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Carney in 2013: WH Will Consult with Congress on Gitmo Transfer

Just under a year ago, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney promised that any decision with respect to the release of Guantanamo Bay detainees in exchange for kidnapped Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl would be made in consultation with Congress.

CARNEY: With regard to the transfer of Taliban detainees from Guantanamo Bay, we have made — the United States has not made the decision to do that, though we do expect the Taliban to raise this issue in our discussion, if and when those discussions happen.

As we have long said, however, we would not make any decisions about transfer of any detainees without consulting with Congress and without doing so in accordance with U.S. law.

Q    So you haven’t ruled it out?

CARNEY:  I’m simply saying that — first of all, you have to separate the two issues.  We are focused on the return  — the safe and immediate return of Sergeant Bergdahl, and we continue to use the tools at our disposal to help bring that about.

We also expect the Taliban to raise the issue of their detainees in discussions that we have with them if those discussions take place.  And at this time we’ve made no decisions about the transfer of detainees.

And in accordance with law, we would be consulting with Congress should we make any decisions about that.  So we remain committed to the closure of Guantanamo Bay, as you know.  But separate from that on these specific issues about individual detainees, that would be a process that is done in accordance with law.

Instead, the White House this week sent five dangerous former Taliban packing to Qatar without a word to lawmakers.

Carney today said Congress should have figured it out and, anyway, the White House had to move fast:

This should not have come as a surprise to members of Congress that this was possible because we had been working to secure Sgt. Bergdahl’s release for a long time . . .

It was the judgement of the team and the president that there was enough urgency here to assure that Sgt. Bergdahl was recovered . . .

Today we are being asked to believe the White House when it says the threat posed to the United States by the former detainees has been “sufficiently mitigated” by the terms of the release.

Hopefully this is true. But we’ll find out. Possibly the hard the way.

50 Responses to Carney in 2013: WH Will Consult with Congress on Gitmo Transfer

  1. Sadly, I don’t believe ANYTHING the White House says. If Obama or his people said it was raining today, I would go and check.

    • How scary is that for America when you are talking about the President of the United States?

      In their wildest dreams, the founders couldn’t have imagined that we’d ever elect a guy like thIs to be president.

  2. “This should not have come as a surprise to members of Congress ..”

    Nothing comes as a surprise from this regime, but everything comes with caveats, lies, broken promises and a distinct sense that they don’t give a damn. They have created new ROE for the military and civilians.

  3. I just heard something I thought I’d never hear: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer just asked the question; “Did President Obama break the law as he set a dangerous precedent?”

    Did he? and if he did, then what?

    • I saw him a clip of him making one comment.
      I would expect EVERYONE in Congress to be in line to be on the news today. All parties! For the sake of our nation, our kids, grandkids future.
      If O is going to break the law and ride right past them, than they are useless.
      We have spent the last two days discussing this matter, and worrying about this matter. He hops on a plane and flys away.
      It reminds of a teenage who does something wrong, and slips out the backdoor to go to something else before his parents can question him of his wrong doing.

  4. I was just watching Greta on Fox.
    General was on. Forgive I didn’t jot down his name.
    He just said: Information about Bergdahl has been SEALED untill
    Why would that need to be sealed?
    If anyone saw him speaking just now, please note his name.
    McCain was on as well. He spoke in more depth than he did yesterday. Bottom line he is glad the American man is home. However they made a deal to release the 5 worst people there that can cause harm to us.

    • “Information about Bergdahl has been SEALED untill

      Words are just not there anymore….except that I totally fed up with this government.

  5. It’s bizarro world once again! It sounds like SGT Bergdahl should be in Gitmo with his father. Having a rose garden for a deserter is just bizarre. I can’t believe they sent Susan Rice out to explain the situation, huh?? SGTBergdahl served with honor and distinction, huh?? They did not even obey a law they signed 6 months ago. They could pick up a phone, text, hashtag the intelligence committee??

    I believe they want the President to be impeached to make him some type of martyr or something.

      • ’cause that’s what they do, absent of any hard info. Nobody knows what Bergdahl was doing (or induring) while being held (or luxuriating) with the Taliban. Lot’s of things I’m reading today and remembering from when he went missing point to him having turned against the USA. We don’t KNOW much of anything. If I’d been captured during my 20 years in the USAF I’d like to THINK I’d have been really tough, but if they wanted to trade me for Beelzebub, I’m pretty sure I could have got my mind around it

      • I doubt he’s that bright. I think that at some level, all this stupid glamorous fool does is follow orders. Whose?

      • Uh, in Obamaspeak, that would be the next GOOD thing. As in, “High Speed Rail Is Good For You, Even If Nobody Can Use It”! or the ever popular, “Coal is Bad, so I proclaim thee shall spend exceedingly large sums on thy energy bills, whilst I and thy Empress jet around on large aeroplanes, leaving an immense carbon footprint for all to see

    • Even worse, he doesn’t HAVE to keep to his tee times. He just shows up, the Great Unwashed are delayed, and he has an enjoyable round.

  6. so what’s Congress going to do about it? anything?

    I’ve been as supportive of Boehner and the other lunkheads as I can be. but seriously…let’s see some action, not just another committee hearing.

  7. The video of the Taliban being released does not show them under any kind of restrictions. They received a hero’s welcome…I am just sick of this whole administration and their in your face.

  8. Such a nice ring to it the “judgement of the team”. Our country is directed by the judgement of the team when it comes to unleashing 5 terrorists to go out and kill again.

    The same team that includes bobblehead Susan Rice who seems to think Bergdahl served with honor and distinction or some such hooey.

    • I have had my attention on this issue of the detainee’s being released. The issue of her being sent out after the Benghazi responses is pathetic.

    • Yeah, Honor and Distinction. As I said in an earlier comment, we don’t know what happened, but I haven’t seen anything to tell me that Bergdahl showed any “Honor” or “Distinction”. And is that the criteria for trading for 5 committed enemies of our way of life? What if had been some screw-up who had wandered into Taliban hands?Do we abandon HIM?

      Sorry, these people just anger me so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We can pitch a tent on the front lawn of the WH with a sign: If you like your illegals, you can keep your illegals – all of them.

      Mooch can get up every morning and fix a healthy breakfast for them, pack their nutritious lunches, and bus them to Sidwell School;
      Malia and Sasha can tutor them in English every day after school;
      Granny Robinson can babysit them when MOOCH and the girls are off on vacations;
      And Barry can sign all of them up for Obamacare.

  9. Desertion during wartime is a capital offense. So, we’ve “freed” Bergdahl from the Taliban, but he’s still got to answer to military justice…which will probably put him to death, anyway.

    If the Taliban had killed Bergdahl, they would have gotten absolutely nothing.

    Instead, now they’re getting five of their top brass back, up front. Strategic win, Taliban.


    If Bergdahl ends up facing a court-martial, he’s going to go full-on Nidal Hassan and turn the trial into a three-ring circus. Propaganda win, Taliban.

    If convicted and executed, the Taliban will hold him up as a martyr, and use him to recruit. Propaganda win, Taliban.

    Either way, Bergdahl was going to end up pushing up daisies. And somehow, Obama STILL managed to engineer the WORST possible outcome of this situation for the United States of America.

    We should have let him die. Heartless, but true.

    • There will never be a trial under this administration and that means there will NEVER be a trial. The Left will consider this guy a hero, the Right will yammer about the way this was done and made to look like Big Meanies for questioning (read: RACISM) Obama on it!

    • No Army officer serving under this Obama regime has the GUTS to stand up and demand a UCMJ trial for Berghdal.

      (see all the Generals/Admirals that have been ‘fired’ under Obama…)

  10. It will be interesting to see if Bergdahl’s medical records will be released in a timely manner. My guess is they will be sealed until Obama is out of office.
    If Susan Rice was lying (again) on the Sunday shows about Bergdahl’s deteriorating health being the reason Obama broke the 30 day law on notifying Congress, she needs a little jail time.
    All reports today state that Bergdahl was in good condition when he was released.

    If it’s true that Bergdahl was gifted with a turban, along with his ‘captor’s’ best wishes for good memories, we have a problem, Houston!