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Carney Refuses to Say Obama has Confidence in Shinseki

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today carefully avoided saying that President Obama continues to have confidence in Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, suggesting a decision on whether he wants Shinseki to stay on will await an internal VA audit due by the end of the week.

“He expects to receive a preliminary report very soon and will be very interested in the results,” Carney said.

A new report by the agency’s watchdog finding a “systemic” problem with VA clinics lying about patient wait times appears to have worsened Shinseki’s position. Carney said Obama was “extremely troubled” by the report, which has sparked growing calls, including among some Democrats, for Shinseki’s removal.

Carney repeated statements made last week by President Obama commending Shinseki’s commitment and his work in areas not related to patient waiting times. But he also stressed Obama’s desire to round up more facts about what has happened at the VA.

Last Tuesday, when asked if Obama was satisfied with the job Shinseki is doing, Carney replied: “Well, he is. He is satisfied. He has confidence in General Shinseki.  But he has made it clear to, as I’ve said in the past, to the General and to others that he expects results as they try to tackle this very difficult issue of the backlog at the VA.”

But the following day Obama offered lukewarm support and but also suggested Shinseki may be held accountable

“As this stage, Rick is committed to solving the problem and working with us to do it,” Obama said. “But I’m also going to be waiting to see what the results of all this review process yields. I don’t yet know how systemic this is.” 

36 thoughts on “Carney Refuses to Say Obama has Confidence in Shinseki”

  1. If I gambled, I’d put money on Shinseki’s letter of resignation hitting FCMABBHO’s desk tomorrow at 4:45.

  2. What kind of soldier is this man?
    He should have done the honorable thing and resigned immediately. He should have called a press conference and apologized to every veteran who relied on the VA, to every tax=payer for not doing his job, then slunk away like the incompetent political hack he seems to be.

    1. I don’t know if you know this, but he’s the one who ordered soldiers to wear black berets when he was the army’s chief of staff.

    2. I heard yesterday on Fox that the money was already given to the VA for the last several years.
      So who is going to answer Now to where it went.
      Not weeks and years from now, but answer the question now.
      He needs to be put under oath today and tell us if he handled this own his own, or who told him to do it this way.
      Simple. If we do not find out today what happened than they are slapping all the Vets in the face, because if the problem is not solved today, more Vets are going to be put on a list.
      and that leads me to one other note: Everyone who voted on O Care (without READING IT) thought O Care was just dandy.

      1. During the process to get my husband VA disability some of the doctors he was sent to were private physicians who contracted with the VA to see patient’s. We had used our own private insurance and doctors for treatment. All the VA had to do was confirm the diagnosis made by his specialist. It still took a year to get a ruling. I have an enormous amount of sympathy for anyone who has to depend on the VA for treatment.

        1. I mentioned the other day. Friends of mine cannot even get a return phone call.
          So just getting in the door is difficult.
          That reminded me of all the people trying to get on O Care.

      1. As should everyone who has participated in this mess at the VA. I would like to see some criminal charges brought.

  3. We have the report, we have the evidence…we have heard the whistleblowers (my patients drive many miles but when the clinic closes at 4–they are thrown out, etc). So how about this: Shinseki fires four layers down, everyplace he can get in new people fast without politics, make unannounced visits, gives bonuses if he must for cleaning up lists, helping people get to civilian care if needed (10% of VA budget does go there–they can do it). What if Shinseki launches into action if he is such a great adminstrator…

  4. Waffle House.

    In the meantime, the clock ticks, and Obama whines about getting a bonk on the head while playing football when he was a kid.

    And more vets die.

      1. At least Forrest had a pure heart. He also had a reason for being “simple”. What’s Barry’s excuse? The bonk on the head?

  5. Just a passing thought…

    Imagine if the outrage by the MSM/Progs and the like was just as fever pitched regarding all the other scandals.

  6. OT: good grief
    I’m getting the 303 message, then bumped off again with a double post warning, then thrown to the wolves with a can’t-find-the-website.

    MrK must have borrowed one or two of the genius techies who tried to fix the Obamacare website to work on this one. ugh.

  7. The bigger problem is Harry Reid and Bernie Sanders who don’t want gov’t people fired. They want to invite every incompetent bum to work for the gov’t and never leave.

  8. Off topic, I am watching the mother of the Marine. Why isn’t O meeting with her and meeting with the Mexican officials to get that man back home.
    If the don’t want to do that, I think he should also have a meeting today about all the golf balls that can cause concussions.

    1. Why isn’t anything being done to get our Marine out of Iran? Amir Hekmati has been locked up there for over 1,000 days.

      What about Saeed Abedini, the American preacher who’s been locked up and beaten in Evin Prison for two years?

      What about Robert Levinson who has been missing in Iran since 2007?

      What about Alan Gross, locked up in Cuba for more than four years?

  9. Obama clearly does not like to fire people. Neither did President Reagan. But Reagan had Nancy and some other people around him who knew when people had to go. So they went.

    Is Obama’s problem that he has no one around him he trusts, including his wife? Or is it that they too believe firing people is a sign of weakness? Or is it that one leads one’s administration from behind and so it is up to the people who need firing to lead?

  10. Do you recall that during the Bush Administration there was a problem at Walter Reid Hospital? The Bush people hopped right on the problem and had it fixed in about 10 days. A few heads rolled.

  11. I have never posted here before, therefore = newbie. I love this site and have been tempted before. Obummer is a *&^%stick. I have been going to the VA for at least 20 years and have been receiving excellent care, although sometimes slow. I firmly believe that problems are caused by upper level management. the front line people are great.

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