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Video || Chuck Todd: WH Caught Flat-Footed by Bergdahl Hostility

The White House was shocked at the criticism it has gotten for the way it went about freeing Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, apparently thinking there would be joy that their Herculean efforts to free a possible deserter would be met with gratitude and joy.

According to NBC’s Chuck Todd:

What’s caught the White House off guard here – they were expecting criticism of Gitmo, criticism of the detainees that were chosen. They did not expect criticism of the attempt to go get Bergdahl in the way that it was done. And that appears to be what’s caught them off guard.

I think that they thought there would be some euphoria over this, that the only POW that was remaining in Afghanistan – that there would be a rallying around the flag. That didn’t happen.

Typical Obama, strolling out into the Rose Garden with Bergdahl’s Pashto-speaking father – with a Muslim holy-man beard that made him look like he might be suffering a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome – and expecting to get worshipped for it. Obama doesn’t get what average Americans who aren’t into his class resentment, political correctness game are thinking.

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  1. Oh, don’t kid yourselves members of the Obama Administration. I would’ve been – if not critical – at least questioning the negotiations with terrorists to release five, high-ranking Taliban members even if the P.O.W. in question was in line to receive the Medal of Honor.

    The fact you still did those things for an America-hating, possible deserter is just the cherry on top.

    It makes me seriously question just whose side are you on, anyways?

  2. Euphoria? My guess is that he probably was fantasizing about massive ticker tape parades and celebrations across America honoring him for bringing home the last POW. There are lots of things about this story that do not add up. I’m seriously wondering whether we paid Qatar $$$ to take these five murderers and if so, how much?

  3. I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked that this President with a solid 40% approval rating doesn’t understand what the other 60% of Americans want and expect from their Leader. /s/
    While most Americans revere and honor our military, serving or veteran, we draw the line at deserters, criminals in uniform, and those who shame themselves.
    This is just another example of the un-American mindset of the Obamas. It’s not that they’re traitors, not at all, but rather they don’t get our traditions, how we view and celebrate our holidays, or even how we go about our everyday lives. Their life experiences don’t mesh with the majority of Americans, so they will forever be puzzled and clueless as to what makes us tick.

    • oops.
      The little comedy show in the Rose Garden raised black flags all over the country. How could they not vet the parents, how could they allow the father to claim he can’t speak English so he could address the Taliban in their own language?

  4. I don’t think the WH has anything to worry about. Ok, maybe no euphoria but the news is being spun. It seems the weight is on the deserter not on the President who unleashed 5 terrorists back onto America again. It’s a matter of time.

    I found the panel on Special Report tonight to be moreoreless non plussed — why Rep. are protesting now when they didn’t with 38 Obamacare changes, or amnesty etc. (all valid points indeed) and yeah, he probably sort kinda did have the authority to do this, and it looks like Obama is going to clear out Guantanamo as he said he would.

    And so there is no outrage on the part of the professional pundits there. And if there is it is very well hidden — so unsightly and unprofessional I would imagine to rally in defense of the country.

    So blame the do nothing Congress, Obama has not been checked, so we guess he will proceed unchecked and whatcha’ gonna do? It is what it is.

    Maybe somebody else who saw this got a different read. But what I saw was — yeah, well Obama.

    • I concede that the larger issue upsetting the American public is the issue of Bergdahl being a deserter and that this resulted in deaths of good military men sent out to look for him. And this in no way should be diminished. The men should be honored and respected for the ultimate sacrifice. And Bergdahl should be dealt with in the military courts.

      The issue of Guantanamo — out out damned spot — now will blind the relieved public happy not to deal with it, to the fact that the President of the United States has now returned our enemy to the battlefield.

      • I feel the large issue is they let these 5 evil, dangerous men go.
        The issue of the young man does need to be investigated. However the file on him is sealed for several years.
        How is anyone going to investiagate this with a sealed file?

  5. If Obama is going to set the Bergdahl situation as a template for more prisoner swaps to empty out Guantanamo, I would think the Taliban and other terrorist organizations would now be wanting to abduct a few more Americans. Wasn’t Bergdahl supposed to have been the last POW?

    Obama is unbelievably stupid, or is it Valerie Jarrett? Or maybe Hillary Clinton stuffed the idea in his head?

    • He knows he will never be impeached. Therefore, for the rest of his term he will do whatever he pleases, when he pleases. And no one will stop him.

      People will suffer from his policies. Some people will die. He simply does not care. He is untouchable.

      If it were up to me, there is cause to impeach. Start the process — rough him up where it counts — his ego — and keep him occupied so we can limit the damage.

      He is unleashed.

      • I like that Grace.
        He continually pokes his finger in our eye daring us to do something.
        Start the impeachment proceedings and the power of the US will start poking OUR finger in HIS eye.

      • He is indeed unleashed. His rate of post Constitutional and lawless acts has jumped to almost one a day, and they have become more damaging and outrageous actions as he approaches the end of his time as POTUS. As the radical leftists said with joy when Obama got elected, “He is the one we have been waiting for.” Well, now he’s here in full flower and he gets more dangerous by the day.

  6. Special Ops forces have known the whereabouts of Bergdahl for years – even knew how many captors were guarding him. They opted not to risk lives of our troops in a dangerous rescue ON A DESERTER, espcially since the Taliban seemed so eager to make a deal. The Pentagon felt they had more time in which to achieve a diplomatic solution.

    Bergdahl’s release became an emergency for Obama – he was leaving for Europe and the VA scandal is escalating. It is conceivable that the Taliban also were aware of his plight and upped the ante.

    Bergdahl is in good condition by all reports. He even celebrated Easter with the Taiban! There is no reason, other than political, that Obama pulled this stunt.

    If the Pentagon knew that Bergdahl was a deserter, so did Susan Rice…and Obama..
    Once again – it’s the LIES!

    Obama is guilty of treason for putting personal gain above the law, just as he did with Benghazi, Obamacare, de facto amnesty, and just about everything else.

    Impeach the traitor!

    • Everyone says we can’t impeach him — first Black President and all — even though there is cause. It occurs to me that’s like saying we won’t send help to Benghazi — futile.

      The effort must be made.

      • The R’s are going to rue the day they didn’t impeach Obama. It’s inconceivable that one man, black or white, could wreak such havoc on this country. The damage will be irreversible.
        Impeachment would also slow him down in his post-presidency.
        He’s already working on his Foundation and other projects. He needs to have the Scarlett letter (I) emblazoned across his forehead.

        • Impeachment and scandal didn’t hurt Bill Clinton. He commands millions for his speaking engagements. In a perfect world, disgraced politicians, especially presidents and other heads of state, would quietly retire in shame and never again participate in public life.

      • At least we should try. It only be a footnote on his administration, but at least it will be on the “official” record, of course until it’s sealed.

  7. I rarely watch O’Reilly but he is on now and Krauthamer is coming on. But he just flashed a picture of a 21 year old serviceman who was killed in the search for Bergdahl. A sweet young baby faced young man. His parents will be on.

    When you start putting names, and faces, and real heartache to this story it makes it even more difficult to understand how Barack Obama can stand before the American people with any thing but a head hanging in shame for what he has done.

    • I’ve read that some soldiers (and maybe the parents?) had to sign papers that they would not discuss this, but the furor is so great that I hope they disregard what they signed. What is the army going to do, prosecute them? The public would be overwhelmingly on their side.

      • I’ve also read and heard on the radio that some were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements regarding this situation. Much like those involved with Benghazi.

  8. Pretty outrageous. Psaki’s blonde bimbo compadre at State challenges that the soldiers in Bergdahl’s unit who were there may not be telling the facts. Well, toss my long blonde curls, shrug and turn away dismissively. How insulting. For God’s sake if we are not going to impeach Obama or Holder or do anything about Lois Lerner can we at least get rid of the blonde and the red head twinlets at State.

    • It’s the Tommy Vietor White House don’t you know? It’s not whether you can do the job or what your professional qualifications are, it’s have you been a good little sycophant and followed blindly?
      For crying out loud, Vietor got into the admin by being a campaign van driver and in less time than it takes a lie to come out of Susan Rice’s mouth, he was in the White House situation room the night of the Benghazi attacks?
      The only adults in this administration are Jarrett and Podesta and they’re hard left communists hell bent on making America pay.

  9. BS He knew exactly the response this treason would get and is cumming in his mom jeans over rubbing our noses in his imperial dictatorship. The black flag of al-queda will be flying over the WH very soon. Will we do anything?

  10. “Obama doesn’t get what average Americans who aren’t into his class resentment, political correctness game are thinking.”

    You have just summed up so much about Obama’s administration, Keith.