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Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 5, 2014

9:40 am CEST || Participates in a G-7 meeting on the global economy; Justus Lipsius Building, Brussels, Belgium
10:50 am || Joins G-7 leaders for a family photo
11:05 am || Participates in a G-7 meeting on energy and climate issues
Noon || Takes part in a working lunch with G-7 leaders on development
2:30 pm || Meets with British Prime Minister David Cameron
3:50 pm || Holds a joint press conference with Cameron
5:05 pm || Departs Brussels
5:55 pm || Arrives Paris
7:05 pm || Joins French President François Hollande for a dinner

All times Central Eastern European Summer Time, which is six hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time

Live stream of Obama press conference at 9:50 am U.S. Eastern Time

18 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, June 5, 2014”

  1. I’m surprised Moochelle isn’t flying over there to have a long weekend in France. I think tomorrow is the last day of school for their kids, so we shall see. She must be due for a vacation by now. How long has it been since the last one? Plus, doesn’t she usually like to take off on vacation as soon as the school year ends?

    1. Caught Moo on Cspan today, she was harping about Homeless Veterans or something. I’m giving up on her, looks like a massive European vacay is coming up……she’s paying her dues from the “nice prison” to pay her way. Sigh.

    2. One thing for sure – she’s not staying home baking cookies. She has a secret agenda – so much to do (on taxpayer’s dime), and so little time.
      I wish we could track her comings and goings – would probably be a huge scandal.

    3. The G-8 or G-7 as it is now decided not to do the spouse thing and concentrate on business meetings. So the ladies are not invited anymore. I think it started with Cameron.

  2. Sidebar: I’m reading Greg Gufeld’s “Not Cool” right now. The book is preaching to the choir, but it is awesome! So sorry his mom died during his book tour :(

    1. Just another Obama using the military — photo ops, mewing noises, speeches, blah blah blah.

      Their use of the military is one of the most personally distasteful to me of all their chicanery.

  3. here, I rewrote the schedule for you, Keith:

    9:40 am CEST || Dodges questions about Bergdahl prisoner swap at G-7 meeting on the global economy, Brussels, Belgium
    10:50 am || Ignores shouted questions from press corps as G-7 leaders pose for a family photo
    11:05 am || Pretends not to see Taliban “welcome home jihadis!” videos before a G-7 meeting on energy and climate issues…

    well, you get the idea. I thought it was cute.

  4. I cringe when I think about tomorrow. After his last foolish act as Will said ‘when a President goes rogue’ he has and I’ve been watching the
    old soldiers relive D-Day it makes me so angry for him to be on that
    memorial. I can’t think of any speaker since or before Reagan who
    gave that day it’s most moving memorial. They said 350 American Vets
    will be there God Bless them and their fallen friends. Hero’s all!

    1. “…cringe…”, yes Lizzy, I don’t think you’ll be alone tomorrow with that feeling.
      To think that Obama will be on or even near such sacred soil, consecrated with the blood of so many men, American and Allied, that I’m beyond contempt and revulsion.
      I can only weep.

    2. ” I cringe…” I don’t think you’ll be the only one feeling that way tomorrow Lizzy.
      The thought that Obama will be on or even near such sacred soil, consecrated with the blood of so many American and Allied soldiers, I’m beyond contempt and disgust.
      I’m only filled with sadness and I weep.

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