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Obama Schedule || Monday, June 2, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:45 am || Meets with senior advisors
2:00 pm || Speaks on a conference call with public health groups about reducing carbon pollution from power plants
7:30 pm || Departs White House for Warsaw, Poland

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:45 pm

14 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, June 2, 2014”

    1. Maybe so he can wave to the people in Ukraine while he flies close to their country. And maybe he wants to detour over the Qatar air space to make sure the terrorists he just released are settling in to their new digs.

      I’m sorry…..too much chocolate today makes the snark machine work overtime!

      1. I tried several times to pull up foreign newspapers when the Ukraine crises started. I was unable. I will try again in the morning. I want to know how they feel about him flying over there now, and did not do so when the Ukraine Crisis started.

      1. Isn’t Poland where the G7 is being held this week? It’s reduced from the G8 because Putin didn’t play nice with the Crimea Peninsula, so the G7 kicked him out of the club.

  1. About that meets with senior advisors thing — I think at one time van driver dude Vietor was considered a senior advisor or at least had access to the situation room during Benghazi and we can’t forget little failed wanna be Ben Rhodes, brother of the CBS Rhodes. Or maybe the real heavys Rice and Power — all though Rice may be a little burned out from her Sunday talk show dog and pony. That apparently is her special role now. Is there a senior advisor of note in the Obama Administration. Or is this just Valerie and Barack having coffee?

  2. I read on some “hard hitting interview” I believe it was Kelly there’s that..he goes to sleep at 2 am and gets up at (choke) 7 am to work out. So I’m about his age and if and I mean IF I only got 5 hours of sleep I would be a terrible president. So starting to make sense prez

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  4. A week without Obama – what a relief!
    Does he have any friends left in Europe? Everyone over there seems to be running in the opposite direction of socialism/communism.
    Poland is celebrating it’s 25th year post-communism. Obama will attend the celebration (with tears in his eyes).

    Since Obama’s disastrous decision to cancel Poland’s missile shield, the Poles have been acting on their own. Who needs Obama? The only decision left is which company to install the shield. The plot thickens:

    Why Putin Worries about Poland and Raytheon, but not Obama

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