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House to Hold Hearings on Bergdahl Deal

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) today said that he will convene hearings on President Obama’s decision to release five Taliban leaders from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for a single American soldier, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

McKeon spoke today on Fox News:

We will be holding hearings. We will look into this. You know, this president has a reputation, I think well deserved, of deciding which laws he’s going to enforce and which laws he’s not going to enforce . . .

Our joy at Sergeant Bergdahl’s release is tempered by the fact that President Obama chose to ignore the law, not to mention sound policy, to achieve it,” they wrote. “Trading five senior Taliban leaders from detention in Guantanamo Bay for Bergdahl’s release may have consequences for the rest of our forces and all Americans.

Our terrorist adversaries now have a strong incentive to capture Americans. That incentive will put our forces in Afghanistan and around the world at even greater risk . . .

More than Seventy-two hours after this deal has been done, we have still have not been told what they’re going to do to ensure that these top five Taliban leaders do not re-enter the fight.

“I mean, they have blood of thousands of Afghans and Americans on their hands, and we’re releasing them to Qatar. That’s all we know. Our information is coming from the media. We’re not hearing from the administration.

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      1. They have been showing the faces of all the detainee’s let go, WITHOUT NOTIFYING CONGRESS 30 DAYS AGO!
        AFVET Do you think at the same news set they should honor, and show the faces of our military, that lost their lives looking for Bergdahl?
        If I can handle looking at both on the internet, I think the citizens here in America can handle the same on the TV.

      2. The Washington Standard shows six faces. I have read between four and eight (Bloomberg), but good on them: we desperately need faces assigned to the names.

    1. …This is going to a Fiasco…

      The Obama regime & sycophant Dems in the Congress & Main Stream Media…
      >>>Will NEVER research/look into/mention the background of Berghdal becoming a “POW”? (aka; a US Solider walking off his post in a war-zone into the enemy territory…)

      1. He has not been allowed to talk to his family yet.
        Is that a common practice for men/woman who have been held captive?
        I do not think we will here from him for a long time.
        They do not want him to be asked the same questions, that we are asking here.
        In history their have been fine men & woman who have made mistakes. I am glad he is out of that hell hole.
        However he needs to answer to his actions.

  1. Well, at least we no longer have to continue feeding and coddling those five. But I betcha they don’t know they each have a tiny RF Chip implanted in them so we’ll know where they are ALL the time. If they are not good, we can after a few months, just have a drone settle things.

    1. I would think they would be removing such a chip ASAP
      They can still sit their with their chip and cause evil in conversation and planning.

  2. Shep Smith on FNC is being a punk-ass biased Liberal…

    -and kinda skipping over the FACTS that Berghdal as a US Solider walked off his post in war-zone…
    Shep says thats ‘all politics’ to ‘figure out later’…

    1. It appears to me me that he was a deserter.
      Only a fool or a deserter walks off an Army post in the middle of the night without a weapon.

  3. More sound and fury from eunuched Repubs that will amount to nothing, change nothing, and mean nothing.

    Even the MSM is asking if MrO “broke the law” with this transfer of terrorists, and if he did, so what? Who’s going to say the “I” word, who’s going to prevent this from happening again?
    Answer: no one in Congress
    As MrObama merrily rolls along inventing quasi-laws and ignoring rightfully enacted laws of our land, Congress convenes another committee. As the VA treats our veterans worse than a junk-yard dog deserves, they hold committee hearings.
    The EPA decides what is suitable carbon emissions, the DOJ decides what is a legitimate business, and we form another committee to talk about it.

    We’re sunk, cooked, fini; we have no legitimate press anymore, our whole of Congress is a lily-livered bunch concerned only with their own futures, our judiciary is biased and polluted, and here we are..sunk

  4. I think this is too soon for the House Committee to do anything yet. I bet my bottom dollar the military is writing up documents for Bergdahl to be arrested, and he will sit before a military court to determine if he was AWOL or a deserter. Once that is done, then I can see the House committee doing their thing.

    1. I’ve noticed that the public gets fired up when veterans and military are treated badly so this time will be different. It’s time for the military to resist Obama. They serve us and our country, not Obama and the Democratic Party.

      I hopeful this will assist the investigations into Benghazi and the Veterans’ Administration. It’s all cut from military cloth.

      1. As a country we do love our military. But I have to agree with Robert. Is there any House committee that’s NOT holding any hearings? That must be all they’re doing all day.

  5. Good! I’m glad they’re doing it right away. Part of Obama’s strategy with all his scandals, is to delay, delay, delay so that in the end he can plead “that is soooooo old news”. I hope Congress has learned this. Are they instituting a VA committee?

  6. Off topic:
    Anyone cartch the news of the NSA with their facial reconition?
    Everyone: Stop! Think back 40 years ago. Someone tells you within your lifetime the all the privacy you are going to loose. We would all state: No way!
    Are you reading a science fiction book? Get real! The citizens of America would not stand for an ounce of their privacy to be invaded.

    1. I have a friend who won’t comment anywhere on the web. Due to no privacy. And fears what his employer may find. The employer is a state uni.
      Sad state we are in.

  7. Getting closer to the mandatory dictate that every household & business have a poster sized photo of Obama prominently displayed..

    1. …where is my copy of “1984”?
      Everytime Im exposed to the ‘MSM’ (ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC & the dopes in the local Media markets -which are the worse…) I think of “1984”

  8. This Berghdal story is another “positive” distraction for Obama…

    -Lets all talk about this POW/(US Army deserter?) Berghdal and NOT talk about Obama…

    Go figure.

    1. I agree–story on Fox on how the civilians in the VA would not let the docs operate past 3 PM. I also heard a doc last week say people waiting in the clinic where he worked were shooed out when 4 PM came, no matter how long they drove to get there.

  9. not content merely to break the law and go around Congress, the Obama Regime doubled down and sent–wait for it–SUSAN RICE to the Sunday talk shows to explain the decision.

    and naturally, since this gang is incapable of telling the truth, Rice announced that this soldier “served with valor,” a statement that the Pengaton, among others, refutes. srsly, Susan? why didn’t you just blame the video again?

        1. He has spoken up–was on Sunday–said these are the worst of the worst terrorists… So now there is another POW vet you can question…bigger field.

  10. blah, blah, blah Hearings up the ass, “investigations”, questions, committees, worthless held in contempt charges, blah, blah, blah.


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  12. Wow & YAWN, all the money spent on “hearings”, and we have zero results, from either side of the aisle. Why doesn’t somebody man up and start arresting these people that break the law? Hearings? That’s just what we need another hearing.

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