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Shinseki Apologizes but Gives No Hint He’ll Resign

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki apologized publicly today for the scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs, but suggested he was apologizing for the sins of others and gave no indication he is about to resign.

“Given the facts I know now, I apologize as the senior leader of the Department of Veterans Affairs,” Shinseki said, indicating that he has come to understand the “systemic” nature of the problem and charging that some at the VA had displayed an “indefensible” lack of integrity.

He said he would take new steps to hold people accountable.

Shinseki is meeting with President Obama this morning at the White House.

21 thoughts on “Shinseki Apologizes but Gives No Hint He’ll Resign”

    1. I want to know where the millions of dollars that was ALREADY assigned to the VA went.
      Is the money still sitting there, while all of the mistakes, and neglects were made, or is the money gone?

    2. I’m thinking that Obama is counting on the scandal going away if Shinseki resigns. The problem is more systemic or endemic than one man though however much a top dog he is.

      1. Exactly–if they can sort of ease him out, they think everyone will go, “Whew–well, someone will do something now” and move on. Not gonna happen. More and more VA docs and vets are speaking up.

  1. I was surprised to see just now on Hot Air that Mark Pryor here in Arkansas still supports him. Mark is already in trouble for stating that Tom Cotton feels entitled because he is a two tour veteran.
    That is laughable. Mark is only a senator now because of his dad David Pryor, who was a fine man until he was seduced by the Clintons.
    Go Tom Cotton!

  2. If he doesn’t resign and Obama allows him to continue this should be bad news for the Administration.

    I don’t think he is the cause or the reason for this. But the current situation has been revealed and will continue to be revealed on his watch. He is responsible. As a general he knows that.

    Loyalty to a questionable General over the Veterans should not stand.

    1. Given that Obama spent over a million dollars hiding his past from the American people there is no reason to believe that there is much truth to a published daily schedule.

      I believe very little that comes out of this Administration.

  3. Evidently, the buck doesn’t stop at the top with this administration. , Shinseki should accept responsibility and resign immediately.

    Obama, the greatest slacker of them all, has developed a one-size fits all strategy for every single scandal that pops up on the radar screen: ” I am madder than hell! We are going to fix it and see that it never happens again!” Affirmative action at its finest!

  4. The vulnerable Dems want him, and this scandal, gone, kaput, out of the news, the wily Repubs want him to stay, want this scandal to grow, to energize their base of conservatives.
    As always, politics trump the lives and fortunes of ordinary Americans.

    Shinseki can apologize until he runs out of breath, he can blame anyone or every one for this shameful organization, but until or unless, he, or anyone, can assure our veterans that they will receive the best medical care possible, all the words are all for naught.

    If he does resign, then he will join all of the other Obama administration leaders who leave DC and their assigned posts in shame and without a scintilla of honor.

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  6. So sincere an apology that he had to read it from prepared remarks! And could hardly make eye contact with the audience. I am so sad for our country :(

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