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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, June 4, 2014

9:50 am CEST || Meets with Ukraine President-elect Petro Poroshenko; Marriot, Warsaw, Poland
10:30 am || Meets with embassy staff and family members; Marriot, Warsaw
11:20 am || Participates in a family photo with leaders; Royal Castle, Warsaw
11:30 am || Departs Poland
3:20 pm || Arrives Belgium
7:25 pm || Meets with King Philippe and Prime Minister Di Rupo of Belgium; Royal Palace of Brussels, Brussels
7:55 pm || Arrives Council of the European Union; Justus Lipsius Building, Brussels
8:00 pm || Joins EU Leaders for a photo; Justus Lipsius Building, Brussels
8:20 pm || Attends a G-7 working dinner; Justus Lipsius Building, Brussels

All times Central Eastern European Summer Time, which is six hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time

15 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Wednesday, June 4, 2014”

  1. I hope that this noodle spined wuss realizes that he is going to get slammed when he gets back to this Country.
    Have a nice trip Barry, you will be remembered as the absolute worst president this Country has ever endured.

    1. Once in a while I like to see what our enemies on the left are saying. MSNBC is saying that Bergdahl was “swiftboated”. But they have a rating under 5% and that’s about how many people in this country agree with them about Bergdahl. HuffingtonPost is already saying that the Republicans are politicizing the situation.

      But I think you’re right: it’s not going to be blown over by the time Obama gets back. And I hope it’s the end of Clinton. This has her smelly paws all over it.

        1. So instead of believing the men that ACTUALLY knew and served with Bergdahl, we’re supposed to trust the WH.
          Not a snowballs chance in hell.

    1. I8:00 pm || Joins EU Leaders for a photo; Justus Lipsius Building, Brussels.

      I’m waiting to see if he ruins yet another group shot with his “look at me, look at me” wave.

      1. Another look at me talking to another beautiful lady, while I am suppose to be paying attention to something else.
        As well all cameras will be aimed at this mouth to see if they can get a nicorette picture.
        The main picture I would take the time to pay attention to while he is there is if someone gets a picture of a couple of people asking him: Why did you let those 5 detainee’s go????

    2. I’ve seen him in those group photo things, and the time before the photos when everyone is just milling about talking to each other, he’s always the odd man out. These days they will all be turning their backs on him

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