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Sunday Open Thread || June 1, 2014

It’s time for the weekly open thread while Keith tends to various honeydos. And hears about a few honeydon’ts. Enjoy.

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  1. Ah Sunday. The day that anyone with any disagreement with the how, when and who of Sgt. Bergdahl’s release will be branded unpatriotic, unAmerican and racist. And … Koch Brothers. Because.

    1. I hope they GPS-chipped the five he was exchanged for. Yah, they’ll stay a year in Qatar as promised! No change in US policy (that puts US personnel at increased risk), so move along, don’t question the details!

    2. I spent some time last night Googling Bergdahl and was interested to find many articles by the mainstream press that gave credibility to the theory Bowe was a deserter. CBS had the most detailed article in 2009. I wonder when they go to report it today and tomorrow if they bother to see that they said back then or if, as grace said, anyone who doesn’t state Bowe is a hero will be branded anti-American.
      The MOST interesting aspect of the entire story are the tweets from the father, Bob @bobbergdahl. One, he called democracy a ‘western cult’. In another on May 28, that he’s since deleted, he said “God will repay for every death of an Afghan child”. Now, one could say perhaps he was trying to get in the heads of his son’s capturers, but I for one would like some more answers.

        1. Just another question that the MSM will gloss over to praise the “bold leadership” of Obama for getting him released.
          I watched some CNN as it was all breaking yesterday and damn near had to buy a new television I go so angry over the repeated use of calling it a “rescue mission” by special forces!
          It was an Obama approved, rule of law be damned, negotiated with terrorists prisoner swap to prop up poll ratings from a week of one glaring example of incompetence after another.
          The list is long and detailed of the offenses this man could be impeached for but if releasing known terrorists that killed Americans and who are wanted for war crimes does not fit the category of “high crimes and misdemeanors” than nothing does.
          God help the United States of America.

          1. Geoff Caldwell please read my comment 9:10,
            What is the fact of law: regarding the release/trade.
            Regarding O and Congress, also the fact we said we would NEVER negotiate with terrorist.

          2. They release Mexican prisoners every day. So now, so Obama won’t look good (or try to–I think it won’t have legs), this guy should be left over there? Ih he deserted, that can be dealt with…

      1. I was bothered by the father’s message to the son that was played on the radio yesterday…..he spoke in a foreign language (unknown to me) that his son “had learned” because his son had to be able to speak to his captors and (IIRC) didn’t know much English anymore. How can someone who was raised in the US and spoke English his entire childhood/teen years FORGET his native language? I’m bothered by the reports that the 5 who were released were not just semi-bad guys, but hard-core bad ones ~ the kind that Gitmo was designed for.

        Someone on FB last night had posted a screen shot of the father’s tweets…..very interesting!

        We’ll not even go down the road of the POtuS not fulfilling his duties to bring the issue to Congress as required before releasing 5 hard-core prisoners who have killed Americans.

        1. That’s the very road we should go down. This is another example of Obama ignoring the rules, and the public will be made to lap it up. We’re at a bad point if we think that sometimes it’s good to ignore the Constitution.

    3. It’s almost as if they saved him for a good political opportunity. Not only timed to distract from the VA scandal, but Obama will also now claim that they never ever really leave someone behind as they are accused of in Benghazi. Bergdahl was like a fish in a holding tank.

    1. I was trying to paste a twitter by David Burge over @iowahawkblog that ” Obama suffered a concussion so severe that he remembers playing football ”
      Well, I thought it was humorous.

      1. Love David Burge! Thanks, CK.
        Had to laugh when Obama was talking about sitting on the bench and the ringing in his ears. When he hears ‘ringing in his ears’ at the WH @ 3:00 a.m., he must attribute it to his old HS concussion.. Now we know why he never picks up the phone, lol.

  2. Keith, you deserve a day off….this has been a newsy week, and not one reflecting well on Obama and Thugs.
    Some say it was illegal for Obama to give back those five terrorists In exchange for the American without consulting congress.
    Who knows the answer? I am not a lawyer but it seems strange to me,
    Supposedly they were considered among the most dangerous Taliban commanders.

    1. Hagel is saying that Bergdahl’s health was deteriorating to the degree that negotiating his release was a priority. I wonder what the Vietnam war POWs, especially McCain, would say about that. He and his fellow Navy officers certainly suffered mental and physical abuse over the five years they were in the Hanoi Hilton.

      I’m mostly angry that Obama felt he had to fly Bergdahl’s parents to the Rose Garden and make them the face of the freed soldier. Sympathy ploy plain and simply, to avoid the obvious, that five Taliban are now in Qatar. Like that makes me feel safe. NOT.

        1. Personally, I feel the Marine in Mexico is a whole different ball of wax. He wasn’t on active duty. He wasn’t in a known terror zone. He wasn’t captured. He took a wrong turn. I am sorry for his family but really, he took a wrong turn?

        2. I just read that six Americans also are jailed in Honduras. I don’t know why but they were in Honduras on a scavenger hunt in the sea looking for buried treasure. And as from Mexico, Central Americans are now pouring into our country illegally.

      1. This whole thing has me feeling very uneasy. I could barely watch the huggy-huggy scene with the soldier’s parents in the Rose Garden, because I kept wondering how the parents of the Marine in the Mexican jail felt looking at that.

        The way I see it, Obama has wanted to close Gitmo and he will find a way to let prisoners out of there one way or another, just to make himself look good. After all, he does have a pen and a phone….

  3. On Wednesday Obama blamed the U.S. for international problems because in his mind we don’t ascribe to international norms, then on Saturday he flaunts that international norm and releases, along with their 3 comrades in terror, 2 Taliban terrorists wanted by the UN for WAR CRIMES! And then there’s the whole, broke U.S. law by not notifying Congress.
    Obama wants Gitmo closed, Congress says no, hell just release em.
    Obama wants cap and trade, Congress says no, hell just have EPA do it through regulation.
    Obama wants open borders, Congress says no, hell just start dumping illegals off at bus stations and send out into the country.
    Obama wants job killing minimum wage, Congress says no, hell just sign an executive order and start putting federal contract workers out of jobs.
    The man is the antithesis of every thing the Founders intended in a President but yet so many Americans are so devoid of the ability to reason, so lacking in basic history that they cannot (or refuse as in the case of Reid, Pelosi, et al) see that he is destroying their freedoms and liberties right before their eyes.
    I am honestly beginning to wonder if he actually wants to spark a civil war so as to finally give him the dictatorial power he clearly wants.
    If the Senate stays in Democrat hands in 2014, it will the be stake through the heart for America as founded, and as had been preserved for future generations every generation before it.

        1. Just pulled
          There was a potential legal obstacle: Congress has imposed statutory restrictions on the transfer of detainees from Gitmo.
          The statutes say the Secretary of Defense MUST determine that a transfer is in the interest of Natl. Security, that steps have been taken substantially mitigate a future threat by released detainee and that the Secretary notify Congress 30 days before a transfer of his determination.
          In this case the Secretary Chuck Hagel acknowleged in a statement that he did not notify Congress ahead of time.

      1. You are always spot on and so articulate, Geoff. I, too, wonder if Obama is community organizing for a civil war. Literally. Ammunition stockpiles. Executive power orders.

        BTW, I’m a faithful reader of your Corner posts. Thank you.

    1. FOX gave a quick run down of each of the Gitmo prisoners. I had just woke up and was unable to write down what each were apart of/ and accused of.
      Right after he had a bad week regarding the VA issue this release (trade) happens.

      1. Does anyone know the part of the Constitution that has to do with this issue of negotiating with foreign terrorists for the trade and release?
        I read this morning that O was suppose to give a 30 day heads up to Congress.
        However I read that he does not need to go though Congess.

        1. But Hagel said today “his safety and health were in jeopardy,” justifying a prisoner swap without the required congressional notification”. I repeat, what will McCain have to say about this?

          1. I have read this morning, that now the health and welfare of our soldiers and citizens are/may be at risk.
            I would think McCain would have been on the morning news shows.

          2. Yeah well, Hagel also thinks the release of this man will also help open talks with the Taliban.

            As for McCain. I would imagine this is very conflicting for him. I am no fan of the political McCain, but this is something different. I am rather ok with his not being out in front with this.

            Of course, it won’t last long.

      1. Here we go—McCain, whom many here disdain, should have done this or that. If he is such a bum and so ineffectual, why think he would do anything? I think the Congressional notification is a big flopping red herring. There I said it.

        1. Red Herring or not. No single person or officeholder in the United States should be able to release 5 men detained for terrorism against the United States that resulted in the deaths of innocents and endanger the security of this country.

          1. Aren’t we complaining here DAILY that Obama does things against the law, against the Constitution, against common sense, against Nature, or whatever? We are releasing undocumented murderers from Mexico as we speak. The five to one thing could use more explanation, I agree.

          2. I will give McCain kudos if he speaks out about this. If he goes along to get along, it’s a different story.

    2. Presidential Directive 51 (signed by Bush 2) authorizes–among other things–the President to suspend the US Constitution when HE determines that a national emergency exists. We’re talking martial law. Could be anything, any situation, it’s that loosely written. The question arises: is Obama trying to create an “emergency”? Is that his end game?

  4. Who is Bergdahl. I read most of the very long article from 2012. Born and raised in California, home schooled in a devout Calvinist family, who left home at sixteen and wondered around in search of an adventure. Went to France to join the French Foreign Legion and was rejected. Army psychologists have their work cut out for them.

    “If this deployment is lame,” Bowe said, “I’m just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan.”

    1. I’m reading that his hometown in Idaho is planning a big hero’s return for him. Seems a bit premature to me. It seems as if his father has been played by the Muslims too: growing that beard for Bowe’s release, learning the lingo (Pashtun?), and thanking and praising Allah for his son’s release.

      But I wonder if Bergdahl will ever come before Army psychiatrists, Sadie. I wonder if the entire US Army will be ordered to look the other way.

          1. Julie I would imagine there will be differences of opinion on this. Mine are rather excessively posted. I don’t see any good from this at all. And, what makes it worse, for me, is the American public most likely will take this as a good thing.

            Obama has been a disaster in foreign affairs. He is twisted into knots over Afghanistan. He knee jerks to polical CYA as surely as there is the threat of climate change to our national security. More good men will die by the time he is done doing whatever he is going to do. And there will be a lot of bad actors.

        1. So basically, you guys are thinking Obama said to himself, “I want that spacey soldier of fortune back, the one no one knew was even there, and let’s see, maybe I can turn over some dangerous commanders to kill more Americans”? I am second to no one in my contempt for this admin and all its so-called works, but at best this is a diversion. As for the man’s dad, that could be separate pathology, I have no idea.

          1. I doubt that he even gave it that much thought. Someone presented this as an option to help him out of his political hole and he took it.

  5. Off topic, but don’t watch Fox News Sunday is you can’t stand Clare McCaskill. She is an “early” Hillary drooler and all about how great H is even when shown a printed list of Hillary’s deficiencies. I know Clare is also one of the richest people in the Senate, what that has to do with it I have no idea. Anyhow, she grates on me like skidding across asphalt with no kneepads. Later, skaters.

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