting to see where he ends up with his next job…maybe with a site of his own?

  10. Be still my heart! A real live journalist appeared in the briefing room and scored…SCORED!
    It’s OK that he didn’t get more than talking points that have been blunted by almost the entire MSM, or that he seemed to be answering questions in his mind and not those asked by MrK.

    Kudos, MrK.

  11. Keith you skewered him good and proper mate. Where would you like your honourary commando dagger delivered to. One things for sure, those around you peeping over the parapet do not qualify for one… Snivelling wretches!

    Yours Aye.

  12. -As off 3pm EST…

    It seems Shep (“liberal, biased”) Smith on FNC is trying to come up with excuses to ‘defend’ Berghdal…

    • –Shep Smith, that PUNK, BIASED B#tch of FNC keeps trying to ‘brush off/excuse’ this Berghdal as a “deserter”…
      And Shep was trying to blame a former USN SEAL about everything that went wrong in Afghanistan/Iraq….
      (3:15 PM EST)

      • -The former USN SEAL had some good questions & issues to ask about this Berghdal trade with terrorists and the ‘politics’ involved with this Obama NSC & DOD…
        But Shep Smith didnt want to hear it, and Shep got kinda pissed/uppity because this guy had the guts to ask/mention questions about the Obama White House, NSC & Dept. of Defense.

        It seemed like Shep couldnt wait to get him off.

    • Smith MUST be on the WH payroll. I wouldn’t watch the little bleep) if you paid me. He probably has a man-crush on Obama….

      • Almost forgot – wasn’t Smith invited to a private mtg with Obama a few months ago? The only anchor from FOX, as I recall. He has definitely crossed over.

  13. That was like a breath of fresh air MrK. Big deal, Carney gets pissy because you asked a valid question and didn’t accept the glass of kool-aid, don’t worry, be happy.
    Of course WH says no soup for Koffler.

  14. Keith,
    I’m curious as to how and why they considered the release of Bergdahl as being in the “interests of National Security”, as Carney specifically stated. That seems pretty high reasoning for, as you say, a military member of his status.

    It was enjoyable to watch Carney dodging some pointed jounalistic questioning, for a change. Nice job! Fun to watch him tuck tail and run right after that…possibly he worried your exchange might embolden the other media puppies in the room to attack. Doubt that, but maybe a faint possibility…

  15. Bravo, Keith. You kept after the Weasel with pointed questions. And thank you for posting your own segment because I got discouraged the other day listening to the whole thing and waiting for your appearance.

  16. I watched it twice Keith. You did an excellent job. I wish more journalist/reporters conduct themselves with questions as well as you do.
    I enjoy your website too. Thank you

  17. Excellent work, Keith! Thanks for sharing it with us. I love the way you kept grilling him and how he had to run away after that.

    I certainly won’t miss Carney, that snarky little bastard. Wherever he’s going, I wish he’d take Obummer with him.

    Nice little dig he gave your website. I appreciate the confirmation that he reads it! I hope you have a tracker on here so you can see where your hits come from. Back in 2009, my friend and I had a political blog and it was very interesting to see all the hits we received from various departments of the Obama administration.

    Note to snarky Carney since he’s ready here: Screw you, you nasty, slimy, lying, rude, d-bag!

  18. OT here but I would like to know why the Special Forces refused to attempt to rescue him…if he was a true POW who served with Honor and Distinction they would have brought him home a long time ago.

  19. excellent job trying to pin down the un-pinnable Carney, Keith!

    oh, Jay, Jay, Jay…we will miss you as much as we miss Helen Thomas.

    of course the Regime is reading humor is the one weapon the progs don’t seem to be able to defend against; that’s why it’s so powerful. Keith, you make them look as ridiculous as they are.

  20. Keith, good opening question, great followups. Jay’s body language says it all: “Get me outta here!” He’s a snippy little dude, isn’t he? He and his boss should be hooked up to lie detectors when they speak publicly. In Jay’s case, they should add a blood pressure monitor.

  21. Great job Keith. Is it just me or did anyone else notice how the other WH reporters seemed irritated, bored and/or uninterested in this line of questioning? Many of them were checking their phones. I wonder if any of them would have felt it OK to release 5 of Hitler’s worst SS Henchmen at the end of WWII?

  22. There is no doubt to timing of the exchange was not for Bergdhal’s benefit but to avoid the fury over the VA Scandal.

    What better way to avoid one scandal than to create another in a manner that is as usual hapless for Jay Carney & Co.