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Obama Admits Taliban May Resume Harmful Activities

President Obama acknowledged today that five Taliban prisoners released in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl may resume “activities” harmful to the United States, even as he continued to defend the deal.

“Is there the possibility of some of them trying to return to activities that are detrimental to us? Absolutely,” Obama said in a news conference with Poland’s president in Warsaw. “There’s a certain recidivism rate that takes place.”

Actually, there’s a lot of recidivism that takes place among released Gitmo detainees. And these latest bad guys released are hardened former leaders of the Taliban.

The administration has been vague on the terms of the deal and the restrictions that the Qataris, who are currently hosting the Taliban, must place on their activities. Nor do we know the duration of whatever kind of confinement they are under. However, Obama’s remarks today suggest clearly that the confinement is far from permanent.

Nevertheless, the president said he would never have allowed the exchange if he “thought it was contrary to U.S. national security.”

Obama also sought to justify his failure to alert Congress, saying lawmakers knew the White House “might” do such a trade and that he had to act fast.

“We have consulted with Congress for quite some time about the possibility that we might need to execute a prisoner exchange in order to recover Bergdahl,” Obama said. “We saw an opportunity, and we were concerned about Bergdahl’s health. We had the cooperation of the Qataris to execute an exchange and we seized that opportunity.”

The president said it didn’t matter, with respect to the decision to barter his release, whether or not Bergdahl was a deserter.

“Regardless of the circumstances, whatever those circumstances may turn out to be, we still get an American soldier back if he’s held in captivity, period. Full stop. We don’t condition that,” the president said. “That’s what every mom and dad who sees a son or daughter sent over to the war theater should expect, not just from their commander in chief but from the United States of America.”

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    • Sadly, impeachment is the last thing on O’s mind. Between Harry Reid and the sycophants in the Senate and the jelly fish spine of the Boehner bunch in the House, Saddam Hussein and Hitler will be enjoying chilled champagne before Obama faces consequences for his dereliction of duty.

      • I just read on NRO (Mona Charen) that Congress did not build any penalties into the 30-day notification law Obama agreed to in the event he disregarded–once again–his own law. Nor was the potential withholding of money attached to it. Therefore, he cannot be impeached on that ground. That “law” is toothless. As to impeaching him on the ground of negotiating with terrorists to the detriment of the country, Megyn Kelly pointed out to Judge Napolitano last night that that too will not work because the Congress would have to prove a purposeful intent to harm the country. Ergo, no impeachment.

        You are right to focus on the Senate: isn’t the Senate mainly responsible for treaties? But what’s going to be overlooked by many is that the Congress as a whole agreed to a law which in fact makes them impotent to act.

        • Thanks for that detailed information. As I mentioned yesterday our representatives are no longer helping out for the better welfare of the citizens.
          If I may mention as well they will be off for the better part of the summer.

  1. I noticed the parents of the soldiers who died trying to find Bergdahl are speaking out now. They were lied to about the “mission” they were on at the time of their deaths.

    2009 ? That was on Obama’s watch too. Despictable.

    • I just saw the parents of Andrew as well. They said a lot of soldiers there were told to sign a non disclosure.
      O tells us what we already know after he hopped on a plane and flew away. In another Country he states that, They may return to terror.
      First of all we could already figure that out for oursleves.
      As far as his statment: We have consulted with Congress for quite some time. That is not what Congressman are stating.
      The Congressman I have heard speak in the last couple of days stated a 30 notice was not given.

    • I think it was the Wash Times that said the Pentagon “knew” several times where he was but did not stage a raid bec he was a deserter. True? False? There is a lot of info coursing around.

  2. Thoughts to ponder from my infamous twitter feed:

    Wondering how #Obama could trade 5 terrorists for deserter #Bergdahl? 2 names: Saul Alinsky & Frank Marshall Davis, know them, know him #tcot

    #Obama and left keep touting ‘we leave no one behind’ but ignore that #Bergdahl left America and his unit behind when he walked off post.

    Just sayin.

    • Barack Obama would never offer himself as a sacrificial lamb for a “cause”. Nope. Not happening. Too bad if there are puppet masters — they picked a full blown narcissist who will cling to every right and privilege and then some that might come his way.

  3. Even if you play out his logic, it makes sense to exchange 1 for 1 not 1 for 5. But even 1 for 1 doesn’t really make sense when you look at the big picture. There is something that is not being made clear. You can tell because he used the word “period”.

  4. 18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason

    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    • Owen, are you referring to Bergdahl or Obama? Because as I commented above to Geoff, Megyn Kelly says the second part of that is that you must prove that the person actually had intent to harm the United States. I think we might have such proof in the case of Bergdahl with his correspondence with his family and whatever else, but Obama? Unfortunately, I think not.

  5. Here are the 5 former Taliban Leaders we traded out of Gitmo:
    1 – A Chief of Army staff under the Taliban regime.
    2- An Interior Minister during the Taliban’s rule
    3- A Governor of Balkh province in the Taliban regime
    4- The Deputy Chief of the Taliban regime’s intelligence service.
    5- A Taliban Chief of Communications

    The Administration has planned this transfer a long time. The ‘Law’ was deliberately changed in December and Obama and the Congress knew it. The Fiscal Year 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which (bipartisan) passed in December makes it ONLY a requirement that the Defense Secretary notify Congress when releasing GITMO prisoners. Before that, congressional approval and 30 days notice on any GITMO releases was required.

    • Frederick:
      Excellent and salient info regarding the change to the NDAA. It only raises more concerns. Why did Congress subjugate themselves to Chuck Hagel et al.

      • There was no support from the Intel sources to support this release. Not even from Clapper. So, the decision to release was solely one made by Obama for political reasons.

        So perhaps for the first time, it can be proven, that the buck stops here with Barack Obama. And he should be held responsible.

        Undoubtedly he will try and throw people under the blame bus but it is unlikely that people will go so willingly this time.

  6. I just listened to McCain on Fox News.
    He quoted Linsey Grahm: “Taliban Dream Team” (referring to the detainees Let go.
    McCain stated: These detainees were judged several times as High Risk. That the Taliban chose which detainees they wanted.
    He is glad an American is home, but what is the price we will pay.
    He noted that O admitted they could harm Americans. and that O said Than we could go after them. (if they did something else) McCain laughed at that notion.
    McCain asked: Is this the new American Policy.
    Mccain said: O may be ending the war in Afganistan, but the Taliban and Alqaeda are not ending the war.
    One of his last comments, Susan Rice again speaking,
    Berghdahl served with distinction & honor. McCain said, She does a great job on Sunday Talk Shows.

    • *YAWN*
      -McCain speaks…?

      I really have NO RESPECT when ‘Sen.’ McCain speakes anymore…

      He is such a useless RINO.

  7. This is another Obama and his minions ego play.

    He needed to free a soldier — would it be a patriot? Someone whose family was career military and had served the nation with pride?

    No. It had to be a “here’s your rescued soldier” whose freeing served Obama’s “greater” values. So, from what I have read, both father and son are hostile to the military and the father does the multicultural thing of learning arabic, etc.

    This way the soldier becomes a vehicle that produces one of those liberal-beloved “teachable moments” for us patriotic yahoos.

  8. I think Obama and Hillary were blackmailed over what the Taliban knows actually transpired in Benghazi. That is the only explanation I can conjure up for the high price of 5 top dogs for one lowly soldier. Perhaps the recently outed CIA station chief has something to do with the high price as well. That would also explain the unusual timing and the “urgency”.

    …in my humble right-wing conspiratorial opinion.

    • I had asked earlier on a thread, if anyone recalled the CIA agent that was let go.
      You mentioned he was a CIA station chief.
      I can guess what a station chief is. (Party in charge of a certain area)?
      Where was he stationed?
      I would guess he had to sign a non disclosure. I can understand him not being able to discuss secret stuff, but a non disclosure will keep in quiet with things American citizens would have the right to know presently.

    • I’ve always thought that Muslims somehow own BO.

      I wonder if ValJar owns him emotionally — he can’t function without her organization of his day/term/self-love-needs — or is it information about foreign illegal campaign contributions that Muslim governments would have? I could see this Bozo accepting that money, thinking that he would “tame” the Muslim world with his charm and everyone would be so grateful they wouldn’t care where his campaign money came from.

    • Very interesting MCarol, yes, very interesting thought. You’ve got me thinking about that angle, as one right -wing tin foil hat wearing conspirator to another. Wink-wink, and secret handshake.

    • Interesting MCarol, very interesting thought. You’ve have me thinking on this possibility.
      Of course that’s one right-wing, tin foil hat wearing conspirator to another. Secret handshake and wink-wink.

  9. Elsewhere someone speculated how awful it would be if one of these released terrorists were involved in another attack that resulted in the deaths of Americans.

    In the real world, that is not too far afield. And if that happens, an American President would be responsible. It would be a consequence of a Presidential act.

    I have disdain for Barack Obama for what he has done to this country but it would be beyond tragic to have this come to pass. I don’t believe for a minute that this is something he or anyone would want. But when one is driven by political gain beyond any thought of the good of the country and a narcissism that disallows any criticism or consideration of consequences this is where it can lead.

    And I just don’t know what to do with that. The harmful consequences of many of Barack Obama’s progressive policies and unchecked power exercised through regulation are many but pale in comparison.

    • If that does God-forbid happen, then it’s over for Obama.

      I doubt there’s a statue of limitations on treason.

      If we get attacked, if the body count God-forbid has a comma in it, and it turns out one of these terrorists is behind it, Obama will have hell to pay.

      And that’s just in THIS lifetime.

      If he did flee the country, the bounty on him would be so high that the recipient would never need an honest job for the rest of their life.

      • Horrible to contemplate. These terrorists are terrorists and are hard wired to kill us. It’s just too awful that it came to pass that no consultation with Congress, who no matter what are duly elected representatives of the American people, was taken.

        So, I chose to put my faith in our military and intelligence sources that they will track these men and do whatever is necessary to prevent them from harm doing.

        Ever since I read that comment about what could happen, it has become very real and haunting.

  10. Pardon my French, but c’est des conneries.

    I hate to be cold on this, but if your son has gone over to the enemy, you should not expect to see him again.

    As I said last night: we’re getting nothing but, justice willing, a corpse-to-be; the Taliban are getting five of their best operators for sure, and probably some propaganda wins on the eventual court-martial and execution

    It’s going to happen at some point, by the way. The GOP is going to win in 2016–mark it down–and once the new commander-in-chief is sworn in, justice should be very, very swift.

  11. Duh. He must have gotten that idea from the newspapers since that is where he allegedly receives his intelligence. What a wuss.

  12. Col. Hunt said on O’Reilly last night that Bergdahl deserted and actually called his troop the next day and told them he had deserted.

    Also, in other reports, those that served with Bergdahl said two weeks before he deserted he mailed home his personal possessions and uniforms. Definitely sounds planned.

  13. How did Bergdahl’s father get clearance to even enter the WH? Why did the Secret Service allow him to stand in the Rose Garden next to Obama? He’s a Taliban/terrorist sympathizer and security should have prevented him from even getting near the WH.

  14. Obama will now be trying to backtrack and most likely he will say that he “consulted with Congress” many times over the course of time and he has said if there are bad acts as a result of this release Obama has confidence that they will be prevented by our forces. And he said something — I am unclear — about how he would not do anything that would jeopardize the national security of the country.

    And on that note, there are many ways to consider the national security of the country. For starters we can consider the unchecked invasion of unidentified, undocumented illegals from God knows where into this country. And the takeover by the government of energy supplied to the populace, which is essentially what is going on with the EPA, can also be considered not in the best interests of our national security. But I suppose with the silver tongued set this is all semantics.

  15. How is releasing 5 criminals who will likely resume their attempts to attack America NOT an impeachable offense? When are people going to wake up in this country? President Zero stood up there yesterday and rubbed America’s face in it…if you don’t believe today he’s a Muslim sympathizer, then you cannot be helped…

    Now, if the CIA chipped these five clowns with GPS trackers and plans to drone them after they return to their various hives, maybe that’s understandable and a good strategy. On the face of it, however, this just stinks to high heaven.

    • Someone mentioned that yesteday, that they may have chips in them. I suggested if so, after that pathetic welcome home they received they would be sent to have the chips removed ASAP.
      Does anyone know if a chip can be placed in someone without it being detected by an X-Ray or other medical devices?

  16. “Regardless of the circumstances, whatever those circumstances may turn out to be, we still get an American soldier back if he’s held in captivity, period. Full stop. We don’t condition that,” the president said. “That’s what every mom and dad who sees a son or daughter sent over to the war theater should expect, not just from their commander in chief but from the United States of America.”

    Big words from the CIC who left our Ambassador and three other Americans dead in Benghazi.

    • If he did leave.
      If he did turn around and figure out he did wrong.
      If he was able to get secretive information for us, and the only way to get that info was to bring him back home.
      If that info would help protect us, and that overode the risk of a threat by the 5 detainees let go.
      I hope ya’ll understand the point I was trying to make.
      We are not going to find out anything, because his records have already been sealed. Also the CIA was just let go. WHY?
      Bottom line we negotiated with a terrorist. Do they have a short memory and forget, We were attacked by terrorist.