As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, May 30, 2014

11:00 am || Meets with the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force; Roosevelt Room
1:00 pm || Lunch with Biden
2:15 pm || Attends a hurricane preparedness meeting; FEMA Headquarters, Washington

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 1:00 pm

18 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, May 30, 2014

  1. Priceless…..can’t make up stuff like this. I wonder if the “My Brother’s Task Force” knows that Zero’s brother lives in a shack in Kenya and only makes about $20/year?

    I see Joey B. finally has lunch with the POtuS…..wonder if he’ll ask BHO what he & Hillary discussed in their private lunch on Thursday?

  2. My head is exploding. ANOTHER weirdo day at the asylum! While his own brother sits in a mud hut in Kenya, this heretic is entertaining young black boys under the guise of Biblical kinship. Sick!

    Meanwhile, hundreds of little brown girls and boys are pouring in from Central America and are being dropped off at the Greyhound bus depot in Phoenix! The border is collapsing, agents are overwhelmed with a daily influx of 2000 illegals, and Obama is playing house with his little Black brothers.

    Is there anyone left with half a brain who recognizes the symptoms of a mentally deranged megalomaniac? Rome is burning and this psycho is playing Big Brother and holding concussion seminars! Hello!

    • Call your representative and raise hell.
      Voice your opinion vehemently, loudly to them.
      All they need is to hear from you in order to do their job.

    • Like the illegal aliens are going to self report within 15 days when they reach their destination. 2,000 illegals per day for one year equals 730,000, many more than the figures released by the Obama WH. And we’re paying $252 per day to shelter all the young kids sent to America by themselves. What are we paying to fly illegals from TX to AZ and then give them bus tickets? All of this money could go toward medical care for our Veterans. This is beyond outrageous!

      • This is indeed beyond outrageous. The Republicans are pretty much crickets on this which makes it even more outrageous. And the average American probably doesn’t know.

        Our borders are sieves. The Head of the Department of Homeland Security should be fired (that will never happen) — no one knows who is coming across or where they are going. Eric Holder should be impeached for failure to uphold the law.

        NSA tracks every American and we are being literally invaded in broad daylight. Does anyone think the terrorists don’t know they can literally walk into the United States via our southern borders.

        What a farce.

        My Congressman and Senator (hello Rubio are getting a call tomorrow for all the good that will do).

        And just to make it oh so much more surreal, little miss hashtag girl over at State thinks Obama is far too humble about the great strides we have made in foreign policy.

        We are a country of men now not laws, and really really stupid men and women who are putting the US at risk.

      • I never got to go to camp. Guess my time is coming.

        Do you think there will be a lake, and songs around the campfire. And counselors.

        Or are these euphemisms just to trick us.

        Anybody remember the scene in Doctor Zhivago when the idealistic idiot Yuri comes home to find his house taken over by the “people”?

  3. Obama is mocking us by posting these empty schedules. He literally does not care one bit about running the country or how he looks not doing it.