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Jay Carney to Step Down as White House Press Secretary

President Obama announced today that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has resigned.

Obama, who interrupted the White House briefing as Carney was taking questions, said Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest will take his place. Carney seemed surprised by the interruption.

Carney 3Carney said he will step down soon, probably the second or third week of June. He will leave the White House but says he has not decided where he will go, though he has offers on the table..

“It’s been an amazing experience, just, so fulfilling,” Carney said, thanking the president and vice president.

Obama said Carney had come to him in April saying he wanted to leave. Asked in March about rumors he was angling for the job of ambassador to Russia, Carney said, “I have a great job that I love.”

Carney, 49, began as press secretary in February 2011 after working in the thankless job of spokesman for Vice President Joe Biden since the start of the Obama administration.

His term as press secretary has been characterized by a fairly rocky relationship with the press and accusations from many quarters that the White House was failing to live up to promises of transparency, including this week when the White House failed to reveal a lunch between Obama and Hillary Clinton. This even though Carney himself worked for years as a reporter himself, including as Washington bureau chief for Time Magazine.

Earnest has a smoother relationship with many reporters, though his ties to the press will be tested by the demands of his new, high-profile role.

108 thoughts on “Jay Carney to Step Down as White House Press Secretary”

  1. Beelzebub most have addtional tasks in mind for this consumate, arrogant liar with the dead goat eyes who has so devotedly assisted in imposing the communist rule of Dictator Obama and the democrats over this country. Of course given the totally corrupt culture of Washington DC no doubt he will rake in millions with some lobby firm or a propaganda media outlet. Talk about selling your soul to the Devil in return for earthly riches! Jay Carney is a pathetic excuse as an American and as a human being. Good Riddance! Can’t wait to see the next tool who takes his place.

  2. I guess he was getting addicted to all of the Valium and Maalox he needed to stay calm enough to deal with the WH Press Corps – you know, those guys and gals who just started to ask really tough questions in the last few months of the most transparent administration in our history. I guess lying all day as your job description gets to you sooner or later. Don’t worry, gang – he’ll have a job that pays mega bucks in a matter of just a few days, so he won’t be hurting for cash.

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