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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, June 3, 2014

9:50 am CEST || Arrives Warsaw, Poland
10:15 am || With President Bronislaw Komorowski of Poland, meets with U.S. and Polish airmen
11:10 am || Meets with President Komorowski; Belweder Palace, Warsaw
12:30 pm || Holds a joint press conference with Komorowski
1:40 pm || Meets with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk; Chancellery of the Prime Minister; Warsaw
2:55 pm || Obama and Tusk deliver statements to the press
3:15 pm || Obama and Komorowski host a meeting with Central and Eastern European Leaders; Koniecpolski Palace, Warsaw
4:45 pm || Joins the Central and Eastern European Leaders for a photo opportunity; Koniecpolski Palace
7:30 pm || Attends a Solidarity dinner; Royal Castle, Warsaw

All times Central Eastern European Summer Time, which is six hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time
Live stream of Obama press conference at 12:30 pm

17 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, June 3, 2014”

      1. I sure hope so. Walensa has made his opinion known.

        And after our Ukraine “support” I am pretty sure EE, CE, and the Baltic states are uneasy.

        At some point, Obama and Putin will be in the same venue. I forget when.

        1. Did you see earlier on Fox that the French president is holding separate state dinners, two hours apart, for Obama and Putin?
          My husband and I were speculating on whether or not Mooch will be flying over separately to attend.
          It is so sad to me and to my husband, a Navy Vet who went on a carrier to the Cuban Missile Crisis, that Obama will represent America at the 70th anniversary of Normandy.

          1. My respect to your husband. I have a friend who did the same. Just 2 weeks ago he was showing me his Navel Book. He was explaining how the information they knew could not be discussed with anyone once coming home.
            My father served as well in the Navy at that time period. He was in the Asian part of the world on boat. Inside of this Dark Navel Suit, there are colorful patches that show where him and his fellow navel stopped and went onshore. Does your husband have any patches inside of this sleeves?

  1. Karma is such a ‘bleep’ ! Obama has treated Poland like a junk yard dog for the last 5 years. Now, Poland is the only EU country that is prospering after the 2009 financial crisis, thanks to Lech Walesa’s Solidarity movement. Have a piece of ‘crow’ pie, Barry.

    After blowing Obama off in 2011, Lech Walesa plans to give him a tongue lashing this time around.

    (via Yahoo):

    “Former Polish President Lech Walesa said he plans to urge Obama to take a more active role in the world when he visits Poland in June.
    Yahoo reported:

    Poland’s former president and Nobel Peace laureate, Lech Walesa, said Friday he plans to urge President Barack Obama to take a more active world leadership role when he visits Poland in June.

    Speaking to The Associated Press, Walesa said “the world is disorganized and the superpower is not taking the lead. I am displeased.”

    The former Solidarity leader said that when he meets Obama in Warsaw, he wants to tell him that the U.S. should inspire and encourage the world into positive action.

    “The point is not in having the States fix problems for us or fight somewhere, no,” Walesa said. “The States should organize us, encourage us and offer programs, while we, the world, should do the rest. This kind of leadership is needed.”

    1. Yeah, good luck with that Lech…
      Obama will be nodding off and snapping his Nicoret gum while Lech is talking.

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