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Obama Golfs with Money Buddy

President Obama today is playing golf with Wall Street banker Robert Wolf, a megadonor to Obama and other Democrats who is also reportedly a personal friend of the president’s.

The two are playing at Fort Belvoir along with White House aides Joe Paulsen and Marvin Nicholson, two of Obama’s usual partners.

It’s a beautiful and breezy 74 degrees here in the Washington area.

It’s Obama 17th time playing this year and the 174th trip to the greens since his presidency began.

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  1. A round of golf takes most duffers four hours; Obama has said he sometimes takes six. Let’s average it out and call it five.

    At 5 hours per round, that’s 870 man-hours on the links.

    21.75 full-time, 40-hour work weeks
    29 Obama-time, 30-hour work weeks
    36.25 man-days

    1. Thanks Darkangel. That is another figure the MSM would not display.
      All of you should team up with Kieth and start your own news station. I feel ya’ll would do a much better job.

      Excuse the ya’ll, I usually do not use while typing.
      It is the same meaning as youins, or yous guys. Sorry if I did not spell those slang words correctly.

      1. I’ve been in the Old South. Believe me, I know “y’all” (as in, you all,) and have probably used it more than once.

        1. I use it all the time, except if I am on a buisness call, or on this site. When you are not from down here, it doesn’t sound proper. I will use it from time to time since you understand. :)

      1. What’s he supposed to do–make surprise inspections of VA hospitals (esp enlightening on a weekend), bring in the staff of Carl Hayden VA and personally ask what the heck is going on, use his little pen to allow vets to go to any doc who will treat them and sort it out later, meet with the families…? Even play golf with a vet?

  2. While he golfs, a US Marine sits in prison in Mexico. I guess he is waiting for a prisoner exchange to be proposed by the Mexicans like we did with the Taliban. Going rate for one US Soldier is 5 Gitmo detainees.

    I am thrilled for the US Soldier and his family released by the Taliban in the exchange. How many future soldiers will be grabbed since we now negotiate with terrorists?

    1. Mexico treats the Marine as an illegal/criminal, yet no offer of free education, health care, EBT card, Sec. 8 housing, legal counsel and a myriad of other freebies provided by US taxpayer’s for not only him, but his “family” when they cross the border.
      Not very friendly.

      1. In Afghanistan’s case, the Taliban will now have to be considered a political party within our failed client state there. We can’t be so finicky that we leave our people in their clutches.

    2. I am thrilled for the guy as well.

      Guess we are now in the negotiating with the Taliban business. So much for not bargaining with terrorists for hostages blah blah blah blah. All for Obama — screw the country. Now every terrorists and third world henchman will be lunching with Mr. O and striking a deal.

      The lunch with Hillary was just a prelude to what can be accomplished.


    3. Untenable to leave this guy behind is the meme now that Obama is getting out of Afghanistan.

      But as happy as I am for this guy, it makes you wonder how this is ok and it is perfectly acceptable to leave 4 to die in Benghazi.

      And if Obama is going to do start horse trading …. woman in Iran, pastor in Iran, guys in Cuba, marine in Mexico. Pretty long list. What a short sighted foolish preening man Obama is.

      1. I hope people realize that this guy really was “out for a stroll one night” ala Hillary’s comment, and was not supposed to be where he was when the Taliban picked him up almost five years ago. He did not make a simple navigational error like the Marine in Mexico.

  3. Obama doesn’t go to church regularly because they don’t want to disrupt the services for other people yet he has no problem disrupting the lives on people at Ft Belvoir or any other golf course he plays. With all that’s going on, golf is his priority. What a guy!

  4. I don’t care that he golfs, but that it’s the only outlet he has. It’s become a creepy OCD with him.
    I also care that his partners are always the same guys when he could be scoring political points with this Senator or that Congresscritter.

  5. The Wolf of Wall Street? (just kidding)

    Bosses Rein in Banker Who Golfs With Obama

    Interesting background story on the relationship between Wolf and the ‘fat cat’ bankers at UBS who resented the intimate relationship with Obama. (June 2012). One month after this article appeared (July 2012), Robt Wolf left (?) UBS and his $9M corporate package to start his own advisory company.

  6. Why isn’t he playing at a VA Hospital? There must be some type of side yard that he could putt a couple of balls, with a couple of Vets.
    That would not have fixed the Whole Problem, but it would have should respect to them. That is to give a small amount of his time to play/ and visit with a couple of Vets in side and listen to them.

    1. To be fair, though, the closest actual VA hospital, per se, where that might remotely work is in Perry Point, Maryland, which is up in the far northeast corner of the state–go north, you’re in Pennsylvania, go east, you’re in Delaware.

      DC would be impractical: I know the area around there, and it’s not somewhere you can tee off. Baltimore and Richmond are right smack dab downtown. There are a couple of VA hospitals in West Virginia, but they don’t look golf-friendly based on the satellite views on Yahoo Maps–residential here, forest there.

      Neat idea, don’t get me wrong, but there isn’t a VA Hospital nearby that could accommodate that sort of thing.

        1. He’d have to use Marine One for that. Perry Point, if they did a land route, would be eighty miles or so, more or less right over I-95 and Baltimore City. They COULD, theoretically, make a water approach from the south via the Chesapeake Bay–go roughly east-northeast over Anne Arundel County, hit the Chesapeake just north of the Bay Bridge, and follow the bay from there. Not sure how that would sit with the environmental (you know, “Save the Bay”) contingent in Maryland, though. And what it would do for air traffic at BWI Airport is anyone’s guess.

  7. Sgt Bowe Bergdahl has been freed from Afghanistan. He has been there for over 5 years.
    U.S. traded 5 Gitmo detainee’s for Sgt. Bergdahi.
    God Bless him and his family.
    Just heard the news on Fox news.

  8. Just heard more news on Fox that Issa has released Sec. of State Kerry from having to testify about Benghazi on June 12th.
    I am speechless at the moment.

    1. I have to admit, I think it is a good decision. Let the Benghazi Select Committee deal with it rather than having multiple investigations. Issa has been a huge disappointment. Letting Gowdy do this from now on…….

    2. That is because Frenchie thought he was going to wiggle out of appearing before Trey Gowdy’s committee by appearing before Issa instead. I’m glad Issa called him on that and also that Issa seems to be deferring to the special committee.

  9. Our soldier remains in a Mexican prison.

    A young black sudanese Christian women remains shackled in prison haven just given birth to her second child and even though she is nursing her newborn child she will now receive the 100 lashes for “adultery” because she had relations with her American Christian husband (he is not a muslim). Then 2 years from now after her newborn is weened, she will be hung for not renouncing her faith (she was raised as a Christian).

    The families of the four Americans killed in Benghazi in September 2012 still don’t have answers as Obama and Hillary Clinton have refused to provide the truth to them or to the American people.

    Obama, the Commander In Chief of all armed forces, chooses to lift a golf club but won’t lift one finger to identify and resolve the systemic problems that have infiltrated the VA. While he putts, our soldiers wait for much needed healthcare in a timely manner.

  10. Just read two pieces of good news: Meriem Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman condemned to death, will be released in a few days, and the US has exchanged an American POW held in Afghanistan for five Guantanamo detainees. It’s not a fair exchange, but getting our soldier back outweighs that imo.

      1. It’s been five years. By my count that’s all on Obama’s watch, but do you think he might try to blame GWB?

        1. “…blame GWB…? Count on it JB. Republicans, tea party, Bush, Limbaugh, right-wingers, anybody, ANYBODY, but him.

  11. There are a whole lot of illegals swarming across our borders that I would be willing to exchange for just about anything — tequilla, pesos, tortillas. I know this sounds harsh but nothing is being done.

    Right now Obama is on a big PR push -free this — free that. Selectively I might add. Then it becomes policy. Then it becomes a mess.

    So I am most happy for the individuals but the price to the country will be great. If we had a CiC and Secretary of State worth a damn and a Vice President who didn’t breach the confidentiality of the Seal Teams and Special Forces we wouldn’t have to do this.

    1. Tucson has received various bus loads of illegals from Texas this week. Texas is all filled up with them. Makes much sense to dump them in Tucson rather than back to mexico. Butt they are from Central America & mexico wants nothing to do with them.

  12. just got CNN and Fox alerts that Barry’s gonna speak about the release of Sgt. Bergdahl. he must have finished early.

    1. I just watched the speech. I was disgusted. Absolutely disgusted. The parents were his happy photo op while he made only passing reference to “Gitmo detainees” as the deal. Detainees? How about terrorists pal? How about killers of Americans? How about Taliban? Detainees makes it seem like they were nice guys just stuck in a prison. I am furious over this.

      1. I can understand them saying detainee’s while they were negotioning this. However he could at least said they were traded for the men arrested after 911.
        By the way: Glad your home soldier!

      2. I’m with you. I am furious. Five terrorists free to kill Americans again, and the US loses any negotiating power. A 5 to 1 exchange.

        In fact we have no leverage as a country. We are at the mercy of a tin horn narcissist who acts at will to make himself look pretty. And most disgusting of all is he does it on the back of our military, school children, the dead and the abused.

        I am particularly disgusted at his use of the best of America to his own personal advantage with nary a thought to the country.

        The United States of America now negotiates with terrorists. And the whole world knows it.

        God forbid he or the bandit Eric Holder return thieving murderous illegals to their country of origin. People are coming into this country from who knows where. For the 5 terrorists he released on executive whim how many have simply walked in?

        1. Once the word gets around, if it hasn’t already, that our Southern border is not secured, it will become a major infiltration route for terrorist. After all the drug cartels have no problem moving drugs and gangs members across, what’s to stop terrorist.?

        2. Documentary filmmaker, Dennis Michael Lynch (They Come to America), shows photos of call boxes installed by the US govt in the middle of the AZ and Texas deserts…in English, Spanish, and CHINESE ! “CALL IF YOU NEED HELP. STAY HERE – DON’T LEAVE” Chinese are paying drug cartels $50K to get into the US.

          Middle Easterners are blending in with Mexicans – Mohammed becomes Miguel. Middle Easterners are wearing militia hats with Arabic writing on the inside.
          They also have MS13 tattoos under their shirts.

          Obama should be tried for treason, convicted, and given the ultimate penalty. We are sitting on a time bomb.

          1. I think Mr. Lynch has been trying to get traction on his documentary evidence for a few years now and the response has been crickets. I applaud him for making the effort and you have to ask yourself why this is not being considered more seriously .

      3. Even worse.

        WaPo is reporting that Obama was required by law–a law he signed, in fact–to give Congress a 30-day heads-up before releasing prisoners from Gitmo.

        No notice whatsoever was given.

        So, once again, Obama breaks the law.

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