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Video || The Newly Freed Taliban

Thought you might want to see this frightening and well-produced video from the Washington Post which includes footage of the Taliban prisoners’ warm greeting in Qatar and profiles of each of them.

Eerie stuff.


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    • Eery stuff, correct.
      Here we have on film the greeting for the criminals held at Gitmo. Eery evil men!
      No such warm welcome on film for the American released.
      His file has been sealed to 2019. He is in some of hospital, not even his family has given him a warm greeting yet.
      Question can anyone recall what is the usual time period an American is held from (everyone/including family) after being rescued or released from an enemy?

  1. I saw the video yesterday. They received a hero’s welcome and apparent restrictions on their movement’s. Just a promise they won’t be allowed to travel for a year? What about visitor’s? They can make their plans to attack America from there and never have to travel.

  2. Now if only the WaPo would do a video on the six American men who died trying to locate Bergdahl. But thanks, Keith. I am surprised the WaPo has even gone this far, but maybe they are trying to focus on the Taliban side of the story and not the American deserter half. Or is there a subliminal hint in these men’s welcome home as heroes that there are other cultures besides our own and that these men are heroes to their own people for resisting the American Empire?

    McClatchy News whom I respect more than AP or Reuters says that there is a tsunami of anger over this story.

    • Even my adult daughter, who sort of shines on my obsession with this admin, listened to me the AM about this and said, “What? Mom! That is terrible–what if it IS like Homeland. I see why you get so mad. What is Obama WANTS them to do something?” It took this and five plus yrs, but it finally happened.

      • Hunt noted yesterday that there were actually 14 of our best killed in the search for Bergdahl, not 6, as is being reported And we know these 14 will never be honored by the Obama administration. Susan Rice noted on TV yesterday (maybe it was Sunday) the Bergdahl is a hero. That’s how crazy this situation is.

  3. Thanks, Washington Post, for carrying BO’s water for so many years — now that he’s done a blunder that will cost many lives you wake up to his administration’s incompetency?

    Too little, too late.

    And don’t think we don’t know that you’ll spin on a dime and praise him should there be the slightest reason in the future.

  4. Golly gee! I hope these chaps don’t see any videos insulting Islam. Who knows how they’ll react.
    gracepmc, agreed, Obama and those who participated in this travesty WILL have blood on their hands. It’s not a matter of maybe, but when.
    Thanks for the article MrKoffler, so very difficult to watch.
    Now that Barry n’ Kerry can attend to serious stuff, like global warming and fundraising. Sob’s, dirty rotten….

  5. MrObama might have thought he would kick the VA disgrace off the MSM front pages and he was right on that issue, but now finds himself with both feet in a bucket with the release of known terrorists in exchange for what appears to be a real deserter and traitor.

    Once again, they sent out the perfect sacrificial goat, Susan Rice, to lie and dissemble, to spin and twist, and tell the world that the deserter served “honorably”. Why do they hate that woman? And, how stupid is she?

  6. The thrown out policy of NON-NEGOTIATION WITH TERRORISTS.
    I think a lot of people in office need to do their punishwork and write that 1000 times down.
    Oh I forgot that is not allowed as punish work in most schools anymore, so I can’t expect a person working on behalf of us to have to do the same.

  7. IF they were smart they would have sent them to Yemen to be watched. And then a day later sent in a fleet of drones to take them out.

    That way they can say that Gitmo is a good place and still have justice served!

  8. Keith, I read someplace that there was a million dollars involved in this trade. But it wasnt known if Obama paid it or not. Have you heard anything about this.

  9. So glad we gave them the best medical care, constant exercise, and well-rounded halal meals to keep them strong. Not to mention free rein to practice their peaceful version of faith all these years. (sarc)

    • My take on this exchange catastrophe is that Obama was desperate to free these monsters so they could get back in the fight. He wasn’t even slightly interested to get the release of the deserter. Bergdahl was just the pawn in the game.

  10. Did my part, for what it’s worth. Called my Representative and Senator and advocated Obama’s impeachment for unilaterally releasing 5 terrorists known to want to do harm to this country and we the people.

    Call for impeachment is free of consideration of race, religious or party affiliation.

    It may go nowhere. But silence gets me nowhere also.

    And apparently I am not the first to make this call.

    • I’ll contact mine also. For what it’s worth.

      I tried to share the link to the video on my FB page, but ran into a problem. Some commented above about problem. If someone can clarify or share another link, that would be helpful. Thanks!

  11. HA,
    If I was one of these 5 Taliban Leaders I will be staying at luxury Quatar hotel and let my followers from Afghan/Pakistan come to me…
    Then they can figure out how to RE-TAKE Afghanistan in 2016… (after Obama & the USA is DEAFEATED and RETREATS…)