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The Obama Morning News || May 30, 2014

Judgement day for Shinseki? . . . The Hill
The White House desperately wants to put to rest a controversy that is only dragging on Obama’s already low approval numbers and adding to the pessimism that Democrats can hold on to the Senate this fall.

More than 100 in Congress want Shinseki out . . . Newsmax
The waves of lawmakers demanding Shinseki resign or be fired have turned into a tsunami with the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Steve Israel joining the growing surge.

Why GOP leaders don’t join the chorus . . . The Hill
They think his ouster could give President Obama an easy way out of a widening crisis.

VA panel chair seeks Holder VA probe . . . Newsmax
The chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee has written to Attorney General Eric Holder asking for an investigation into the ongoing VA scandal.

I’m committed to restoring integrity . . . Eric Shinseki
The findings of the interim report of VA’s Office of Inspector General on the Phoenix VA Health Care System are reprehensible to me and to this department, and we are not waiting to set things straight.

Palin: Illegals get better care . . . Politico
“In many respects, illegal aliens in our country today are receiving better health care, more benefits than our troops,” Palin said.

Clinton Benghazi response: Attack GOP . . . Politico
“Those who exploit this tragedy over and over as a political tool minimize the sacrifice of those who served our country,” Clinton writes in a chapter of her book, “Benghazi: Under Attack.”

GOP: DOJ after businesses Obama dislikes . . . Washington Times
A House panel says the Obama administration is using the Justice Department to target businesses it finds objectionable, from gun dealers and payday lenders to drug paraphernalia sellers and porn merchants.

Federal officials helping endangered Dems . . . Washington Times
If you were looking for Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz this week, you might want to consult the 2014 electoral map of endangered Democrats as a guide.

GOP leaders seek Obamacare alternative . . . Fox News
Some House Republicans are aiming for a vote this year on a GOP health care alternative ObamaCare, in part to show that the party has a position beyond merely repealing the law.

Federal database to track financial information . . . Examiner
As many as 227 million Americans may be compelled to disclose intimate details of their families and financial lives — including their Social Security numbers — in a new national database being assembled by two federal agencies.

Ex-Ambassador: Vatican ties cool under Obama . . . Newsmax
“The coolness towards the Holy See began with the beginning of the administration, because the administration has a pretty secular orientation,”  said Francis Rooney, former ambassador to the Holy See under Bush.

Obama to urge mentoring of minority boys . . . Washington Times
Obama will call on all American adults Friday to make a long-term commitment to mentoring black and Hispanic boys as part of his initiative to help young men of color succeed in school.

Wanted: President with Management experience . . . Examiner
Given the continuing barrage of criticism about Obama’s competence, candidates without management credentials now have a more difficult road to the White House.

25 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || May 30, 2014”

  1. “Obama will call on all American adults Friday to make a long-term commitment to mentoring black and Hispanic boys as part of his initiative to help young men of color succeed in school.”

    So now it’s up to all American adults to help black and Hispanic boys? What about their parents? (Or parent, as is usually the case in black families, at least.) Anyway, I thought doing well at school was looked down upon as “acting white”.

      1. He conspires with them in breaking the law to enter our country
        yet sits on his dumper lecturing daily on anything from sports concussions to hurricane preparedness. Meanwhile, our marine is brutally beaten & chained to his bed in a filthy mexican prison for crossing the border by mistake.
        There is something evil in a man who does what he does..

        1. I don’t understand why they can not be logged in right when they are caught, take their picture on the spot, and brought right back to the border.
          Regarding the Marine he was there for weeks. Why didn’t O he pick up the phone weeks ago?
          By the way
          Geoff Caldwell said it well every morning is scary when it comes to the morning news.
          Also the point of the damage being done to our freedom and liberties.
          I watched fox late yesterday as they were discussing what Snowden said about the fancy phones of today. He claimed the NSA could use the phone (camera & mic.) evern when your phone is turned off. When he was having the interivew he told the reporter to take the battery out and put the battery and phone in the fridge so no one could possibly listen to their conversation.

    1. In my town, a program has been started, financed with taxpayer dollars, that will pay adults, including PARENTS, to drive their children to school.
      What’s the next step? Do the fertilizing?

      1. That is more government control.
        I mention the “The List” (Benghazi, and Scandels) quite a bit.

        Another list needs to be made: Things that are being squeezed in to the govern. handling things in your life, That a person is in charge of doing for himself.

  2. When it comes to the Obama Morning News, every morning is scary these days but the federal financial database is the scariest of em all today.
    There is absolutely no reason to have all the personal info for “reporting in the aggregate”. And it should be noted that the main push behind this is Elizabeth “High Cheekbones” Warren’s bastard child the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that is outside the law and just recently decided to give all employees the highest personnel review possible because rating them differently was “discriminatory”.
    The damage this administration is doing to our freedoms and liberties today will last far into future generations.
    The Greatest Generation saved the world from Hitler, Tojo, and Stalin. We owe them more than giving all they sacrificed for away to 21st century fascists.

    1. I’ve taken to calling it the Obama Mourning News.

      The full weight and damage of this regime has yet to be felt. The thousands of new regulations by the EPA all have a tremendous cost to the economy. All one needs to do is pick the Department of [fill in the blank here] break out an industrial size calculator and watch the 0’s add up.

    2. Elizabeth Warren is bad news. She is a true socialist. And the fact that she has “banking/econ” cred with some glosses over that. The CFB was always scary.

      As bad as the mourning news (thanks Sadie) is, the lack of outrage and opposition is more so. This should never have been allowed to get this far.

  3. No matter how bad Shinseki has been, just remember that if he steps down, Obama will replace him with someone even worse.

    1. Whether or not Shinseki goes (and I believe he should) the core issues the have infected the VA, have also metastasized in big government. The entire system needs to put on dialysis and replenished with new blood for the foreseeable future. Anything less is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. This country is a big ship and it’s going to take a long time to right her.

      1. The VA is just one part of a bigger problem:
        Public Unions.
        Both FDR and George Meany were against them for the very reasons we are seeing across the country today. The purpose of a union is to share in the profits of the company. Government is neither a company nor does it generate profits. It is merely a middle man that exists off the labor and money of the citizens.
        Need to get back to the government posts the job and benefits and the citizen has the choice to take that job or work in the private sector.
        The wage scales should be comparable in salary/benefits to the private sector but the union protection rackets need to be dismantled.

  4. “…young men of color..” How did those of Hispanic (Spanish) background become “of color”?
    Are the people of Spain “of color”, because millions of Mexican nationals have the DNA of their ancient Spanish conquerors in their blood.
    People who are born in Mexico, or most of SouthAmerica are of the White race, there is no “brown” race.

    As for those young men of African descent the President thinks needs guiding by White people; right, having a White man or woman tell them they need to get off the street, hit the books and stay in school is really going to go over big. Their problems begin and end in their families and community

    He couldn’t have said anything more racist, more insulting, more depressing about our Black citizens than this attempt to make their failures others (Whites) fault they don’t succeed in life. ,

    1. If you were in his postion would you push to mention, and do for people from only your dad’s side of the familyheritage, or would you care to mention, and do for you mom’s side as well?
      In other words though the years in conversations, I have mentioned everyone in my family, (both sides)
      I am proud of all of them, and where all of them are from.
      If he would at least mention the love and devotion for his mom’s side he would help this division that is happening.

      1. I should thinks so. What grounds would she have for refusing? BTW, I guess you know that Van Susteren and Brett Baier have an exclusive interview with her coming up on Fox. I wonder if they are going to treat her with kid gloves. She and her lawyers will have already set down the parameters.

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