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Michelle Forgets She Wasn’t Elected

Looks like John Roberts screwed up even more than previously understood when he misspoke to oath of office in 2009. It seems – and I know some might find this unsettling so sorry to bother you – but it seems he accidentally swore Michelle in too!

From remarks First Lady Michelle Obama made last night during a Democratic fundraiser:

And then there were those of you — joined us after the primaries, and you were there when Barack and I first took office — or I took office alongside — or he took office and I was there — (laughter)

I mean, okay, let her veto a few bills if she wants, take a couple of illegal executive actions, maybe lead from behind on a small military action or two. But no, I don’t think she should be co-running the country. It’s just not in the Constitution.

As Freud said, there are no accidents.

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  1. Freud also said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but why bring Clinton into it? Anyhow, ever since she was told First Lady was not a paying position, she has been bitter.

      • As far as Clinton/Cigar LOL
        I wish that was all were having to worry about at this time, instead the Mooch STUPID comment. As far as I am concerned even if she was completly making a joke. I feel it is an insult to O, the office itself, and every citizen of the U.S.

        • As long as we have a President like O the office deserves no respect to give the office respect is telling Obama u approve of what he is not doing , In my opinion he is as much a Terror as Hamas, I love this Country but I cant respect a person who only wants to destroy America, Neither Obama or michelle can stay off vacation long enough to do a damn thing, the media keeps talking like Obama needs a vacation once in awhile, But Hell hes done nothing but be on vacation

  2. “When Mama’s not happy, no one is happy” might extend from the Obama’s home into the Oval Office.
    There isn’t anyone who doubts that her wishes, or her visions of control guide the President’s actions, and have done so from the start.

    Why wouldn’t she think she’s “sworn in”, too? She has everything he has from a private jet to applause when she appears in public, even though she’s supposedly done nothing other than say “I do” twenty-some years ago.
    She’s confused respect for the President’s wife to a personal achievement of her own, and that includes being elected to office.

  3. There is a precedent, a bad one…..remember Clinton saying you “get two for the price of one”?
    I fear that again in 2016.

      • …And I get the point We are not allowed to say Anything ‘Negative’ to that Michelle Obama because she is the first ‘black’ FLOTUS…

      • Langley, “uppity” is when a person tries to behave in ways above their social class. MO is not “uppity.”

        Michelle Obama acts like trashy nouveau riche and that is what she is.

    • This ‘twofer’ thing bugs me. Shrillary is termed out! She has already ‘served’ two terms…and then some. Twenty-five years of this aging carpetbagger and her philandering husband is a pox on Amerika. And besides, we’re going to have to install handicap ramps and a team of full-time doctors and nurses at the WH to accommodate the ailing ‘twofers’. This is NOT the way it’s supposed to be!

      Thank God Mooch has no political aspirations whatsoever – she just wants to be richer than Oprah.

      • As I recall Oprah really worked hard to get where she is and I doubt she’d hire either Obama to run her company. Based on their Chicago resumes, wish she would have not endorsed BO in 2008.

  4. I’d put her to work immediately.
    If she starved the budget like she starves the kids’ lunches then we’d have no debt by Christmas!

  5. She is just following in Hillary’s footsteps….

    I’m not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president.

    Quoted in Blood Sport: The President and His Adversaries (p. 368), James B. Stewart, December 1993

  6. Just wait until Hillary is elected and we can have Bill as the co-President.

    The liberal progessive disdain for the rule of law and the Constitution is breathtaking.

    • One of the best comments on the link you provided, was, “if the SecService wants to watch out for terrorist, they should keep a eye on the 5 just released. ”
      Mort Saul, Dick Gregory, Lenny Bruce, “Al Sleet”, the hippy-dippy weatherman would all be on watch lists.
      I’d be in good company.

  7. Michelle Obama…
    this so-called “FLOTUS” is nothing but a pissed-off, spoiled, uppity Wookie.

    When will something say that…???

    • During the ’08 campaign we traveled to Chicago for a business convention. During dinner one night, one of our hosts, an Af/Am Chicago lawyer, was talking about/mocking Michelle Obama. I will never forget his words: “Here in Chicago, we educated Blacks refer to her as “Ghetto Girl”. And he was a DEM !

  8. Mzzzz Michelle isn’t the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, as we have all figured out by now. Couple that with her epic arrogance, and we have an insufferable package of pure looney with this gal.

  9. Isn’t it amazing how the few who attain stardom or wealth with little effort are the first ones to turn their backs from whence they came?

    The constant preaching about inequality wreaks with hypocrisy.


    • “…For the children…” the same children that Obama’s multi-trillon dollar debt will leave them scrambling in the ruins of the once great and prosperous country known as America, searching for Mooch & Gov’t approved diet.
      Ironically, Mooch will probably expired of clogged arteries by then.

  10. What is she worried about she is more powerful than the President. She has all the same powers and none of the responsibilities. She has the Carte Blanche card of the United States and she is a charging fool. She can summon a Jet and entourage on a whim. She does not have to explain herself as she showed recently when questioned on how she is paying for luxury gowns.

    • I also pray Jay Carney goes to H#ll…

      Because he has been nothing but the arrogant, obnoxious, sycophant “Propaganda Sec.” for this Obama regime…

      (Keith, could you pass that onto Jay Carney at his “WH press corps” going away party…)

  11. Obama using the “we don’t leave American service men and women behind” excuse makes me want to grab him and put him nose to gravestone of the men murdered, waiting for his ass, to come and rescue them.

    This President has violated American security. And no BS from him anywhere, anytime is going to make that not so.

    • You see, BO thinks it was clever to “use” this value against those who objected to his Taliban giveaway.

      He thought it would silence his critics. They’d turn ashen and say to each other, “He’s right. That’s what we believe. I guess he shut us up.”

      That’s how little respect and understanding BO has for American values.

    • Obama Five. Beautiful !
      When it is discovered that an act of terrorism against America or any US citizens was planned, coordinated and ordered by the Obama Five, that’s how they should be identified.
      It’s not a matter of if or maybe an attack will come, just when and where.

  12. Michelle Tweets “Bring back our girls”

    This is how Atheists pray.

    When the leaders of the west call on Someone Else to do Something, you know we are in trouble.

  13. When MO and BO went to some muslim country to visit, BO wrote some drivel in a big book and signed it with a large signature in the center of the space below.

    Meesh FORCED her name to begin in the gutter of the book’s binding so that she could place in front of BO’s name and on the same line.

    That’s when I knew how much she hated being officially lower in status to him.

    Meesh may be first, but she’ll never be a lady.

  14. That’s what Obama will do when hes out of office if he don’t sign a order to keep him President but he will still run the country thru who ever gets elected he as much as said so he said after he is out of office he would stay in Washington to make sure what he has done stays that way, so yea he plans on a Dem. getting elected so he can still run the nation