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Jay Carney to Step Down as White House Press Secretary

President Obama announced today that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has resigned.

Obama, who interrupted the White House briefing as Carney was taking questions, said Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest will take his place. Carney seemed surprised by the interruption.

Carney 3Carney said he will step down soon, probably the second or third week of June. He will leave the White House but says he has not decided where he will go, though he has offers on the table..

“It’s been an amazing experience, just, so fulfilling,” Carney said, thanking the president and vice president.

Obama said Carney had come to him in April saying he wanted to leave. Asked in March about rumors he was angling for the job of ambassador to Russia, Carney said, “I have a great job that I love.”

Carney, 49, began as press secretary in February 2011 after working in the thankless job of spokesman for Vice President Joe Biden since the start of the Obama administration.

His term as press secretary has been characterized by a fairly rocky relationship with the press and accusations from many quarters that the White House was failing to live up to promises of transparency, including this week when the White House failed to reveal a lunch between Obama and Hillary Clinton. This even though Carney himself worked for years as a reporter himself, including as Washington bureau chief for Time Magazine.

Earnest has a smoother relationship with many reporters, though his ties to the press will be tested by the demands of his new, high-profile role.

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  1. Even in his most stressed moments, I have never seen Jay Carney looked so down trodden. I do not believe this was a choice he voluntarily made. Bet Claire Shipman made that decision.

    1. ” Obama, who interrupted the White House briefing as Carney was taking questions, said Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest will take his place. Carney seemed surprised by the interruption.”

      Sounds like Barry is losing it.

      His ‘Macaca’ moment may be but a few heartbeats away.

  2. Josh Ernest is a better liar than even Baraq Obama. I give it a week before people start missing Carney for the refreshing honesty he brought to the White House Press Room.

        1. I just learned about Blue Water. 175,000 Vietnam Vets exposed to Agent Orange that are not being helped.
          In 91′ I believe it was set up to help them. Than in 2002, they took that away.
          I just listened to Montel Williams and a Admiral Edward Straw (ret.) on Fox.

      1. now that’s not true, Denise! Jay also knows how to answer “I would refer you to the [whichever] department for a statement on that” ;-)

  3. I watched the press conference and it was to announce the resignation of the Shinaseki who is in charge of the VA Hospital. I did not see the part of Jay Carney stepping down?

  4. Was he fired for being less and less of a convincing liar for the WH, did he decide to leave before he went nuts or did Obama decide Josh Earnest would be a better liar and lapdog for him? Or one more thought – is he another rat jumping ship before it sinks?

  5. Undoubtedly it was getting harder to hold his head up for all his sidetracking he’s had to do these past years…..

  6. My bet is that Carney was forced out. He is not an articulate at dissemination, like a Clinton or the man who will replace him. This White House is now in very serious trouble on too many fronts to count, and they need someone up front and fresh who can juggle lying about a host of things to keep covering up for the emperor who (still) has no clothes.

    1. You may be on to something tps.
      His credibility has been in the tank for a long time.
      I think that he had become a liability to the regime.

    2. I think Carney’s skills as a liar were impeccable, unimpeachable. I’m sure too that his replacement will be similarly skilled. Paid liars all with not a shred of shame.

  7. Wow I go cut grass for a while and look what happens.
    I would rather put up with Jay Carney, than have to get use to someone blowing off proper answers. I was just getting use to the way he answered a question in a circle.

  8. MT for re-redistribution

    When I was a drug addict, I went through several ‘classes’ of friends: the casual users, the serious users, then on to the hard-core abusive, destructive users. This administration is following the same pattern with the press secretary: the casual truth-bender, then the serious liar (Carney), now we get to move on to the hard-core abusive propoganda-ist as this administration scuttles our culture.

  9. It’s Friday….that means it’s “BUY ONE ~ GET ONE FREE” day. I’m only surprised this didn’t happen until after 4pm, although maybe worse news will be dropped into the mix later tonight.

  10. I will have to refer your ass out of the White House Mr Carney!

    One has to wonder if Jay is now wondering why he ruined his career Obama? Is there any place to bet where Carney will end up in September? My money is at MSNBC with all the other wrecked ex Obama officials. Is Carney part of the Organizing For Action?

    I hope Trey Gowdy has Jay served with a subpoena for the Benghazi Select Committee with the Fox News Cameras filming away.

    1. Oh man, PBB, I think you may be onto something! Under subpoena, he might have to tell the truth. Although, please-die-in-hell Lois did not.

  11. So what’s the deal, Keith? Is Carney getting thrown under the bus for the outing of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan?

  12. NOW! if WE could only get this “WH press corps” to step down…

    …and maybe get a “WH press corps” that has the BALLS-GUTS-NERVE to ask this Obama regime some REAL QUESTIONS…

    1. I suggested months ago, that if their question was not answered, than the next reporter should follow up with the same question. If the question was not answered to the T, than they should all walk out.

      1. Lee,
        We readers of WhiteHouseDossier can ask 100+ better questions everyday to this Obama regime than anyone in this so-called “WH press corps”…

        (no offense to you Keith :-)

  13. “Obama, who interrupted the White House briefing as Carney was taking questions, said Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest will take his place. Carney seemed surprised by the interruption.”

    The petulant man-child has no problem denigrating or embarrassing Americans but lets terrorist thugs walk all over him.

    1. Comrade Carney an American? He deserves denigration as few others do. For a few pieces of silver, this slimeball has opted to be Obama’s chief /spokesman propagandist. Get riddance. Only problem is that another shameless mouthpiece will replace him. And so the Progressive tyranny goes.

    2. I think that’s a really strange and extremely rude way to announce that someone is leaving. Interrupting Carney in the middle of the briefing? No wonder he seemed surprised!

  14. Carney is a unapologetic Marxist tool. Nothing more.

    In that regard, he did his job very well, that being shamelessly obfuscating and outright lying as often as needed to defend and advance his Marxist master’s agenda.

    Now he can retreat to his home and enjoy those Marxist posters which decorate the walls. (“Vanity Fair” has pix of these repellent posters/paintings festooning the walls of Carney’s home.) And after a pleasant respite from his propagandist routine, some radical far left entity will employ him to continue his traitorous Marxists/Progressive activities.

    What a boob. What a low-life. OH if his ilk could only feel shame. If only.

  15. I was driving home from marketing and was listening to Rush (actually, Mark Steyn who was filling in) when I heard the “news” – I almost hit a tree, two cars and three pedestrians laughing.

    Btw…Peter “dude, that was two years ago” Vietor is now working for Hillary. The lunch/mtg. w/Obama must have been a doozie.

    1. I’m thinking personal chauffeur. But not confirmed.

      Also this tells you that Hillary Clinton has no pride. Vietor is in business with Jon Favreau, former Obama speech writer, and the one and only who put his hand over the Hillary cut out boob.

      What a joke.

      1. No pride is an understatement, she Bubba.

        Hmm, personal chauffeur. Love the idea, I hear Jay is unemployed. Never mind, he would literally drive me crazy.LOL

  16. I only hope and pray that from now on people will stop be blindsided by all the previous scandels, Benghazi, etc., and god forbid any future scandels.

  17. ” bureau chief for Time Magazine” tells us a lot. Time is probably the most liberal publication available. Happy to see carney go. His name exemplifed his performance as a “circus carney”.

  18. Did Obama just appear out of nowhere to catch JayJay off guard and publicly embarrass him by giving him an extra push out the door? I mean…it was just a week ago that Obama used the Carney boy as photo op at a Little League game.

    Be careful what you wish for! If Josh Earnest is indeed a better liar than Obama, we’re going to really miss JayJay. He never failed to make Obama look like a clown.

  19. -So who is this next arrogant & obnoxious Obama regime sycohant A**-Hole to replace “Propaganda Sec.” Carney…???

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    1. What, and lose his all-you-can-golf pass? Not gonna happen.

      Only three ways I see for Obama leaving office. In descending order of likelihood:

      1) On a frog march in leg irons;
      2) On a cooling board;
      3) On January 20th, 2017, at noon, as scheduled.

  21. Bob from the Five just said he does not want to hear anymore about
    Benghazi, since Hilla. released her quotes (reasons) in her book.
    Before going to commericial he was speechless.
    That is after the guest on the show explained points of Benghazi.
    I didn’t take notes or tape the last segment of the show, sorry I cannot quote exactly what she quoted in her new book.

    1. She basically says in the book the Republicans are exploiting four dead Americans for partisan purposes and she’s more concerned about moving forward now & Susan Rice was going by the best intelligence they had (a lie, of course), and the Sunday talk shows were beneath her, which is why she didn’t appear….that and a bunch of other nonsense that’s easily rebutted.

      Bob’s silent act is no doubt a preview of Hillary & the Dems’ strategy on the issue from here forward…”everything has already been addressed on the matter and we will no longer be discussing it.”

  22. Chuckling.. more Spring Cleaning. Who’s left from the original gang who stormed into the White House??

    I did like this one – ” Asked in March about rumors he was angling for the job of ambassador to Russia, Carney said, “I have a great job that I love.” .. Wow.. can you imagine if they did indeed make Carney the Russian Ambassador??

    Sadly, Blarney will write a “insiders” book on How the White House Turns. He will make big $$ and join Hills on the lecture circuit.

  23. Lifted from Sadie earlier, here:
    “Btw…Peter “dude, that was two years ago” Vietor is now working for Hillary. The lunch/mtg. w/Obama must have been a doozie.”
    Well maybe Vietor is responsible for the craziest photo of Hillary we’ve ever seen, paid for by Ready for Hillary PAC, photo credit to Jonathon Ernst” it’s in color, of Chelsea smiling adoringly at Hillary, Bill just smiling adoringly, and Hillary, arm raised as if taking THE oath, but there’s a red shadow across her throat and up her cheek, that makes it look as if someone tried to behead her.
    We can’t believe a friend distributed this.

    1. Speaking of the devils, I just read this at WZ. The pay-to-play game is up and running. {{{gag}}}

      How much would someone pay to have lunch with Bill and Hillary Clinton? Apparently more than $300,000.

      Less than three hours is left on the auction for lunch with the political power couple, and the bidding stands at $305,000.

  24. It was getting to the point that even Jay couldn’t keep his lies straight; so they had to replace him with someone that can now say “I don’t really know the answer to that one. I’d refer you to _______ (fill in the blank).

    Shed no tears for Jay though – Iran could probably use his talents.

  25. Everyone knows Valjar runs the show. 0-ssiah probably had no clue till 5 minutes before and stumbled out there and made the announcement.

    1. Maybe ubama was in the back hiding behind jay during the press conference and was immediately surprised to hear the news, so he ran out front to flex his ego….( for the 10,000th time)
      What a pile of poop his is… to put it nicely

  26. I’d like to live long enough to read an honest “I was there” book by Jay, but neither is going to happen.

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