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I’m Still the President! (Knock on Wood)

Umm, is there a psychotherapist in the house?

According to Politico:

The ritual started in earnest last fall in the midst of the biggest humiliation of Barack Obama’s presidency, the failure of the health care website. Anytime he heard a sliver of good news, the president reacted the same way: He knocked on the polished cherry wood table in the Roosevelt Room.

It’s a small thing, almost a nervous tic, but Obama’s habit of knocking on wood during Obamacare meetings had become notable, something that close advisers talked and even joked about among themselves . . .

When Obamacare fixer Jeffrey Zients told the president for the first time that the website would finally hold up under a rush of visitors, Obama joined his senior aides in a round of knocking. When the insurance marketplace finally functioned as it should, they knocked. When enrollment numbers picked up in March, they knocked . . . .

As one way to cope, White House aides say, they have reassured themselves that Obama is better off than his counterparts in the second terms of the two previous administrations. Bill Clinton was impeached. Under George W. Bush, top aides like Karl Rove were threatened with criminal prosecution.

Noting that Obama’s White House hasn’t dealt with the same degree of challenges, legal or otherwise, Pfeiffer knocked on the wood desk in his West Wing office. Then he knocked again, and again. Feverishly.

Is treatment covered under Obamacare?

24 thoughts on “I’m Still the President! (Knock on Wood)”

    1. The “luck” is still in the hands of the regime to retain the power over the laws of this Country.
      In this regime the luck comes from the ability of them to get away with breaking the law and the congress allowing them to get away with it.
      Their idea of luck is the level of intimidation of their enemies and the success rate in doing so.
      Their luck will run out when somebody takes a stand against them, and is successful.

      1. Rep. Frank Wolfe has gone the other route. He is exercising the power of the purse, withholding funds from DOJ for failure to comply with requests. In article by Chris Adams at PJM about the futility of using the law against a lawless Administration. The link is a few posts back.

        1. Good luck on withholding funds.
          When in the past has the threat to withhold funds from ANY agency passed the house ?
          If there has been, refresh my memory.
          Rhetoric is one thing and it sounds good,…..deeds are quite another.

          1. check out the link. I think he is doing it. It’s not much, but I am happy to see someone do something. Especially regarding the DOJ.

  1. That’s not a fist knocking, its a gavel pounding out more directives and edits.

    With apologies to Flip Wilson: Here come da judge, here come da judge!


  2. What a pathetic indictment of the Obama administration.
    When the POTUS and his minions “knock on wood” to call out the deities of superstition praying for success, then MrObama has lost all credibility or reason to remain in office.
    Good luck or success comes from measured and competent action, not from voodoo or superstitions.
    it wasn’t bad luck that the Obamacare website didn’t work, it was the lack of competent computer expertise, and the incomprehensible mandates that couldn’t be broken into digital code. They could have knocked on every giant sequoia in the redwood forest and it still wouldn’t work, nor would the public come to love it.

    Today, his newest “victory” of illegally trading five terrorists for what appears to be an American traitor proves that this administration is all adrift and has no clue how to proceed. Every adage, or cliche, could apply to this WhiteHouse of mistakes, misinformation, and incompetence.
    This isn’t the gang that couldn’t shoot straight; it’s the gang that doesn’t know how to load the gun.

    1. As always, a concise and cutting post, srdem. It brought to my mind a mental vision of Voodoo Granny too, sticking pins into her American Military doll, kept in a basket with her American Taxpayer, Koch Brothers and Whitey dolls.

    1. Just another indication of the attitude the regime holds for the Country and Her survival.
      We are not playing poker here,….although, in a sense, we are.
      Many countries have called his bluff and won.

      His tells have been obvious for years and they are taking advantage of them.
      Obama tends to fold at the slightest indication of opposition on the foreign front.
      Many countries are playing him for a fool because they know that he doesn’t have the attitude to confront them.

      Our military is the good hand, a strong hand, and Obama is determined to piss it away on the international theater.
      And he is doing it.

  3. “When the insurance marketplace finally functioned as it should, they knocked.” — The fact that they believe their “marketplace” is functioning as an insurance market should function is truly frightening.

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