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Michelle Enlists Richard Sherman for Let’s Move

We the best chefs in the game! declares Richard Sherman in his new plug for Michelle’s healthy eating agenda.

While they were a the White House the other day to be honored by President Obama for winning the Super Bowl, First Lady Michelle Obama corralled a couple of Seattle Seahawks to have them help promote Let’s Move, using a twist on Sherman’s famous outburst.

Not a bad little promo effort here.

25 thoughts on “Michelle Enlists Richard Sherman for Let’s Move”

  1. I would pick all the suckatash out!
    I would like my fish cooked different.
    I like it cooked a little longer on the outside.
    Better yet instead of that meal. I mentioned yesterday the craving for boiled crabs. That’s what I want at my school meal.
    The whole table covered with seasoned boiled crabs, boiled corn, boiled sm. red potatoes, celery, garlic cloves.

  2. I’m sure that is the Exact portion of food a pro football player would eat. Yeah, right.

    Just like tracking the number of golf games, I think we need to start tracking MO’s on-camera appearances. She thinks she is a movie star. I gues some of the jobs “created” under this admin is for a professional camera crew to make all these videos that come out of the white house.

    1. LOL! My thoughts as well! This is horrible stuff, salmon and succotash? I’m without words. And why does MOOch always look like one of those puzzles, where you can mis-match tops and bottoms? Why is she wearing a beach umbrella with Malia’s shirt and all the strands of pearls every FLOTUS ever wore in history? And a dirty rug on her head??

  3. Shut the front door! What?

    Good grief, that is the weirdest, stupidest, and most insulting promo for healthy eating I’ve ever seen. Who is that Sherman guy anyway, and why would he be featured in this video is not clear.
    MrsObama; oh boy, wearing a frock that tries to skim over her protruding tummy and prominent rump only
    forget it, I don’t have enough words for this.

    Just a word of caution; XXX the Urban dictionary explains:
    When a slutty girl decides to give all her dude friends a blowjob one after another.
    Dude1: “Stacy invited me and the crew over for dinner last night.”
    Dude2: “Oh that’s cool what’d you guys have”
    Dude1: “Oh nothing special, we had succotash.”
    Dude2: “Woah dude I didn’t know she could suck so much dick”
    by horse dick of death September 17, 2012’

    We could assume that MrsO and MrSherman had no idea that succotash had a street-obscene definition, butt I doubt it.
    IMO, anyway.

    1. Yikes, srdem, I didn’t know that, but who knows, that double entendre may have been intentional. Maybe they are sticking it to Whitey with this commercial, sort of like when Obama rubs his eye with his middle finger.

      1. Now that you know that “succotash” has an XXX meaning on the street, listen to the video again. They knew, they’re laughing at the inside joke.

        think; succotash, who makes succotash today outside of southern cooks? It’s not on any retail restaurant menu that I know of, nor is it a common veggie served in school lunches- not even at Sidwell.

          1. PS Some mistake on the Spelling Bee last evening used Milkshake in a sentence–I believe that beloved bev also has a prurient meaing. Help–we can’t eat or drink now!

  4. I don’t trust people who make artistic impressions of food and have to use tweezers for proper placement of decorative items. Nor do I trust people who use old tablecloths to make their clothing, such as Michelle’s striped dress. Nor would I trust somebody without credentials telling me what to eat or feed my kids.

  5. Michelle, the sideline reporter is the sideline joke again. This really is a stupid commercial. I’m tired of her Let’s Move campaign. But bless her for letting America realize we need to drink water!! Those school lunches are awful and I don’t blame kids for throwing the garbage in the trash. I bet the lunches at Sidwell aren’t thrown away. Also, I believe the English needs to be picked up a fuzz.

    1. Ever since MOOch said that water was free, I send it my water and sewer bill stubs, every single month with a note that says, “Water is not free”. Until one of us croaks I will send it my bills: because that kind of monumental stupidity cannot be ignored.

      1. But, Mooch’s water is free….not ours. Love it! Maybe I should it my water and sewer bills. Their stupidity never ceases to amaze me. They have been and still are on a free ride!

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