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Taliban Video Shows Bergdahl’s Transfer

Hopefully these are the final guys to risk their lives for Bergdahl. How did they know they weren’t walking into an ambush?

Here’s the handoff.

Below is the longer version, in which you can see many interesting things, including the aircraft involved in the transfer and the Taliban spreading out on the hills in case things go bad.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

An Afghan insurgent, his face hidden by a scarf, tells Sgt. Bergdahl menacingly in Pashto moments before the release: “Don’t come back to Afghanistan. Next time we catch you, you won’t leave here alive.” Armed insurgents surrounding the pickup truck laugh as Sgt. Bergdahl bows his head, looking confused and scared.

“Long live the holy warriors of Afghanistan! Long live the great holy warrior and the leader of the believers, Mullah Mohammad Omar!” the insurgents chant, referring to the Taliban leader who has eluded U.S. capture since 2001.

22 Responses to Taliban Video Shows Bergdahl’s Transfer

  1. The WH expected a huge PR boost from this exchange. If they want a huge PR boost then he should have traded himself or Mooch for the Dream Team. His polls would have gone through the roof around the world and would have justified his Nobel Peace Prize.

    I am starting to feel like a birther, 9/11 truther or JFK conspiracy theorist. I am starting to wonder what was the true leverage that the Taliban or Al Queda to force Obama to make this horrible deal that makes no sense. I guess 24:LAD could be stirring up the who is the “real terrorist” senses in me. I hope Nina Meyers isn’t behind all this!

    • Your not alone PBB. Saying that I was stunned by this “trade” would be putting it mildly.
      Five of probably the most dangerous and high ranking terrorist traded for this highly suspicious Sgt.?
      Again, instead of trusting the American people, Obama has wrapped this entire episode in secrecy.
      Treason, strong word, “closet” Muslim, Manchurian Candidate.?
      I’m starting to think so. Is there any other possible answer.? If so I’d like to hear it/them.

  2. He doesn’t exactly look like he was knocking on deaths door!! Looks pretty healthy as a matter of fact. So why couldn’t they notify Congress? I thought it was because of his poor health? I call more BS!

  3. Until this episode, I was not fully convinced that our President ruled solely by ideology. But my thinking has “evolved”. He knows he will most likely lose both houses in the fall, and he will be powerless. So, one of his goals was to dismantle GITMO…..presto.

    He does not care about Bergdahl. He does care about systematically changing our country….remove the top 5 criminals at GITMO, one step closer to closing it. Listen to Harry Reid’s comments yesterday…he asked if there was any real reason to keep Gitmo open now….

    Bergdahl is the smoke screen.

    Obama is on a rampage to get done what he can, by exec order, fiat or edit. Constitution and laws be damned, his will be done.


    • I don’t know if it is so much a smoke screen because he expected a different response when he traded the deadly Obama Five for a man who by all accounts left his post under his own free will.

      But the ever flexible Obama will bend with the wind and adjust. Forward. I too believe his goal is to close Gitmo — for whatever reason — and that he believes he can do so unchecked.

      This public failure might not check him, but it will keep his intentions on the radar.

    • “deserted” before, I meant….

      I think there is so much to be learned. I don’t want any American held, and who knows what he went through. That said, he betrayed the U.S. He will never have a normal life again. And he will have to live with the deaths of those who searched for him. I am glad they searched him before putting him on the chopper. These soldiers were also in grave danger just picking him up.

  4. Pvt. Bergdahl seems to have made a miraculous recovery!

    According to Susan (it’s all about the video) Rice, it’s all about the video(s)…again! This time it’s TWO secret videos showing rapid deterioration in the health of Bergdahl – prompting the urgent prisoner swap. If we had waited another minute, Bergdahl could have died while in custody of the Taliban…and the public would have been enraged! We had to do it!
    Where are the videos, Susan? We see heartbreaking videos of tortured hostages on the nightly news on a regular basis. Like Benghazi, this scandal is not going away. Show us the videos!

  5. The other thing to notice is that right before he gets on the helicopter they pat him down either looking for weapons or explosives – interesting…

    • Why is that interesting? The Talis have been using improvised explosive devices on their bodies since the explosive was invented.

      It would have been interesting if Rambo had appeared on the mountain top afterwards.

  6. i worry that they will try to let him on military bases or in military hospitals for treatment and that we will have another Ft. Hood happen with Bergdah at center of it. This is all too fishy. We have to protect the people that come in contact with Bergdahl; especially given the fathers behavior and the radio chatter when he walked off base. I think that father and son have hidden agenda, he planned this…as in he was he trained and not held hostage, or did he become a sympathizer while with Taliban. I hope i am wrong, but nothing is too “way out” these days.

  7. I trust his fellow soldiers, I do not trust him. Nor do I trust this administration or Susan Rice lie to the camera with a straight face.