As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || May 29, 2014

Calls for Shinseki to resign escalate . . . Newsmax
Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki’s tenure grew more perilous on Wednesday, as several Democrats joined Republicans in calling for his resignation after a new report found widespread problems throughout the vast VA healthcare system.

CNN reporter: Grads gave Obama “icy reception” . . . Daily Caller
CNN reporter Jim Clancy questioned the wisdom of President Obama’s foreign policy speech in front of West Point graduates on Wednesday, claiming the president’s policy of disengagement was met with an “icy reception” from the future Army officers.

Romney: Obama speech “sad day” for America . . . Newsmax
“I think it’s a particularly sad day in America when the president of the United States feels compelled to give an address saying that America, in effect, isn’t weak,” Romney said.

Democrats seek curb on Obama . . . The Hill
Congressional Democrats want to limit President Obama’s war-making authority.

Directive plans use of military against citizens . . . Washington Times
A 2010 Pentagon directive on military support to civilian authorities details what critics say is a troubling policy that envisions the Obama administration’s potential use of military force against Americans.

Rural hospitals threatened by Obamacare . . . Fox News
Recent cuts by the Obama administration for Medicare reimbursement funding are a grave concern to rural healthcare administrators. In addition, there’s an October deadline for upgrading to electronic medical records.

Chamber: EPA rule will cost $50B a year . . . Examiner
New EPA rules cutting back on the amount of carbon emissions from power plants would cost the economy more than $50 billion per year through 2030, according to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce report.

Obama turns to concussions . . . The Hill
A $30 million joint effort between the Pentagon and NCAA will conduct the study.

Cheney: Obama weakest president of my life . . . Newsmax
He’s a very, very weak president. Maybe the weakest, certainly in my lifetime,” Cheney said. 

Kerry to Snowden: “Man up” and come home . . . Associated Press
Kerry said, “A patriot would not run away . . . He can come home but he’s a fugitive from justice.”

Hillary allies mobilize on Benghazi . . . Politico
An array of Democrats — including Hillary Clinton’s allies — are meeting this week to hammer out a united front on national security issues, including a clear response to Republicans over the Benghazi controversy.

The incredible shrinking Christie . . . Politico
Take a look. There’s less to see.

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 29, 2014

  1. I refused to watch the coward in charge give the speech but the snippets of applause from the videos I glanced at later were unbelievable.
    The cadets had to respect the office but thank God they weren’t forced to applaud enthusiastically to a man that they know if he had his full way would decimate their careers and throw the US economy into another recession for the sake of pleasing his Soros/Steyer/Gore masters.

    • The UK Daily Mail is supposed to have written that less than 25% of the cadets stood up to give him a standing ovation, but I can’t call up the article.

  2. I think many Americans didn’t watch Barry give yet another speech /lecture.
    No matter how much jaw-jacking he doe’s, Americans that care aren’t going to forget Benghazi, VA, IRS, Fast & Furious. I’ll keep the list short and stop.

  3. Sec of State Kerry (spit) has a lot of nerve calling anyone a coward, or anything at all for that matter.
    If he was the patriot he claims to be, he would apologize for his traitorous behavior, for failing the public with his years in the Senate, and pay his taxes.

  4. He’s clearly an ignorant, arrogant, disengaged, muslim loving, lazy,
    hateful, spiteful ,racist, boring girly man who cant throw a baseball.
    Need I say more?

  5. Not listed: but worth a look

    Michelle Obama’s opinion piece at the NYT “The Campaign for Junk Food” is insulting, cites faulty evidence, and completely ignores how her signature program has played out in local school cafeterias.
    It’s now clear that she is as thin-skinned, as devisive, and tone-deaf to the public as her hubby.
    Her goal of forcing every child on a certain diet regardless of their physical needs, their ethnic backgrounds, or the cost to the individual school districts is a glaring example of how socialists hope to control all of us.

    • Agreed! It’s all about total control.
      Free speech, but only in free speech “zones” Control.
      Health care choices, only from ObamaCare. Control.
      Food, only what the Gov’t approves. Control.
      Self-defense, don’t worry, the Gov’t will protect you, stay defenseless. Control.

    • Someone here yesterday listed her children’s school menu.
      It looked like something from a fancy restaurant.
      I love seafood, red beans & rice, and many other southern dishes I grew up with. However raw oysters and collard greens,
      Yuk! As a child the teacher would have had to hold me down and shove those greens down my throat.
      No one is telling her what her kids can and cannot have to eat.
      How would she have like a former P TELL HER what her kids HAD TO EAT!

      • As I said on another site–maybe the govt could guide food service programs to fresh food rather than surplus, suggest enough calories so kids can play sports after school without punking out, let local areas decide which foods kids like and are used to (in AZ, we don’t eat too much seafood and when my kid and I get crab or clams, people around us almost barf), let kids drink choc milk–it’s milk–and also–this is big–let kids bring from home without inspecting it and dumping it out if it doesn’t pass muster. Otherwise–get out of the Food Biz. Out, out. Go guzzle your fake bee mead and leave us alone!