As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Kerry Napping on the Job in Poland

Too much kielbasa and pirogies for breakfast, clearly.

And why not have a snooze? This is not some important foreign policy issue like global warming. It’s just NATO and the defense of the West.

All this Cold War silliness. You can see National Security Advisor Rice there checking out her Blackberry and reading an email from the Eighties, which wants its foreign policy back.

11 Responses to Video || Kerry Napping on the Job in Poland

  1. America’s best and brightest…..oops wrong administration. I’d take either of the two cowboy Presidents, Reagan and Dubya, over anything the dimocrats can throw our way!

    • Oh boy. There he is.
      I almost asked everyone here, Where’s Kerry in all this mess of the detainee’s being released.
      Note: I just read on Drudge that the WH aplogized to Senate Intel Chief for prisoner swap.

  2. There he is, the Captain of US Foreign Policy, asleep at the helm.
    No more “Rocks & Shoals”, so no yard-arm, can’t keel-haul, maybe “kissing the gunner’s daughter” will teach him to stay awake.
    RE; NSA Rice, just as useless.